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SecuX is Your Viable Option For Trading

Author: Sohrab Khawas

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    SecuX Technology Inc. is a Blockchain Security Company dedicated to delivering complete solutions that use blockchain technology to secure people’s precious digital assets. We also offer custom-made products for a variety of digital asset management applications, thanks to our excellent supply chain management and flexible design capabilities.

    SecuX’s core competence is based on a group of experienced individuals with backgrounds in information security, blockchain technology, FinTech, electrical engineering, and international business management, among other subjects. 

    SecuX announced Stream, the world’s first innovative crypto payment solution, after being named the Best Cross-Platform Crypto Hardware Wallet by CV Magazine. Stream delivers fast setup and lower operating costs to support payment service brands for all types of scenarios. SecuX will continue to concentrate on issue solving and the application of blockchain technology in everyday life.

    Crypto payment, storage, and transaction are all key priorities for SecuX in terms of technical development. SecuX aims for Innovative Technology, Security, Professionalism, and Trust as essential values. Truth, Goodness, and Beauty are vital to our organizational culture. Truth denotes real items at reasonable rates, Goodness denotes product quality assurance, quality control, and improvement, and Beauty denotes a strong visual brand identity and user experience.

    Why Choose SecuX V20 Vault-grade Hardware Wallet?

    With its diamond-shaped aluminum frame and vault-grade security, V20 puts you in control of your digital assets with the world’s most secure, easy-to-use hardware wallet.

    • Secure Element chip Infineon SLE solid Flash CC EAL5+
    • On the device and container, there is a tamper-resistant sealing label.
    • Bluetooth5 and USB Type-C connectivity on a 2.8-inch color touch screen
    • Support for over 1000 cryptocurrencies (including major coins and all ERC-20 tokens)
    • Operation on Multiple Platforms (MacOS, Windows, Linux, Chromebook, iOS, and Android)
    • Standard recovery of 12, 18, and 24 words is met.
    • Accounts can be expanded to up to 500 accounts.
    • Li-polymer batteries have a long life span.

    Our Security Assurance

    Solid Design (360° All-around Protection) and Vault-grade Security

    Our SecuX team of professionals inspects all aspects of safety and security from concept to product to produce the highest quality hardware wallet. They implement rigorous production and management in prototype, distribution network, hardware/software/firmware engineering and advancement, and even user behavior study to achieve an all-around secure, sophisticated, and user-friendly device, working diligently to improve the early detection of possible consequences such as cyber-attack, virus insertion, tangible intrusion, clone swapping, and much more.

    Defense Technology at the Military Level

    The Infineon SLE solid Flash CC EAL5+ Secure Element chip in SecuX wallets is used to securely store your unique PIN and Private Key. Such military-grade security prevents transaction leakage and outperforms the security measures used by financial systems to protect against online threats. Without the private key ever leaving the device, your transactions are confirmed.

    What are the Characteristics of SecuX Wallet?

    The most significant piece of information for authorizing outgoing transactions on the blockchain network is your private key. Cyber-attacks frequently target software and online exchange wallets. SecuX wallets encrypt your data and keep you hidden from prying eyes. The Secure Element Chip keeps your private key safe and secure, and it never leaves the device.

    • Touchscreen (2.8 inches): On our huge 2.8-inch touch screen, you can easily manage your digital assets. At a glance, look through your investment portfolio and double-check transactions with visual confirmation.
    • Crypto Manager SecuX: Our SecuX web and mobile apps let you manage, transmit, and receive crypto assets from your phone or computer, as well as synchronize data from the blockchain network to your wallet, keeping your balances and transactions up to current.
    • 1000+ Cryptocurrency Coins and Tokens Support: Bitcoin, Ethereum, Ripple, Litecoin, Dash, Dogecoin, Digibyte, Bitcoin Cash, and all ERC-20 tokens are all supported by SecuX hardware wallets. Up to 500 accounts can be maintained in our wallets, with the private key safely secured within to protect your assets on the blockchain network.
    • Connectivity through Bluetooth and USB: With powerful encryption standard technology, connect anytime, anyplace through Bluetooth 5 or USB Type-C (V20).
    • Seal to prevent tampering: Through internal supply chain and manufacturing, we eliminate any possibility of third-party intervention. Any effort to open the item or its packing will leave visible marks on the sealing tape.
    • Password and 24 Recovery Words: SecuX hardware wallets generate your own unique 24 recovery words and accept conventional BIP32, BIP39, and BIP44 recovery words of 12, 18, and 24 characters. It also has a 25th-word pass option that allows you to use the hidden wallet feature.

    What Makes SecuX a Viable Option?

    The concealed wallet is a sophisticated feature that provides additional security for your crypto holdings. It takes a personal pass to compute and generate an additional wallet that runs alongside the one you already have.

    The pass is a combination of 1-99 English letters and digits of your choosing that acts as a further layer of security to the 24 recovery words. When it comes to recovering the concealed wallet, you’ll need not only the 24 recovery words but also your one-of-a-kind passcode. You can add up to 500 accounts and have your crypto assets concealed by simply accessing the hidden wallet with its unique PIN (made up by you and must be distinct from the initial wallet PIN) daily.

    The Infineon CC EAL+ Secure Element is a dedicated chip for the storage of private keys and PINs in the SecuX Crypto Hardware Wallets V20, W20, and W10.

    The private keys are safely maintained and secured from possible assault by hackers during transactions or connections to host devices via USB cable or Bluetooth connection. To secure their data from online threats, other banking systems utilize a similar or lower-rated security chip.

    A SecuX wallet is a “vault-grade level” or “military level” security device that provides high-level protection for your digital assets, according to its definition. SecuX uses the greatest security requirements to protect your crypto assets and transactions. SecuX has a plethora of renowned exchanges listed with us. Some of them are Bitcoin, Binance, Litecoin, Ripple, GRS, and many more. If you haven’t yet signed up with us, you are missing out on some real game! Happy trading!

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