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It Works – Reviews 2020

With a growing range of SkinCare and Health care products, WideSpread Network and Organised corporate Structure It Works is today a highly reputed and Best Healthcare products company.

Recently a few new items were added to the Itworks Products list, the SKINNY BREW Coffee that helps in Fat-Burning and Increasing blood circulation. The next new It works Product is “ It Works- Keto Tea “ for energy-boosting and strengthening the immune system.

 Itworks Products will also have a world Conference in late 2020 with Coach Mark, who has already performed and promoted the project so far. 

I have a Short and Detailed brief about the Itworks Company, It works products, it works earning plans and some quickies for readers at the bottom. 

Does It Works really work?

About It Works

It Works is a skin care and nutrition company, established in 2001. The firm is headquartered at 908 Riverside Drive in Palmetto, Florida 34221. At present, the company is located in many countries including Canada, Australia, New Zealand, UK, Ireland, Germany, Spain, France, Sweden, Netherlands, Belgium, and Denmark.

The first product of the company was ‘It Works – Body Wraps’, which was formulated by Luis Mijares later Mark and Cindy Pentecost were involved in the production of the product. Therefore, the Pentecosts are the founders of It Works Global.

It Works Products

There are three main products of this nutrition company to choose from : 


It Works - Body

In this category, there are three products to choose from. However, the price may differ for wholesale and retail.

  • Ultimate Body Applicator– Has herbs and botanical. 
  • Fab Wrap – It complements the ultimate body applicator by fitting snug on your skin.
  • Defining Gel – Helps to hydrate your skin and relates to specific body part.


It Works - skin

This category includes 10 products. Some of these products range from Facial, Hair Skin Nails, Stretch Mark, Preventage, Lip & Eye, Toner, Repairage, Cleanser, and Exfoliating Peel. Furthermore, the prices range from $30 to $99 depending on the product.


It Works - Green

It includes 6 different varieties and flavors and comes in a powder form. You can then mix these powders into your favorite beverages. We all know GREENS have a ton of health benefits and loaded with antioxidants…

Here is their list of products:

  • Greens Orange & Green Berry: Powder Supplement with 120 grams.
  • Greens On The Go:  Portable packets of Greens Powder.
  • Value Size Orange and Berry:  Contains 360 grams instead of 120.

Other than these main categories, there are many sub-categories like LIFESTYLE, KETO WORKS, ESSENTIAL OILS, and many more 

Commissions, Bonuses, and Discounts

It Works Nutrition Company offers a wide range of commission, bonuses, and incentives as part of a compensation plan. Distributors can win 50% commissions on product sales for cash and carry items. Downline commissions and Performance bonuses are also available. Downline commissions vary between 2% to 10% of the product sales made by team members.

Distributors can transfer recruited distributors and sales volume to any one of their team members to build a solid organization. Additionally, they can buy products at discounted rates for personal use with a loyal customer discount. This bonus is earned every time a distributor refers to two loyal customers.

It Works –  Compensation Plan

As a Wrapreneur, you need to pay $99 to start selling a thing. This is very common among MLM companies.

Once you get your startup kit, you can start selling. There are a few ways you can make money.

  • Retail commission. This is the profit that you make from selling products. Since you get to purchase at wholesale prices, you can keep the additional profit that you make from selling products.
  • Loyal customer commissions. If you refer people to the company who end up buying lots of products and continue, you may earn some money from this.
  • Team Commissions. This is the huge earning for most MLMs. If you get other people to join as Entrepreneurs and start selling stuff for the company, then you earn between 2% to 10% of their income.

Final verdict

Overall, the Company is running right on track since 2001 with a profit of over $500 million in sales. So, if you wish to build a business, the It Works Compensation plan is the best platform. I hope the review provides all the necessary information.


How can I make money with the It works commission program? 

You can Become a Distributor with paid registration of $99. Hereafter you can start selling products from your link and reach new ranks with respective commissions.

Do I have any Refunds or Return of products? 

Yes, for every product purchased, there is a default 30-day Refund or Return policy. Read the Policies before placing order

How Can I Buy It work Products?

You can simply go to the website of It works and Place your order, read the Shipping and Payment details carefully. Online Payment Option available

How much does it cost to join it works?

It takes a $99 investment in a “starter kit” to join the company. Then, a distributor has to spend a minimum of $80 monthly on products for herself or resale, with extra costs for things like hosting wrap parties or running a website. 

It Works


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Bonus and offers


Compensation Plan



  • Natural Products
  • Low Upfront Costs
  • Amazing Bonus and Commission


  • Low Earning Potential
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