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It Works – Reviews

Did you come across the firm It Works ? If yes, you probably have questions about the company.

I have gathered detailed  information about the company.

Does It Works  works?

It Works – The Company

It Works is a skin care and nutrition company, established in 2001. The firm is headquartered at 908 Riverside Drive in Palmetto, Florida 34221. At present, the company is located in many countries including Canada, Australia, New Zealand, UK, Ireland, Germany, Spain, France, Sweden, Netherlands, Belgium, and Denmark.

The first product of the company was ‘It Works – Body Wraps’, which was formulated by Luis Mijares later Mark and Cindy Pentecost was involved in the production of the product. Therefore, the Pentecosts are the founders of It Works Global.

It Works–Products

There are three main  products to choose from : 


It Works - Body

In this category, there are three products to choose from. However, the price may differ for wholesale and retail.

  • Ultimate Body Applicator– Has herbs and botanical. 
  • Fab Wrap – It complements the ultimate body applicator by fitting snug on your skin.
  • Defining Gel – Helps to hydrate your skin and relates to specific body part.


It Works - skin

This category includes 10 products. Some of these products range from Facial, Hair Skin Nails, Stretch Mark, Preventage, Lip & Eye, Toner, Repairage, Cleanser, and Exfoliating Peel.

Furthermore, the prices range from $30 to $99 depending on the product.


It Works - Green

It includes 6 different varieties and flavors and come in a powder form.

You can then mix these powders to your favorite beverages.

We all know GREENS have a ton of health benefits and loaded with antioxidants…

Here is their list of products:

  • Greens Orange & Green Berry: Powder Supplement with 120 grams.
  • Greens On The Go:  Portable packets of Greens Powder.
  • Greens Value Size Orange and Berry:  Contains 360 grams instead of 120.

Other than these main categories, their are many sub categories like,  LIFESTYLE , KETOWORKS, ESSENTIAL OILS, and many more 

It Works –  Compensation Plan

Like any other network marketing companies, you can earn through referrals by referring people in the business.

Final verdict

Overall, the Company is running right on track since 2001 with profit over $500 million in sales. 

So, if you wish to build a business, the It Works Compensation plan is the best platform 

I hope the review provides all the necessary information. If you have any questions, please leave them in the comments below

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