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Exchange LakeBTC


About LakeBTC LakeBTC is renowned to be Lake Banking Technology Company started in the year 2013 as virtual Bitcoin Exchange. The company has started for those interested in cryptocurrencies and blockchain technology. LakeBTC is aimed to become best Bitcoin platforms over the world with keen experience in internal control and risk management. The website stated …

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Exchange Cointed


About Cointed Cointed is a multi-service provider company that deals in crypto currency. The company started in 2015 in Europe. Wolfgang Thaler and Christopher Reider started the venture with their years of experience in the same domain. Cointed can be considered as Europe’s cryptocurrency leaders. The motto of the company is to provide the crypto …

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Exchange LocalBitcoins


What is LocalBitcoins? Localbitcoins is buying and selling the platform for Bitcoins. It provides a facility where users can interact with each other on a personal level and trade Bitcoins with each other. It can be rightly called as a peer-to-peer trading site. The company started in 2012 by Nikolaus Kangas. Its headquarters are in …

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Exchange Coinsecure


Coinsecure – Bitcoin exchange India Coinsecure is a platform that allows Bitcoin trading and exchange. The company is registered in India by the name Secure Bitcoin Traders Pvt. Ltd. The motto of Coinsecure is “connecting India to Bitcoin”. Mohit Kalra founded the company in 2014 with its headquarters in New Delhi. The Coinsecure has a …

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Exchange BitQuick


What is BitQuick? BitQuick is one of the easiest platforms to buy instant Bitcoins. The company provides a marketplace where a buyer and a seller can connect easily. It could be rightly said that BitQuick is providing one of the cheapest platforms to convert cash or fiat currency to Bitcoins in a very short span of time. …

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Exchange BitcoinFundi


About BitcoinFundi BitcoinFundi is Bitcoin exchange Zimbabwe – It is a platform for buying and selling of Bitcoins which made Buy trading of Bitcoin in Zimbabwe easy. This platform is the product of Bitfinance, a company that takes care of Bitcoin infrastructure in Africa. Verengai Mabika and Tawanda Kembo started Bitfinance.It can be rightly said that BitcoinFundi …

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Exchange Wirex


About Wirex Ecoin first came in 2015 with its headquarters in London, which provided the only debit card for Bitcoins. Later the company re-branded itself to Wirex with some additional features. Dmitry Lazarichev, Panel Matveev, and Georgy Sokolov founded the E-coin. The Wirex platform is a great combination of traditional currency and digital currency on …

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Exchange Coinbase


About Coinbase Coinbase is a US based exchange that operates from its headquarters in California. The company deals in various cryptocurrencies such as Bitcoin, Ethereum, and Litecoin etc. Fred Ehrsam and Brian Armstrong started the company in the year 2012 when digital currency came much into the limelight. Since then the company has immense media coverage …

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Exchange TradeSatoshi


About Tradesatoshi Trade Satoshi is a crypto exchange based in the United Kingdom. It allows buying or selling Bitcoin and Altcoin. It also facilitates crypto trading. The company was founded in 2015. Though, there is not much information on the founders of the exchange. Features such as margin trading are also not available. Security features of …

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Exchange BTC100


About BTC100 BTC100 is a digital currency exchange platform. Its headquarters is in Beijing and is currently operated by Beijing Bit 100 Technology Co. Ltd. The platform was first launched in the year 2013. Since then the website has been updated with new features for better user experience. The website is in the Chinese language. Hence, …

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Exchange BitcoinToYou


BitcoinToYou is a platform, which provides brokerage services for Bitcoins. The company has its headquarters in Acre, the capital city of Brazil. The company was founded by Thiago Lourenco and Andre Horta. Started in 2010, BitcoinToYou has approximately on boarded 1,50,000 customers on its platforms. Being almost 8 years in the industry, it has established …

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Exchange Mercado Bitcoin

Mercado Bitcoin

About Mercado Bitcoin Mercado Bitcoin is a Brazilian exchange for cryptocurrency. It is one of the largest crypto exchanges in Brazil and Latin America. Rodrigo Batista is currently the CEO of Mercado Bitcoin. The company has served over 300,000 customers so far. The motto of Mercado Bitcoin is to innovate the financial system with latest …

