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Trident Crypto Fund-Review


A few days ago, an interesting term Internet has shown me; i.e “Trident Crypto Fund”.


After complete research on the company, I have gathered all the details about “Trident Crypto Fund” to facilitate you have a clear plan for your upcoming investment. 

What is Trident Crypto Fund?

Trident crypto fund

Trident Crypto Fund is a crypto investment index fund,  that has launched in the crypto world. However, the website doesn’t give you any information on who runs or owns the company. An online tool suggests that the firm was privately registered on March 26th, 2018.

TDC is the native coin of  Trident Crypto Fund through which affiliates earn a profit.

Trident Crypto Fund – Products

The company doesn’t have any retail products or services, but you can promote the affiliate membership.

Trident Crypto Fund Compensation Plan

Similar to most of the companies, Trident Crypto Fund provides users to earn in three ways as mentioned below


Here, you can invest in one of the following plans. The investment rate may range from $100 to $100,000.

  • Freelance 
  • Studio 
  • VIP 

However, you get paid in both real money and TDC points with a 1:1 matching ratio.

Other than an investment opportunity, you can also earn with referral and residual commissions.

When you sponsor new members who invest, you can get the following referral commission on their investments:

  • Freelance affiliates receive 5% in real money and 15% in TDC points
  • Studio affiliates receive 6% in real money and 18% in TDC points
  • VIP affiliates receive 7% in real money and 21% in TDC points.

Residual commission

The residual commissions are paid through a binary compensation plan. The commission percentage may range from  8% to 10% depending on the plan you choose.

Final verdict

The company consists of many stumbling blocks. Firstly, there is no idea who runs it so they can run with your money. Secondly, there is no proof of external income sources.

Overall, In reality, no such investment fund exists. Instead, funds that affiliates invest are used to pay to ROI’s owed to other members.

Hope the article covered all the information you were searching online.

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