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BTCclicks Review: The Best Platform to Earn Free Bitcoins

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QD club is a Bitcoin billionaire community of Crypto Analyst, News Writers, and Cryptocurrency Investors. It is a research-oriented club which is gently in the process of compiling reviews on MLM companies.

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With the rise of cryptocurrencies in the market, particularly Bitcoin, there has also been a rise in opportunities that are making you earn in Bitcoins. These opportunities are looking to reach people who are keen on earning Bitcoins.

One such opportunity is BTC Clicks, where it assures to pay you in Bitcoins just for clicking ads. It is basically a PTC website that pays you in Bitcoins instead of cash.

In this article, you will get a complete insight into the company, its functioning, and more.


Name BTC Clicks
OwnerYoussef Gaber
Founded Year2013
Game TypesClicking Ads, Watching Ads
Apps iPhone & Android Devices
Support Email, Phone
Deposit methodsFaucetHub and Regular Wallet.
Withdrawal methodsFaucetHub and Regular Wallet.

What is BTC Clicks?

BTC Clicks is a PTC (paid to click) website where you can earn milliBitcoins for clicking and watching Ads. On this website, the members have to just view the ads that advertisers place on the site. You will be paid in millibitcoins (mBTC), which is one-thousandth of a Bitcoin.

The website btcclicks.com was created on April 5th, 2013, and it is based out of Panama. It is one of the most popular advertising platforms on the internet.

How to Register in BTCClicks?

You can register with BTCClicks as a member regardless of the fact where you live

Step 1: Navigate to the BTCClicks Official Website.

Step 2:  Click on the “Sign Up” Option at the bottom side of the screen. Enter your personal details and then submit

Step 3: Verify your account using the verification mail which you receive.

Step 4: Click on the “Sign-in” Option and log in to your BTCClicks login account to get started.

How does BTCclicks work? 

Working on BTCclicks is very simple as we do on other PTC sites. The primary way to earn money on BTCclicks is by viewing the advertiser’s web page.

To start, you must go to the ads page where the ads will be displayed as shown below. A lot of BTC ads will be available with stay time and pay for visiting the page mentioned on the side. The pay will vary for each ad which directly influenced the total time spent on the page.

The member must click on a link to begin viewing the ad. When clicked, the ad will load on a new page. The ad must be watched until the timer ends.

When the timer ends, a captcha will load as shown below. The member must solve the captcha to prove that he is a human user and not using any bots to automate the process.

After solving the captcha, the system will instantly credit the indicated amount to the account.

Continue to view all the ads listed to earn more bitcoins on BTC clicks. The ad rate will vary every day based on the fluctuation of the Bitcoin price.

BTC Clicks Business Plan

BTC Clicks offers only one way to earn Bitcoins on the site and that is to click and view ads. You will be paid in mBTC, which is equivalent to one-thousandth of a Bitcoin. This means that 1 mBTC is equal to 0.001 Bitcoin. 

Now the mBTC you will earn will depend on how long you will need to view the ad. A 10-second advertisement will earn you 0.00005 mBTC, while a 20-second ad will earn you 0.00006 mBTC. 

If the ad you view is 30 seconds, then you will earn 0.00007 mBTC and the longest is 40 seconds, which will earn you 0.00008 mBTC.

Now, just like in any PTC site, you will need to answer a captcha after viewing the ad before the mBTC is credited to your account.

BTC Click only has 10 to 15 ads that you can view per day. There are moments where there would be more, but most of the time this is the number of ads you would be able to see.

BTC Clicks Referral Program

1)  BTCClicks have the best referral program available. Members can make use of it to earn more Bitcoin.

2) BTCClicks pay 80% referral commission for standard members and 160% commission for premium members. This is the highest commission provided among the Bitcoin paying PTC sites.

3) You can make use of the BTC Clicks membership upgrade feature to increase the potential of the BTCClick referral program.  This will help you double your referral commission for a small fee.

4) Do not upgrade your BTCClicks account if you cannot make any referrals. 

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BTC Clicks Is it Legit or Scam?

BTC Clicks is a very legitimate and one of the best Bitcoin PTC sites to work. One of the important things is that there seems to be no evidence at all that the site is not paying or delayed with its payments to its members.

BTC Clicks is an advertising platform that has been around since 2013. As per the BTC Clicks reviews, they have the highest referral commission in the PTC Industry. It offers a cheap way for advertisers to place their advertisements and reach the people who love Bitcoins.


BTCClicks is a legitimate PTC site that pays you for clicking ads. It is one of the high-paying Bitcoin PTC sites in the world. They have a good custom site design to provide the best user experience. There are a number of payment proofs available online to see that people have been cashing out.

Previously BTCClicks support and account security of the site was not secure. Now they have increased their security features to protect member accounts like adding two-factor authentication, email verification to change BTC addresses.

Thus BTC Clicks being legit is one of the most recommended PTC sites to earn money online.


Is it Legitimate?

BTC Clicks is a very legitimate and one of the best Bitcoin PTC sites to work. It has been around since 2013.

How much is the withdrawal limit?

The minimum withdrawal amount is 0.10000 mBTC. There are no charges for the withdrawal

Can I have multiple accounts?

You are not allowed to have more than one account per person.

How long does it take to receive my bitcoins?

All payments are processed instantly if you fail to receive your payment for any reason, you can simply try again later

How to recover a forgotten password?

In view of the recovery of the password, click on the “Forgot my password” option. Then enter your personal information and user id after which you can reset your password.

BTC clicks - 8.6


BTCClicks Ratings

  • Earnings:
  • Rewards & Bonus:
  • Legitimacy:
  • Registration:


  1. Easy enrolment procedure
  2. Offers the easiest way to earn Bitcoins online
  3. Highest Referral commissions in the PTC Industry
  4. Timely Payment Processing
  5. One of the Highest paying Bitcoin PTC site


  1. Limited Earning Opportunities
  2. It has low earning potential
  3. Only one payment method available
  4. Poor account and Site security
  5. Bitcoin PTC sites are prone to risks.
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QD club is a Bitcoin billionaire community of Crypto Analyst, News Writers, and Cryptocurrency Investors. It is a research-oriented club which is gently in the process of compiling reviews on MLM companies.

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