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Crypto Wallet Stripe


About Stripe Founded in 2010, it is application of web that allows merchants to accept credit card payments with their supportive websites. There are abundant online payment processing companies in the market. In which one of the companies naming Stripe has been popping up and gathering extensive attention of businesses that need more control of …

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Crypto Wallet SpicePay


About SpicePay SpicePay is global bitcoin exchange and payment gateway set up and handled by the high quality skillful bitcoiners who have engaged with digital currency since 2009, both as users and miners. The company is situated in Belize, with developers in Ukraine. It provides services mainly to the South American, East European and South …

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Crypto Wallet

About is founded in 2014. It is the best platform to treasure the solution for online cryptocurrency payment; hence it is also known as global provider. It is a payment platform where the vendors and consumers can carry out their business with each other, with the support of the new bitcoin/altcoins payment protocols. …

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Crypto Wallet Coinify


About Coinify Coinify was founded in 2014 and it’s headquarter is situated in Denmark. It operates to span the use of digital currencies. However, this is accomplished by providing the favorable circumstances to buy and sell Bitcoin. Besides,  to accept Blockchain currency payments. Coinify ApS behaves as a service provider for payment with main intention …

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Crypto Wallet Spectrocoin


About Spectrocoin Spectrocoin was found in 2013. Firstly, Spectrocoin is a Bitcoin wallet which helps safely transfers, receive and store bitcons by providing easy to use interface to Bitcoin network. Spectrocoin aims to give all-in-one services for bitcoin users. Separately, they also provide exchange services, bitcoin debit card, and a answer for merchants agreeing bitcoin …

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Crypto Wallet CoinsBank


About Coinsbank Although there is no ‘About’ section on the website, but gratefully their LinkedIn profile is updated successfully. CoinsBank is latest in the market as it has been launched in 2016. Universal crypto solution is launched by CoinsBank on April 4th, 2016 related to the Money 2020 Europe event in Copenhagen. The CoinsBank website …

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Crypto Wallet CoinGate


About CoinGate: Jonas Gilys, Dmitrijus Borisenka, Irmantas Baciulis founded the CoinGate company in 2014 with its headquarters in Vilnius, Lithuania. It provides terrific platform for software solutions, which gives extremely feasible way for online businesses and retail shops to develop the transaction with the digital currency Bitcoin. It offers integrations into ecommerce shopping carts, a …

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Crypto Wallet Blockchain


About Blockchain The company was founded in August 2011. Blockchain is founded and oversight by Antony Jenkins (Board Director), Nic Cary (President and Co-Founder), Peter Smith (CEO and Co- Founder), Michael Jackson (Board Director), and Jermy Liew (Board Director). It is the one of the largest web-based Bitcoin wallet platform in the world. Like, other …

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Crypto Wallet Bitaps


About Bitaps The Bitaps is one of the leading companies with the keen interest staff inspired by Bitcoin, programming and cryptocurrency algorithms. The website is live on web in 2015 from the date of registration as given above. The company gave a try to Bitcoin since 2011, adopting Bitcoin since 2012, surveyed the Bitcoin’s price …

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