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Citowise Wallet Review

Citowise provides free and secure cryptocurrency wallet and payment solutions for businesses and private deals!

This is the new platform that offers a free and secure multi-cryptocurrency wallet. The Citowise wallet is for private and business customers which empower to access mainstream adoption and cryptos globally.

Citowise is both decentralize and safe platform as it does not store the private user keys. This enables the wallet to actively participate and transact on the blockchain.

What is Citowise Wallet?

Citowise name originates from Latin consisting of 2 parts:

  1. The word “CITO” which means “quickly”
  2. The word “WISE” which means “wisely”

Citowise is digital wallet software providing multiple platforms to use cryptos in a simpler way. You don’t need to be an experienced developer to use the platform.

Just download the wallet, setup your account and the wallet is all yours. The cryptocurrency wallet is simple, quick, and secure.

Wallet features

Some key features that make Citowise an attractive option include:

  • Citowise wallet provides full support for TREZOR and Ledger cold storages.
  • It provides free wallets for Google Android and Apple iOS platforms
  • The platform can transfer all ERC20 tokens out-of-box with dozens of popular cryptocurrencies.
  • Export/backup your wallet: Open Citowise wallet > navigate to the wallets screen > click on the wallet to export/backup > select “Export” from menu > follow prompts on your screen.
  • Import your wallet: Open Citowise wallet > navigate to your wallets screen > click on “+” button in the bottom right corner > follow prompts on your screen.
  • Integrates exchange: A simple interface to convert one cryptocurrency to another right from the wallet with an integrated exchange any of your choice
  • Buy cryptocurrencies: Purchasing cryptos at the lowest fees available on the market directly from the wallet
  • The simple user interface that needs no technical knowledge of any blockchain networks

Meet the Team and Company

Citowise Development Location

“Our goal is to make crypto payments a part of everyday life for every person”

“We create infrastructure for the blockchain community and make this technology simpler and more understandable for ordinary users. Our task is to create a full range of products and services for the mass consumer using blockchain technologies.”

The Citowise Development Company is located at Narva mnt 7B-412, Tallinn, Estonia 10152.

Tallinn is a Scandinavian center of blockchain startups. Estonia has the highest amount of companies in the crypto field per capita in the world.

Why Choose This Cryptocurrency Wallet?


The users can access its “transparent payment platform” feature to use the smart contracts. You can execute payments just with the simple click on their mobile devices.

Mobile Purchases:

The Citowise wallet is free of cost and you can download it on Linux, Mac, and Android. The platform enables easy monetary transfers and exchanges safely.

All-around solution: Brings users, services, and startups together on one payment platform!


The speed of Transactions:

Sending cryptocurrencies has become much easier with the “user-centric wallet”. Also, Citowise payment platform is now accessible from anywhere across the globe. It doesn’t restrict any country in terms of functionality.

Currency Exchange:

The service offers the seamless exchange of currencies to improve overall monetary usability. Using the native mobile app, you can use Citowise to procure any currency with the touch of a button. Now you can convert money at the best rate available.

Monetary Control:

Citowise gives you the entire control over your money. Since it is an entirely decentralized system, you can track the flow of funds seamlessly, and see where exactly the money is being utilized.

No government or tax agency can interfere with the dealings, and hence you are free to use your funds in the way you like.


To make all transactions secure: The payment platform processes and stores all the data via the network and communicates using the “encrypted channels”.

In addition to this, the platform uses latest cryptography protocols to protect your data from hackers.

Platform more features

Other Favorable Aspects to Consider

Ad-Hoc Payments:

The system platform allows for payments to be doled out on a discretionary basis, thereby instilling more investor and traders confidence.

Timely Notifications:

Citowise wallet uses a notification system to alert if any changes are made within the network.

Hardware Wallet:

The company is currently offering a free hardware wallet which is protected via using latest encryption protocols.

Compare Citowise Wallet with Competitors

Competition is the secret ingredient that inspires Citowise to deliver value to their users.


ICO Platform

A unique solution to securely participate in ICOs with hardware wallets and multiple cryptocurrencies

  • Support All (40 000+) tokens compatible with ERC20 standard
  • Transaction history
  • Multiple wallet support
  • Transaction status notification
  • Get notified about incoming funds
  • Calculate exactly how much you want to contribute
  • Exchange your tokens via the integrated exchange
  • Switch between currencies immediately
  • Convert and send money within seconds
  • Have complete individual control of your accounts

Advantages for ICO’s

The cryptocurrency wallet has successfully solved three major ICO shortfalls:

  • Crowd sale address substitution
  • Scamming and technical mistakes from the user side

Final Verdict

Citowise wallet never transfers private keys or backup phrases to any server or devices.

This sensitive detail is stored in an encrypted format on a device and is protected from unauthorized access.

Cryptocurrency wallet keeps and sends your funds securely with your mobile phone from anywhere along with exchanging among cryptos instantly. So, this wallet is worth considering.

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