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Exchange Luno


About Luno Luno is one of the world’s leading cryptocurrency exchange that is based in three locations i.e. Cape Town, Singapore, and London. The company has the vision to revolutionize the currency system by bringing Bitcoins in the system. This makes the currency free from any authorities and the users can avail all the benefits …

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Exchange itBit


What is itBit? ItBit is a sophisticated platform for traders, crypto enthusiast, Bitcoin professionals and financial institutions. The company started in November 2013 with its headquarters in New York, USA. The company received its first trust charter from New York State Department of Financial Services (DFS). In 2015 May, ItBit opened its first regulated Bitcoin …

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Exchange Coinfloor


Coinfloor is a Bitcoin exchange based in London, United Kingdom. It provides a platform to connect brokers with consumers and also investors. The company aims to provide convenience for Bitcoin enthusiast to trade easily. It also encourages non-consumers to enter the Bitcoin community through the user-friendly interface and simple tools. Coinfloor is combating all the challenges …

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Exchange Bitsane


About Bitsane exchange Bitsane is an Irish exchange that has a developed platform for spot exchange. The company’s headquarters are in Dublin, Ireland. The platform supports both cryptocurrency and fiat currency. Among flat currencies Bitcoin, Litecoin, Ethereum, Iconomi are the most popular ones. Recently, Bitsane introduced the exchange of ripple from its platform. The trading …

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Exchange RippleFox


About RippleFox RippleFox is a gateway that was launched in 2014. It uses ripple as the main currency for exchange. Ripple can be exchanged against both flat and other cryptocurrency. RippleFox also use the stellar network to make payments. Features of Ripple Ripple is a platform that forms a bridge between banks and end customer. …

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Exchange Bitstamp


About Bitstamp Bitstamp is an exchange platform for the cryptocurrency. The company started in Aug 2011 and as per 2016 data, it is the second largest exchange in the world in terms of trading volume. Nejc Kodric is the CEO of Bitstamp. It has great liquidity in terms of exchange and trading and a robust infrastructure. …

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Exchange USD X


About USD-X USD-X exchange is a great platform for trading major cryptocurrencies. The company came into effect in December 2016. The company’s motto is to become one of the leading crypto currency exchanges worldwide. The interface is user-friendly and easy to use. The company aims to keep the platform free of any manipulation and prevent …

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Exchange Allcoin


About Allcoin Exchange Allcoin is an exchange platform for the digital currency. Cascadia Electronics Corporation looks after the Allcoin operations. The prototype of Allcoin was developed in 2013 but its first beta version was released by its team in Feb 2016. Its ultimate goal is to provide a platform where all the crypto coins can be …

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Exchange Cryptomate


About Cryptomate Cryptomate is a unique platform where vendors connect with buyers for buying and selling of cryptocurrency. William Thomas founded this company in 2014. He believes that a decentralized system with the peer-to-peer transfer is the future of currency. Cryptomate is a platform for crypto exchange where it’s bridging the gap between GBP and Crypto …

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Exchange Bitcoin Indonesia

Bitcoin Indonesia

About Bitcoin Indonesia Bitcoin Indonesia is an exchange to buy and sell the digital asset. Started in May 2013, this company deals in the trading pair of crypto-flat currency. The organization deals in Bitcoin wallet in Indonesia only. Bitcoin Indonesia also became the first professional Bitcoin brokerage platform to encourage the digital enthusiast. The company’s …

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Exchange BX Thailand

BX Thailand

About BX Thailand BX Thailand is cryptocurrency exchange, which started in 2013. Bitcoin.Co.Ltd operates BX Thailand. The company allows the exchange between both crypto-to-crypto and crypto to fiat currency. The most popular crypto currencies on this platform are ETH, DAS, BTC, DOG, FTC, HYP, and LTC etc. As far as fiat currency is concerned only …

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Exchange Bitso


About Bitso Bitso is a Mexican exchange that started in 2014. This company is focusing on bridging the gap between fiat and digital currency. Bitso deals in Bitcoin, Ripple and Ethereum trading and exchange. The company so far has immense media coverage on several platforms Coin Desk, Fortune, EL Economista, BBVA, CNN expansion. The trading …

