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Delta Crypto Portfolio Tracker Review

Delta is a cryptocurrency that works for Android, iOS and web and which offers desktop and device syncing options, import and export options, order book and extra coin information.


In addition to tracking coin prices and other information, you can also move your data to new devices as would be needful. The free version lets users to sync data between two devices while the pro-version lets them sync up to five devices.


The app also comes with a recovery screenshot feature that lets you to take a screenshot of your recovery code and are able to retrieve the last portfolio state. Hiding balances can now be done by simply shaking the device (a feature enabled in the settings).

How it works

First of all, the tracker allows you to add any coins into your portfolio in order to watch the coin prices and movements over time. In addition to tracking value of total portfolio over time, you can also zero in each of the cryptocurrencies in portfolio and track price movements and charts.

With the crypto portfolio tracking tool, you are able to add and track more than one portfolio with Delta and with the Pro version, you are able to add more than 10 portfolios.

The portfolio is added by clicking on the big + button at the middle of the screen (default screen) after installation and opening. The application will even guide you through the entire process when you click on this Plus button.

PR Service

This crypto tracker will provide detailed analysis for each of the cryptocurrencies in your portfolio. Users can track profit over all, as well as the last 24hrs change. You can also set alerts so as never to miss an opportunity to generate profits.

A user can also add tokens manually or simply connect the exchange account in order to import all holdings. You can also add coins that are yet to hit the main exchange yet. This is done by using this button.

Creating a watch list

From the main screen, you are able to create a watch list, which is the list of coins you want to keep an eye on for potential investment opportunities. It will add Bitcoin, Ethereum and Litecoin by default but you might need to easily add other coins you need.

With this portfolio tracker, you are able to watch all the summaries including the the average buy price, sell price & delta.

Other features

In addition to the features mentioned in the intro above, the app allows you to access a list of exchanges, coins & currencies (more than 3000 altcoins) just like many other portfolio tracking tools. However, you do not have to scroll through lists of endless number coins and exchanges. You can, instead, search the coin or exchange you want from these lists.

Users are also able to add custom tokens or coins, meaning you can add a token not yet listed on other websites such as

The application also allows addition of the amount of transactions you want to execute. You do this by selecting the token, the exchange and amount. You can also tick the “deduct from holdings” toggle so that the transaction amount is deducted from the porfolio. This allow you to avoid doing two transactions.

Other information

Delta allows you to connect to an unlimited number of exchanges to sync your data. The pro version costs only $8.5 per month.

In addition to all the above, you are able to record ICO investments by adding “custom coins” for any exchange that is yet to hit the market. This means you can track your ICO investment and simply merge it with correct listing when it becomes trade-able.

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