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Spectrocoin Wallet: The All-In-One Service Provider For Bitcoin Users

With the advancement in crypto industry, there are few wallets that provide all-in-one services for bitcoin users. Spectrocoin offers different services like Spectrocoin wallet, API, cards for all who will think to use bitcoin around the world.

Spectrocoin Wallet Review


About Spectrocoin

Spectrocoin was found in 2013. At first, Spectrocoin is a Bitcoin wallet which helps safely transfers, receive and store bitcoins by providing easy to use interface to Bitcoin network.

Spectrocoin aims to give all-in-one services for bitcoin users. Separately, they also provide exchange services, bitcoin debit card, and a answer for merchants agreeing bitcoin in their business activities.

It incorporates reliability with infrastructural comprehensiveness for creating valuable high-quality bitcoin service for its clients.

Services provided by the Spectrocoin

Spectrocoin offers different services for all who will think to use bitcoin around the world.

Spectrocoin Wallet

Bitcoin e-wallet is available, that can be directly subsidizes by the bitcoins purchased on their own exchange. Spectrocoin wallet is smooth to access in smart phones available for iOS, Android and Window phone users.

This wallet store the bitcoin safely and process very easily and quickly of sending and receiving bitcoins.

spectrocoin wallet

Additionally, after using the services one can pay for it by using wallet. Everywhere like shops and restaurants in London and the Baltic states use wallets.

Mobile Bitcoin Wallets

Mobile Bitcoin Wallets allows user to trade from anywhere. By simply downloading the wallet app on iOS, Android or Window can provide immediately buy or sell BTC and send and receive Bitcoin anywhere in the world.

spectro mobile wallet

Wallets being highly secured, only authenticate user can access his own wallet. For secure funds, 99% of digital currency is stored in offline storage.

Blockchain Wallet

Therefore, Spectrocoin wallet provides you to trade very easily, exchange bitcoins and other blockchain dependent digital currencies wherever you go around the world.

Users can take full access to blockchain and manages the bitcoin address linked to Spectrocoin wallet.

You can get your bitcoin address by creating a bitcoin wallet to start the process of receiving the bitcoin. Similarly, you can create with DASH, Ethereum and other currencies which will be coming soon.

Spectrocoin Debit Card

Bitcoin debit card makes spending bitcoins as obvious as fiat currencies.

The platform pay immediately the Debit Card with bitcoin, so it is not necessary to exchange the cryptocurrency in advance of payment. You can use VISA and plastics cards at any ATM around the world.


They accept these at the more than 20 million websites and online shops across the internet. They also facilitate a way to business owners to switch to bitcoin payment for processes.

Spectrocoin offers company card as a result for those who are one step forward in the digital world.

Debit cards can denominate in dollars (USD), Euros (EUR), or Pounds (GBP).

Spectrocoin API

Spectrocoin API provides to access services via programming interface. API integration agrees to easy buy, send and sell bitcoin and other currencies.

Spectrocoin Merchants

The company also offers a solution for merchant so they can accept bitcoin through their business movements.

How does it work?

This will allow you to accept payments in Bitcoin, receive your fees immediately, in your respective currency, directly into your account.

How are bitcoin payments processed?

At online website

  1. How much and what currency (USD, EUR, GBP or any other) it wants to receive is submits by the websites.
  2. Payer observes bitcoin payment window with a certain amount of bitcoin similar to the amount required by the website.
  3. After the completion of the payment, the process informs the website that the order has been processed well.
  4. The website’s owner obtains money into his/her bank account on the next day.

At brick and mortar shop

  1. Assistant provides the order information, the amount and currency (USD, EUR, GBP or any other) to be received, into the view of sale application.
  2. Amount of bitcoin equivalent to the amount required to satisfy the order is generated and displayed to the buyer.
  3. The application shows that the completed order, when the payment is completed successfully.
  4. Finally, shop’s owner receives money into his/her bank account on the next day.

In order to make integration as simple as feasible for everyone beside API, Spectrocoin provides ecommerce plugins and libraries for merchant and for the wallet.

Increase your sales

By accepting bitcoin, your sales can grow vertically. More than 50 million active bitcoin users are active globally.

Online and physical

Spectrocoin’s bitcoin payment gateway can be valued at both online websites and physical points of sale.


They will process the bitcoin transaction and complete the payment in your favored currency with full of trust.

Low payment processing fees

This is one of the advantages of bitcoin technology.

Easy to integrate

WooCommerce, Magento, PrestaShop, Opencart, Drupal, WHMCS, and other floors are offering by the bitcoin payment gateway modules; this is also offered by the company.

Bitcoin payment API or shopping cart plugins integration process  is easily completes.

Spectrocoin app for mobile

As discussed, mobile app is available for Spectrocoin.

The services uses two main factor authenticate for login. The verification is not summarized deeply on their website. In order to verify the users themselves, they must issue a true passport or ID card and a utility bill.

The detail on the documents are provided by the AML policy, but has not required information on how much the process itself takes if everything goes successful.

Authorized users can use their Spectrocoin card with maximum 10000 USD at only one time. It provides max 2 ATM transactions in a day, in a total amount of 2000 USD.

If the card is verified, it is able to receive funds from third party merchants like PayPal and Gambling websites. If card is not verified, then it will be blocked till it will get verified.

Fees and Pricing Schedule

The cost of the Spectrocoin plastic bitcoin card is $9.00/8.00/ £ 6.00 and the cost of the virtual card is only $0.50/0.50/ £ 0.50. 1 USD will the monthly service charged for both plastic and virtual cards.

However, if the balance is nil, then the fees will not get charged.

If the funds are coming out from a Spectrocoin account, then the loading costs of the cards are free of cost.

Or else, loading costs is based on the accessed method: transfers from bank are free but via credit card they charge up to 5%.

For the unloaded card to a bitcoin wallet, it will cost up to 0.5% with a minimum charge of $1.00/1.00/£ 1.00 at every bitcoin purchase transaction.

Therefore, more than one transfer with fewer amounts may cost more at the end for the users.

While using ATMs, Spectrocoin costs 2.5 USD for domestic currency withdrawal and 3.5 USD for other currency withdrawal. They also charge 3% currency exchange fee that is charged if the payment is made in other than the default currency.


Spectrocoin offers services for bitcoin users. The bitcoin debit cards are active for all users which is huge advantage as most bitcoin debit card companies do not valid for US citizens.

The services and the pricing is relatively descent, but the shipping is expensive and the complaints from users may scare the future users from the platform.

Let us know about your views on the Spectrocoin wallet review.

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