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Market America Review, a compensation plan for 2020

Multi-Level Marketing has always been a questionable topic, its fundamental purpose is to Boost the Business awareness and also happens to be the smartest way of marketing. But, its practicing format over the time in promoting ponzi schemes and scams has loosen the roots. 

Multi-Level Marketing is in Business books and this module can bring a business Maximum reach in a smaller league . Every Fortune company does apply this marketing strategy as an addon to stimulate their sales with a fine reward system. 

A few teams made their way out successfully and hold the reputation of being a trusted MLM company, like Market America. A 28-year-old US company,  Product brokerage, and Internet Marketing company headquartered in Greensboro. 

Keep reading this article for one of the finest and trusted MLM companies and find out how you can start making money. 

Big Users, Big Company! 

Market America is a Product brokerage and Internet marketing company ( Like Amway) ,  having its own online retail platform shop.com that lists over 30 million products in various  categories like books, apparels, electronics, Health and Nutrition, Movies, Music, Video Games etc.  

Additionally, the platform also places its own products of their Ultimate Aloe Juice, Isotonix range of products, etc… As per 2019 revenue reports , the Market America revenue was recorded to be $837 million

Market America serves over 6 million customers and employs 550+ people globally. Its Strong base team, Well organised business structure makes its stand with new trends and also adapt ideas that are on the Deck. 

Besides online stores, Market America has partnered with other stores like Best Buy, Apple, Target, Victoria’s Secret, Nike, Barnes & Noble and Bloomingdales.

Market America’s Products

Market America has over 2500 products ranging from health to beauty and more products in between. Market America has well analysed the user’s needs, like whether he wants to build his immunity or want to lose weight, whether a user wants healthy hair or a disinfected home!! Market America can offer for all the user needs. Some of the most liked and best selling products include,

  • Isotonic range of products
  • TLS Weight Loss Solution
  • Heart Health
  • Ultimate Aloe
  • Pet Health
  • NutriClean
  • Cellular Laboratories
  • Timeless Prescription and the list goes on.
Did You Know? Shop.com was previously owned by Bill Gates and Amazon.com  then acquired by Market America in 2010. 

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Is Market America A Pyramid Scheme?

If you know it , you read it .  ‘People in Market America were trapped under a pyramid scheme!’. Well, it’s important to do some homework and understand the fact that pyramid schemes are completely illegal. Market America is a Multi Level Marketing network and works completely opposite to the pyramid scheme, that those in the bottom are essentially the top of the company.

Market America – An Independent Quality Inspector!

Market America has set very specific quality standards and strict designs to meet so that the products are labelled as Market America products. It has a quality control process involving a dedicated team to ensure excellence in the products in all steps starting from the idea of production till shipping.

Market America has maintained transparency in the ingredients used in all products and checks for the possible presence of any traces of contaminants like pesticides or metals etc. The whole process is carried out to meet the customer’s expectation by creating the best product imaginable.

Market America Offering new Earning options!

Usually, a common person’s earning cycle is believed to include ‘A 9-5 job’ for over 40-45 years of daily routine. Market America offers people with different earning options which would accomplish the 45 years success in 2-3 years.

Each representative of Market America called ‘Unfranchised Owner’ is provided with a detailed plan to follow and are provided with a SHOP.COM website, products, and services, marketing materials that guide them the entire way. 

The Unfranchised Owners need to focus on serving their customers needs and also at the same time, create more lucrative business models for themselves.

Market America claims to be the discoverer of the Binary system of business, tried by many but could not beat Market America.

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How to Make Money- The Rewards

Market America rewards the unfranchised owners in three ways you can make money:-

  1. Earn Cashbacks:- You can earn cashback from online purchases done by you and your customers.
  2. Earn Retail Profits:- You can earn 30%-50% of retail profit by developing a base of preferred customers.
  3. Earn Residual Income:- You can earn a considerable amount of money by developing and managing two teams of unfranchise Owners.

About Market America – In Short

CEO of Market America are James and Loren Ridinger who founded the company in 1992 with the headquarters located in Greensboro, North Carolina. Initially, it started its operations in the United States and extended to Canada, Taiwan, Hong Kong, Australia and the Philippines.

Market America revenue is over $800 million with an A+ BBB rating and 7310 SIC code. The company has paid 35% of its revenue as a commission to the unfranchise owners in 2019.

PRO’s and CON’s


  • Lots of products to promote
  • Brand name products
  • Established Company


  • Need to recruit others
  • Products are overpriced
  • Expensive starter kit and monthly fees

Concluding Note

Market America is a legitimate business opportunity for people to earn decent incomes. The multi-level marketing company is best suited for highly driven individuals with large social networks and greatly developed sales and marketing skills.

The company has paid about $1 billion in commissions till now to its unfranchised Business Owners.


  1. Is Market America listed with a BBB rating?

    YES, Market America has an A+ BBB rating which is the highest.

  2. Is there any fee to be a customer?

    No, anyone can be registered to be a customer for free.

  3. What do Do if someone orders a partner store products on my portal?

    The stores will directly deal with customer products.

  4. How do I get answers about any issues regarding Market America?

    You need to contact Market America directly on their customer support number.

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