2 hours ago

    Facebook Is Recruiting Blockchain Staff Again

    Facebook Inc. is expanding its team in the blockchain game. The world’s biggest social media…
    cryptocurrency payment
    2 hours ago

    India Retains Top Position In Receiving $80 Billion In Remittances

    In its latest report, World Bank revealed India received largest amount in remittance in 2018…
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    2 hours ago

    PumaPay Latest Update: Crypto-to-Crypto Conversion

    The official blog by PumaPay reports that along with exchanges, PMA will now convert right…
    4 hours ago

    Trezor Crypto Wallet Now Offers Native Support For Ethereum

    The announcement was open by the Trezor blog. The crypto wallet manufacturer explains that ongoing…
    2 days ago

    Deloitte Says Blockchain Technology Could Revolutionize Beef Supply Chain

    Deloitte is an accounting organization and a professional service network. They say that a data…
    2 days ago

    Crypto Diehards Say Slump ‘Is Bump In The Road’ Before Growth

    The future of cryptocurrencies will demand for a greater regulation & more involvement by large…
    2 days ago

    China Is Mainly Focusing On Blockchain Policy Development

    According to the local publication, China analyzes blockchain policies that are ongoing within the country…
    2 days ago

    Coinbase Cryptocurrency Market Roundup: News If You Have Missed Any!

    Coinbase Bundle Performance Tracker Reveals Sad State of Crypto Market Coinbase puts itself as a…
    cease and desist
    2 days ago

    US SEC Issues Cease and Desist Order Against CoinAlpha Advisors LLC

    According to a news report on Dec 7, CoinAlpha Advisors LLC is under charge to…
    Bitcoin Cash
    2 days ago

    New York Based Cryptocurrency Exchange Gemini Launches Bitcoin Cash

    On Dec.7 the Bitcoin Cash fans ascertained that Gemini is listing BCH to the exchange…
      3 days ago

      GShare Helps To Expand Adoption Of MGO Tokens

      MobileGo team claim their products have a goal to meet the needs of both gaming community and blockchain enthusiasts. Starting…
      5 days ago

      Additional Layer Of Security Provided By Deep Web Bitcoin Mixer BestMixer.IO

      Deep web bitcoin mixer BestMixer’s Tor-compatible website delivers a level of security and anonymity found nowhere else in the industry.…
      2 weeks ago

      Why The Drop of Blockchain Currencies?

      It has been something of a rough year for blockchain currencies, starting out worth $20,000 at the end of 2017…
      4 weeks ago

      GNation Review

      GNation is a unique leading union of companies that work together with a shared aim — to make online gaming…