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Shaklee Review

Natural and organic product companies have greatly gained popularity over the last several years. On the other hand, these companies produce an entire range of healthy and nutritional products in a form that is either all-organic or very close to all-organic.

However, for individuals who prefer to take an all-natural and organic approach to their overall lifestyle, this platform is just what you are looking for. After complete research, i have gathered all the related information of the company.

Shaklee – Company overview

Dr. Shaklee is the person behind Shaklee, a nutritional company. He was a chiropractor, established Shaklee in 1956 and spent his life in serving the humanity. The firm sells a wide variety of  home care, skin care, nutrition and weight management products. It uses an MLM marketing procedure to sell its products.

The interesting part is that, Shaklee is ranked #10 on DSN’s top 50 North American MLM’s list, and #21 on their global list. At present, it is a private company by American billionaire Roger Barnett. It was worth $310 million in the year 2004. 

Shaklee’s Products

The company provides following products; 

  • Home Product – This category includes environment friendly household, kitchen,laundry and cleaners.
  • Beauty products – Here , you can come across hair care,body care, skin care, and specific treatments. Anyways all the products are all natural.
  • Weight management products – The firm offers metabolic boosters, smoothies, meal replacement foods, snacks,and energizing teas. Which are healthy and natural.
  • Nutritional products – It has wide variety of nutritional products like anti-oxidants, anti-aging, digestive system support, children health, heart health and much much more.

Shaklee Compensation plan

The user can choose one among the following plans.

  • Shakee Level 1 : Consumer – This doesn’t cost you anything. you’re just a customer and pay retail prices for the products.
  • Shakee  Level 2: Member- Here, you get 15-25% discount on your products. However to enjoy this discount, you just have to make a one time investment of $19.95.
  •  Level 3: Distributor- Cost:  $49.95. Auto-ship of 100 par volume to remain active. Here, you can start taking your business forward and browse the compensation plan for the payment procedure. 
  • Level 4: Gold Ambassador – Cost: $299.00 including product or $599 for the Gold plus. It includes additional products, PV and website time. If you wish to climb the corporate ladder quite quickly, the membership will help you take your business at the high peak
Final verdict

Overall, the company is Legit and among the top MLM company.Their products are well-established and reputable. Despite of many controversies, the company is successfully running for over 50 years is really a great achievement.

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