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Exchange bitFlyer


About Bitflyer Bitflyer is one the leading digital currency exchange in Japan that generates large trading volume. The company is also a platinum member of Japan Blockchain Association. Founded in Jan 2014, this company aims to onboard more and more people on this platform and exposes them to Bitcoin and other digital assets. Based in …

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Exchange CEX.IO


What is CEX.IO? CEX.IO is a multi-functional exchange that was founded in 2013.The Company has its headquarters in London, UK. CEX.IO has a very different approach when it comes to its customers. It follows a new and individual approach whether it’s a beginner or an experienced trader. The company provides its services in 99% of …

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About OKCoin OKCoin is a Chinese digital currency exchange. Founded in the year 2013, the company deals majorly in Bitcoin exchange. The CEO of OKCoin is Star XU and currently, it has 130 employees. The core team majorly has people from some renowned companies such as Alibaba, Tencent, and Huawei. The company has affiliations from …

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Exchange Korbit


About Korbit exchange Korbit exchange is a Korean exchange that deals in some of the major cryptocurrencies. As a known fact, Korbit operated the first exchange between Bitcoin and Korean won (KRW). The platform is transparent in terms of crypto community and services and surely trustworthy. Korbit is backed by a group of well-known investors …

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Exchange Coinone


What is Coinone? Coinone is a South Korean based platform for crypto exchange. The exchange of crypto is possible against Korean won, the currency of South Korea. In order words, the trading pair is crypto to flat currency. Coinone has a motive to bring Bitcoin to the masses. It is a platform that allows to …

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Exchange Bithumb


Bithumb is a crypto exchange by BTC Korean Co. Ltd. Bithumb Exchange is also the first exchange of cryptocurrency in Korea. The CEO of Bithumb is Kim, Dae Shik. Its headquarters is in South Korea and is one of the major crypto exchanges. There is no crypto trading pair thus, trading occurs between cryptocurrency and flat currency. …

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Exchange Gatecoin


About Gatecoin Gatecoin is an exchange that deals in regulated Bitcoin and Ethereum tokens. The company was initially a startup by a group of investment banking professionals in 2013 in Hong Kong. The aim of Gatecoin is to provide a convenient and easy platform for its users so that they can invest in cryptocurrency and blockchain assets. …

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About is a cryptocurrency exchange that currently operates from Zoetermeer, Netherlands. Kenny Rokven is the CEO of LiteBit. The company started three years back by a group of digital enthusiasts. Some of the most popular cryptocurrencies on this platform are BTC, LTC, ETH, BLK, PPC, and CRW. These cryptos can be traded against …

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Exchange Jubi


About Jubi exchange Jubi is one the most efficient Chinese exchange that deals in digital assets such as crypto currency and virtual currency. The company started in 2014 and is operated by Beijing Zigong Technology Co. Ltd. The team at Jubi is highly experienced and has expertized in virtual currency. The trading engine at Jubi …

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Exchange CHBTC


About CHBTC Chbtc is a Chinese exchange, which is one the simplest yet trustworthy platform for the digital enthusiast. The company started in 2013 by a group of young entrepreneurs with an aim to provide a safe and efficient digital asset exchange. The company has partnered with, Bitkan, ETC, Ethfans, Coin desk. The team …

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Exchange TuxExchange


Tux is a crypto-to-crypto exchange based in Ontario, Canada. Tux exchange cryptocurrencies do not support the tradition currency flow. Named after the tuxedo cat, the company started in August 2016. Tux is also hosted on Amazon’s AWS platform. Registration on Tux is free of cost but transaction cost is applicable. Upon registration, the user gets …

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Exchange BitBay


What is Bitbay? Bitbay is a cryptocurrency exchange based in Poland. The company aims to provide innovative solutions for finance by providing a convenient platform of cryptocurrency. The company currency deals in four major cryptocurrency markets i.e. Bitcoin, Litecoin, Ethereum, and Lisk. The company has partnered with Bitcantor,, btc for sms, Bitflora, Crypto news, …

