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FreeBitco.in Review – Discover Multiple Ways To Earn Free Bitcoins

Looking for a good and in-depth Freebitcoin reviews? This unbiased review covers information about the company, How Does FreeBitco.in Work?, is Freebitcoin legit?and more

The rise of Bitcoin as one of the trending investment assets that have surprised many. One who believed the blockchain-driven cryptocurrency would never have real existence. Moreover, it has also generated immense amounts of interest from those who had either never heard of Bitcoin before or who knew relatively little about it.

As a result, there are a number of opportunities for making extra money in the cryptocurrency industry. Currently, one of the trending Bitcoin earning website in “ FreeBitco.in”

I have collected all the details about the company, how does Freebitcoin works? , is FreeBitcoin Legit ? and more.

Let’s get started…

What is FreeBitcoin or FreeBitco.in?

FreeBitco.in is a free bitcoin faucet established in the year 2013 at British virgin islands. It is an earning website where you can earn a small amount of Bitcoin in the simplest way possible.

It has established itself as one of the most reliable faucets that exist at present. However, in more than five years it has been in business. Moreover, the site has been adding additional features so that users have multiple options to get more than interesting prizes.

How Does FreeBitco Work?

Freebitco.in Home

Once you register in FreeBitco.in, you will be ready to log in your account and start earning bitcoins. You can notice the homepage of Freebitco.in with a number of ways to earn bitcoins.

Free BTC


Here, you just have to solve the captcha and tap the ‘Roll!’ button. As shown in the below image, you can notice a series of numbers with their corresponding prizes. However, prize varies constantly depending on the rate of Bitcoin. For instance, if you get any number between 0 and 9885, you will receive a prize of 189 satoshis.

Moreover, the maximum you can win every roll is worth  0.0274 BTC and the bitcoin amount will adjust accordingly at the current price. This process can be done 24 times a day since the ROLL button is reset every hour.

Multiply BTC


Here, you can multiply your bitcoins for up-to 4750 times! You can achieve this by playing ‘Hi-Lo’ game. This game is very easy and as the name suggests, you need to guess if the roll number will be lower or higher than the given number. The game lets you decide the amount you bet and what you want to win.  Moreover, For playing you will also earn a lottery ticket and 1 Reward Points, regardless you win or lose for every 0.00000500 BTC you have played.

Earn BTC

Here, you can earn additional bitcoins in FreeBitco.in without doing anything. The only requirement is to keep at least a balance of 0.0003 BTC in your account. In this way, you will earn a daily interest of nearly 0.0109589% which makes an annual interest of 4.08%. However, the more balance you hold in your account the interest will be higher.


You can play this every Sunday. Here, You can earn free tickets every time you use the faucet (normally, 2 tickets per spin). Additionally, you can get free participation tickets for betting on the multiple BTC game and 1 ticket for each time a referral uses the faucet. In the tab ‘Lottery’ you can review the jackpot collected so far in each of the 10 prizes and the time remaining until the next draw.


Here, you can redeem the Reward Points earned through the faucet, game or referrals. These points can be exchanged for different rewards: hardware wallets electronic gadgets, and gift cards.


With a good network of active referrals, your daily profits will maximize considerably.


This is a monthly contest where the total prize is $30,000. However, to win in the first contest, which is worth of total prize $20,000, you must be in the top 10 ranks of users with the highest wagering volume for the month.

Final Thought

Freebitco.in is one of the excellent bitcoin earning site. It has been into the business for more than five years. Additionally, it provides several ways of payment to adapt to all types of users. Moreover, the deadline to receive the earnings depends on the mode of payment you choose. Whichever you choose the mode of payment, you must have at least 0.00030000 BTC in your account to withdraw.

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