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CoinsBank Wallet – Review Of The Latest Gateway To Blockchain Services

Do you trade cryptocurrency frequently? Do you have full control over the security of the cards from the app or the online account? CoinsBank Wallet can confidently provide their customers with a wide variety of services. Let us understand the wallet in this CoinsBank review.

CoinsBank Wallet Review


About CoinsBank 

Although there is no ‘About’ section on the website, gratefully their LinkedIn profile is updated successfully.

CoinsBank is latest in the market as it has been launched in 2016. The universal crypto solution is launched by it on April 4th, 2016, relating to the Money 2020 Europe event in Copenhagen.

This website is managed by CB Exchange LP, a UK company registered in 2015.

It is an absolute gateway to blockchain services.

CoinsBank Services

They provide Bitcoin Wallet for the cryptocurrencies that will be purchasing at their crypto exchange that is a superior platform for traders.

The receiving digital money will be spending on their VISA expressing Bitcoin debit cards or at local stores. CoinsBank platform can be usable from PC, smartphone or smartphone.

They also support merchants to accept Bitcoins at their shops.

The CoinsBank Bitcoin debit card allows fast conversion of fiat currencies like USD, EUR, GBP, CHF, AUD, JPY and RUB. However, the debit card made of virtual or plastic ones on the user’s request.

Plastic CoinsBank cards will be  exporting with airmail for a cost of 4.95 EUR which also consists of a tracking number. 39.95 EUR is the cost of DHL Express, which delivers in the shortest period of time.

CoinsBank Bitcoin debit card is available in six different types of users. Debit card with No-name is for those clients who want to preserve their privacy. Since withdraw is up to 2000 USD, 30000 USD is for spending online.

Another type, the No-name Limited card is available for all citizens in any country (including the US and India). The turnover is 300 USD; however, users can order an infinite number of cards from this type.

The virtual cards can be issuing in a couple of minutes and valid from 1 month to 3 years with a restriction of 2000 USD on any online purchases.

CoinsBank also offers a reward of daily cashback for the money spent with their card. It will reward 10 satoshis daily for each and every cent spent with the CoinsBank Bitcoin debit card.

Recent Update: Currently, the card feature is not available as per the official website.

Transaction fees

A user will be charging based on the type of card they are using. No-name card cost is 14.95 USD, Name card is 9.95 USD. However, activation costs are 9.95 USD. 1.95 USD is a monthly fee.

They also collect the charge of 4.95 USD per month from inactive users from the second year of their services.

Other charges like withdrawals from ATMs costs are 4.95 USD. Therefore, a conversion rate of currency is 2.5% and 5%.

The Named White Card cost is 99.95 USD per transaction excluding the additional fee.

The virtual cards are valid for 1-month costs 2.95 USD, card cost is 4.95 USD for 3 months, the 1-year card is 9.95 USD. Hence, currency conversion rate is flat 3% across all virtual cards.

0.5% is charges for withdrawal for cryptos and 1% for wire or SEPA transfers. Thus, CoinsBank charges the card at the flat rate of 4.95 USD fee + 2.95%.

A trading fee of 0.5% in any currencies is charging by the CoinsBank.

For more unified information about the deposits and withdrawals, refer the official website.

Mobile App

The money you exchange is always safe with the mobile application. You can use the application instead of the cards to make further payments and transfers of funds, outlook transactions, and procedure to convert funds from one currency to another.

You can download the app for Android and iOS devices and start using the wallet.


To summarise this CoinsBank Review, CoinsBank is an all in one gateway to blockchain services including an exchange service, wallet service, crypto cards, merchant gateways, and more. CoinsBank Wallet is not just about keeping your digital currency, it also allows you to trade and trade with other people. You keep control of your account and its security.

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