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Market America Review

Multi-level marketing companies have regularly seen bullying charges imposed on them. But, now it’s high time that the companies are convincing the world that MLMs are not scammed. Market America is one such MLM company which came into existence in 1992.


Market America


What Is Market America?

Market America is a network marketing company founded by JR Ridinger, and his wife Loren, who were former Amway distributors. It is a multi-level marketing company. It is basically an online retailer that describes itself as a product brokerage and internet marketing company.

When Market America was  first launched, it promoted and advertised as a publicly-traded entity. Initially, the company started operating in the United States. Currently, the MLM company also operates in  Spain, United Kingdom, Australia, Philippines, Mexico, Taiwan, Hong Kong, Singapore, Malaysia, and Canada.


Market America doesn’t have their own personal brands, but includes exclusive third party brands that  they sell. They include a shopping portal, cosmetics, financial and health related products.

Here is the list of certain  products:

  • Isotonic
  • TLS  Weight Loss Solution
  • Heart Health
  • Ultimate Aloe
  • Pet Health
  • NutriClean
  • Cellular Laboratories
  • Timeless Prescription and many more..

Market America – Compensation Plan

In Market America, you can earn paid commissions when you sponsor people in the business.

According to JR Ridinger, the company is the discoverer of the binary compensation plan, and many companies have tried to copy them but simply can’t beat their compensation.

Hence, Commission in the Market America compensation plan is created around a binary system.

How To Make Money?

There are a two effective methods to earn with this company.

Gross Retail Profit

Distributors can gain retail profit from their personal sales. However,  exact amount may vary by product item.

They can either carry inventory obtained at wholesale and sell it at retail on their own ,or they can even build a network of selective customers who continually order from them online. Distributors can earn up to 50% on retail profit.

Cashback Commission

In this method, distributor makes “cashback” on both their own purchases as well as their customers purchases. Cashback only comes from suitable products on Shop.com, and they have to be Market America-branded products.

However, one can earn up to 35% cashback on own purchases and 5% cashback on referrals. The company has developed over $2 billion in commissions and retail profits since 1992.

Final verdict

No doubt, Market America is 100% legit company, but is not an easy way to earn money online. It becomes difficult to sell products without any kind promotion. These type of affiliate earning schemes often comes with greater risk while requires you to invest more.

Hope the review covered all the information about the company.

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