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Toluna Review – Legit Paid Survey Website Or Just A Scam?

Welcome to my toluna reviews. This review will cover information about ,How does toluna work , How to earn points in toluna , Is toluna legit ? and many more

It is a proven fact that people can make money via working online. Internet is profitable for many. I am in favor of making money online since there are many obvious benefit for people. Even though you don’t earn much out of the internet, you can still benefit a lot from this process.

Currently, in this era who doesn’t like sharing their opinions and getting paid for it?

Eventually, if you are one who does, why not let Toluna pay you for them?

Yes, currently the company is getting  lot of hype, but are they actually legit?

Considering the fact that scams are raising more and more these days, it can also be tricky trying to find a legit earning site. Well, i am going to discuss the ins and outs of Toluna and what they’re about.

What Is Toluna?

Toluna was established in 2000 and operates as the middleman between you and big-name companies. It is an online company where you earn by sharing your opinions. Hence, you earn by completing surveys about various products and services.

Some of their partner brands include CBS, Sony Music, Disney, and Procter & Gamble. Furthermore, when you complete surveys, Toluna rewards you with points. Eventually, the points you earn can be used to get  gift cards, cash payouts, and more.

How Toluna Works ?

How To Earn Points in Toluna?

There are number of ways to earn points here:


  • It is the main way to gain points
  • Accessed via platform or email invitation
  • Can earn 15  to 20,000 points for each survey
  • Time differs with length of survey usually it takes few minutes or as long as 35 mins
  • If disqualified you need to get into sweepstake or they give you points to compensate
Product Testings:
  • Test products in the comfort at your home
  • You keep the products you test
  • Provide your opinion of the products you test

Those are the main ways to earn on there but there are also community things you can do also earn more:

  • Mini Polls: you can create polls for people to answer to get 100 points, it’s just a easy yes or no poll.
  • Battles: you can write about why you like one thing vs another and earn points.
  • Thumb It: you usually insert a photo to your discussion here to induce others to vote if they like it or not.
  • Friend Referrals: you can earn for 500 points for each referral.

Toluna Payment and Points System


The point system for Toluna is pretty simple. You can gain your points for PayPal payouts or other awards. However, you must have minimum of 30,000 points to receive rewards. Once you login for Toluna, you can browse their full list of rewards. Here are some current options:

  • $10 gift card for Starbucks – 30,000 points
  • $10 gift card for Cheesecake Factory – 30,000 points
  • $10 gift card for Redbox – 30,000 points
  • $10 gift card for Jiffy Lube – 30,000 points
  • $25 gift card for Restaurants.com – 45,000 points
  • $25 gift card for Walmart – 75,000 points
  • $25 gift card for Fandango – 75,000 points
  • $30 PayPal payout – 90,000 points

This list displays that each point is worth about 3.3 cents. But, the length of time taken to reach a reward depends on the site. Additionally, it also depends on what earning options you take advantage of.

Toluna Pros and Cons

While researching for Toluna, I came across both Positive and negative reviews.Well, you might be willing to know the pros and cons before you invest time into Toluna.

Toluna Pros
  • Toluna is free to join.
  • You receive email notifications when new surveys are available.
  • There is a large selection of rewards for you to choose from.
  • Toluna partners with very popular, reputable companies.
  • Toluna’s website is modern and user-friendly.
  • You can take surveys using their Android or ios.
  • When you complete surveys, you get into the Toluna Prize Draw. This drawing gives 3 cash prizes to Toluna users.
Toluna Cons
  • Many users complain on  being screened out of surveys as they don’t meet all the criteria.
  • You need to earn a quite high amount of points to receive payouts and rewards.
  • The survey questions can be repeated.
  • Surveys can take upto 15 to 30 minutes to complete.
  • Some users report long wait times when they request for reward or payment..
  • You need a minimum of $30 to cash out via PayPal.

Final Thought :

Toluna is a fun website to try, but, like all other survey websites out there, you cannot expect to get rich out of it. Overall, my view from my research is that Toluna is completely legit. This survey site also include millions of active users, and they partner with reputable companies.

They also offer a wide range of  selection of rewards for users. Eventually, there’s a pretty helpful community that’s completely free for you to use.

What is view on Toluna Marketing? Share your opinion on our Twitter and Facebook pages.

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Toluna Reviews | How Does Toluna Work | Is Toluna Legit ?
Welcome to my toluna reviews. This review will cover information about, How does toluna work, How to earn points in toluna, Is toluna legit? and many more.
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