Tron Price Prediction 2019 – Tron Might Reach $1

Before you invest in Tron, get complete guide on the Tron coin. What is the future of Tron? Is it safe to invest in Tron? Check out these detailed predictions and forecast of Tron.

Latest Updates

  • ABCC_Exchange has listed TRX, users can trade BTT/TRX, IGG/TRX, SEED/TRX, TERC/TRX, VENA/TRX.
  • Tron processes more transactions than EOS and Ethereum combined.
  • Tron announced a join corporation with BCVWallet. Moreover, BCVWallet provides complete coverage of all tokens in the Tron ecosystem, such as storage and transfer of all TRC10 and TRC20 standard tokens.

TRON Price Today

As of today, Tron is trading at $ 0.02294, with a market cap of
$ 1,530.29 M, also it ranks on the 10th position on Coinmarketcap.

What is Tron?

Tron is a blockchain platform which came into existence in 2017. Justin Sun is the founder, who also previously worked for Ripple. This coin aims to transform and expand the way digital content and publications are being published. Moreover, it is easier to share content to major service providers like YouTube or Facebook as the content creator.

Recently, Tron announced a 100 million USD worth gaming fund for the next 3 years, the TRON ARCADE. This will provide the developers with a platform and money they need to build on top of TRON.

Technical Analysis

In September 2017, CoinMarketCap listed Tron at $0.002, with a trading volume of $48,512. The price of Tron was $0.044682 in the early January 2018, later the price $0.22 was achieved on 5 January 2018.

While previous day its biggest trading volume of $4,089,410,000 was posted and ever since a decline reflected for the remaining of 2018, with prices coming down to $0.03 in Feb to rise to $0.09 in May. The current price of $0.02295 represents a drop of 48% compared to the price on Jan 1, 2018.

tron charts

Specialist Perspective

The Tron coin is always a top discussion topic for many experts. According to Investingpr, Tron might go up to $1 in the next five years, and that sounds like a sensible and conservative prediction.

One of the popular website predicts Tron to reach $0.168 USD in the next one year. Another site states that it can go up to $0.28 USD with a difference of around 266.46% in the price. predicts the lowest price of $0.139 USD in 2019 on their site. Besides this, has a completely different idea where it suggests the highest price for Tron price to be climbing $1.47 USD within 1 year.

We are making big steps to achieve decentralized finance with @Tether_to. #TRON will soon have its own stablecoin! This will benefit our entire ecosystem and make it easier for institutions to access the TRON blockchain👏🏼 $TRX $BTT— Justin Sun (@justinsuntron) March 4, 2019

Tron Price Prediction 2019

Tron will heavily boost up its price this year. As Justin Sun’s association with Jack Ma will create potential in the near future. Also, this might lead to Tron’s success story. In the initial two quarters, it is between $0.05 to $0.06 USD.

But in the third quarter, it can reach up to $0.07, and by the end of 2019, it will be around $0.11, which is a positive growth as compared to the last year. In 2019, TRX is will have to experience more advancement in security and privacy.

Tron Price Prediction 2020 predicts that in January 2020 a price between $0.05-$0.08 may be expected. By the end of December 2020, a high rise is expected at prices from $0.21 – $0.30.

Another site CoinSwitch forecasts Tron for the first time could reach the price of $0.4 and it will be more fluctuating than 2019. Eventually, by December 2020, a decline of the price is expected to $0.24.

Tron Coin Price Prediction 5 years

By 2020 more and more organizations can embrace this technology, as the price prediction depends on its acceptance ratio also as it rises it will be more valuable. Mostly startups like publishing startups or music startups will accept this.

The TRX price is expected to have some growth in May. Trx price prediction suggests that the TRON price can go up for a long-term 1536.75% in the TRX price value with a 5-year investment. This means the Tron Price is forecasted to stand at $0.54 in the year 2023.

What is your Tron price prediction for 2019? Share your predictions in the comments section below!

Tron is a blockchain platform which came into existence in 2017. Created by Justin Sun, who previously worked for Ripple
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