Enjin Wallet Review

The Enjin Wallet has the ability to create, import, use and track an infinite number of wallets. It is a high quality and secured digital wallet.

The platform offers Ethereum based token, ZeroEx, Litecoin, Bitcoin and Enjin Coins. However, it was specially designed to support the coins running on the ERC-20 protocol to receive the token from ICOs. Enjin accepts multiple coins same as other crypto wallets such as Jaxx, Coinomi, etc.

Enjin Wallet

The wallet provides you with the complete control over your private keys. You can always restore the wallet funds on any device with the help of 12 words passphrase.

It supports 31 different languages where users can switch between languages any time.

However, the digital wallet offers QR codes for easy transactions to generate the wallet address or receive payments just by scanning codes. They are pushing their boundaries to a whole new level with the recent “Infinity” update.

Watch out the video to get in details:

Meet the Founders behind Enjin (Established since 2009 in Singapore)

Maxim Blagov- CEO of Enjin: Director with 15 years of expertise in creative direction, project management, and UX design. He also specializes in concept strategy development for huge interactive applications in the gaming industry.

Witek Radomski- CTO of Enjin: He is the technical engineer and champion for best-practices in software design, security, and testing.

The Breakdown of the Digital Wallet

Did you know that all critical operations in the platform have been rewritten and compiled into ARM instructions (Assembly) to offer the wallet direct access to mobile memory and hardware?

This step is to ensure the wallet has entire control over the mobile device. Also, it doesn’t use any higher level resource for its core functionality, namely:

  • Decryption,
  • Encryption,
  • Signing transactions,
  • Importing functionality,
  • All security related operations

The Enjin wallet is multifunctional and offers the following functions:

  1. Major Speed Boost- Powered by EnjinX

Huge balance accounts, transaction, with loading speeds, have been much improved. The world’s secure wallet is now the fastest wallet as well.

  1. Using Platform API for Trusted Websites/Games

Any platform can use Enjin API; however, to work with the client, they must be listed as trusted. The client prepares this list, after which you can utilize notifications, synchronization, and transaction requests for every one of the trusted platforms.

Create Infinite Wallets

  1. Create Infinite Wallets

Enjin Wallet empowers you to create, import, and use an infinite number of ENJ, BTC, LTC, ETH, and ERC-20 wallets.

  1. Organize the Finances

Now the user can organize the finances by splitting the funds into different allotments. It allows you to create a trading wallet, savings wallet, business wallet, and unlimited wallets- all in one streamlined extremely secure app.

  1. Track the Hardware Wallets

The digital wallet offers you a new, convenient feature, where you can instantly view your hardware wallet balance with transactions. It stays with you anyplace, anytime, with a simple and fast fingerprint verification login.

Track Infinite Wallets

  1. Track Infinite Wallets

This feature allows you to track any BTC, ETH and LTC address and keep an eye on all of their transactions in real-time.

  1. Transaction Limits and Thresholds

This capacity is likewise intended to secure the client from undesirable transactions: when a transaction happens that does not meet the conditions specified in the wallet, the user will get a notification. Conditions can be explained.


  1. Import and Sweep

Users can now import BTC and LTC private keys (BIP38/XPRV/XPUB), and also import from MyEtherWallet (key store/private Key).

  1. Enjin Secure Keyboard Update

This reliable input keyboard performed various optimizations and usability updates with sports a brand new look.

Usage And UI Review

  1. Usage and UI

Enjin Mobile Wallet has a cool, user-friendly and transparent user interface. However, all the coin names are neatly listed in this crypto wallet. You can view the balance of each coin shown at the front.

Custom fees

The platform shows detailed transactions with customs fees and limits. You can add or remove a coin anytime from your wallet.

High-Security Features

A secure keyboard designed to prevent any kind of data sniffing or keyloggers. It allows randomizing the keys for input protection enhancement.

It offers two independent layers of cryptography to protect the keystroke and any personal data.

  • Hardware 256 AES encryption is implemented on the lower level
  • Software encryption is used at the application layer

The crypto wallet provides the memory encryption. This means encrypted memory and any vital characters are deleted from the system memory.

Screenshot with video blocking features. Enjin Wallet has safe window layout at the OS level which halts any screen recording attempts by the hackers.

Coins supported

This digital wallet supports Bitcoin, Ethereum, Litecoin, Enjin and all ERC-20 tokens by default. However, the platform will integrate other altcoins soon.

Create an Enjin Wallet


Install the Enjin Wallet from Google Play Store > after downloading the app > tap “CREATE WALLET” > read and accept the terms and conditions.



Enter a strong password (Combination of at least 1 number and min length of 8 characters) > confirm your password again.


Write Down Recovery Phrase

Write down the 12 words recovery phrase and keep it somewhere safe. This key helps to recover your wallet.

Write Down the Recovery Phrase

Verify Recovery Phrase

After writing down the recovery phrase > enter two random words from it. (this step is to ensure you have written down the Recovery Phrase correctly)

Verify the Recovery Phrase

Choose Coins and Tokens

Select the coins or tokens you want in your wallet > create your wallet > the setup is complete. You can change it at any point in time.

Choose Coins and Tokens

If a token does not exist in the list, you can add as a custom token by following the outlined steps

Add Custom Tokens to the Enjin Wallet

Finding the Token Details

You should have the Token details ready including the Token Contract Address, Token Symbol, and Decimals.

Find these details on https://etherscan.io/ > search for the token name > look for the “TOKEN” entry > click on that.

Finding the Token Details

Token’s Details page

Adding the Tokens to your Enjin Wallet

  1. Open the Enjin Wallet and edit your coin list.

Adding the Tokens to your Enjin Wallet

  1. Tap “Add Custom Token” at the top of the coin list.

Add Custom Token

  1. Enter in the token’s Contract Address, Symbol, and Decimals > click “Add Custom Token”.

Enter token details

  1. Update your coin list > enter your password to add the token.

update your coin list

The Custom token will add to your wallet.

Custom token added to your wallet

Final Note

Overall the experience of this crypto wallet is exclusively secure and good. However, it might be challenging to go deeper with experience. The team is doing a great job of implementing the accurate security features. The platform provides some quality aspects that make you feel comfortable using it.

Let us know what you think about this wallet in the comment section below!

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