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Exchange BitMarket


About Bitmarket Bitmarket is one of the most successful platforms for trading and exchange. The platform is fast and instant that holds no geographical constraints. It is based in Poland and was started in 2014. The team of After Market, who are successfully established for the last 8 years, created Bitmarket. After market is one …

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Exchange BTER


About Bter Bter Exchange is a Chinese cryptocurrency exchange that is involved in next generation digital asset. It is started in 2012 and is currently operated by MaxCloud Inc. The company deals in four major crypto markets i.e. BTC, LTC, CNY, and ETH. The platform uses advanced Blockchain technology for crypto currency transactions. Bter Dev …

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Exchange Liqui


About exchange exchange is a cryptocurrency exchange based in Ukraine. The company aims to create a trusted and easy platform for trading and exchange so that users can adapt cryptocurrency such as Bitcoin, Etherum etc. Liqui currently deals only in cryptocurrency and is yet to launch the fiat currency. Thus, trading can occur …

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Exchange Cryptopia


About Cryptopia Cryptopia is a New Zealand based exchange that deals in crypto fronts. The company started in November 2014. Cryptopia was initially a mining platform where users can use this mining pool to earn bitcoins. Users can use from CPU’s to GPU’s to mine crypto coins. Now the platform has expanded in several verticals …

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Exchange Exmo


About Exmo Exchange Exmo is a crypto currency exchange that works on the concept of Blockchain technology. The exchange supports many cryptocurrencies such as Bitcoin, Litecoin, Dogecoin, Dash, and Ethereum etc. The fiat currency acceptable on this platform is USD, EUR, RUB, and UAH. The website can be accessed in 11 different languages which benefit …

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Exchange LiveCoin


About Livecoin Livecoin exchange is a universal platform for cryptocurrency. This exchange platform majorly deals in Bitcoin and Litecoin along with other digital currencies. The interface of Livecoin is intuitive and simple which makes it easier for the traders at the beginners level. On the other hand, the experienced traders can explore the multiple tools …

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Exchange HitBTC


About HitBTC HitBTC is one of the most advanced exchange platforms that started in 2013. The platform supports the crypto currency, ICO’s, tokens and fiat currency. Fiat currency includes only USD and EUR. This company was started by a group of professionals such as software developers, the finance executives, and experienced traders. Features of HitBTC …

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Exchange GDAX


About GDAX GDAX is a US based exchange that deals in both crypto and fiat currency. The platform provides its services to the financial institutions and trading professionals. The most popular digital currencies available for trading on this platform are Bitcoin, Ethereum etc. These are traded against USD, EUR, and GBP. Features of GDAX exchange …

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Exchange Kraken


Kraken is a crypto exchange based in San Francisco. It is one of the largest exchanges when it comes to Euro trading volume. The other important currencies on this exchange are Canadian Dollar, US Dollar, Yen, and Pound. Jesse Powell is the CEO and co-founder of Kraken. He founded the company in 2011. Features of …

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Exchange Bittrex


What is Bittrex? Bittrex is a platform for trading digital currency or to be precise, cryptocurrency. One of the biggest challenges for the trading community is security. A trustworthy and secure infrastructure is essential to operate online transaction. Thus, a group of security professionals founded Bittrex. The founders of Bittrex are Bill Shihara (Co-founder & CEO), Richie Lei, Rami …

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Exchange Bitfinex


About Bitfinex Bitfinex is one of the most successful and efficient platforms for trading and exchange of cryptocurrency. Bitfinex was on the market in 2012. Currently, iFinex Inc. controls its operations. The major cryptocurrencies on this platform are Bitcoin, Ethereum classic, Zcash, Monero, Litecoin, Ripple, Dash, Lota, and EOS. All cryptocurrencies can be traded against USD or Bitcoin …

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Exchange Poloniex


About Poloniex Exchange Poloniex Exchange is a US-based exchange, started in 2014. It purely deals in the crypto-to-crypto network. It is a digit asset for future trading. Poloniex is also one of the most active trading platforms available. Poloniex offers nearly 140 Bitcoin and Monero markets and other margin trading & lending services. How to …

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