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About Blockchain

The company was founded in August 2011. The blockchain is founded and oversight by Antony Jenkins (Board Director), Nic Cary (President and Co-Founder), Peter Smith (CEO and Co-Founder), Michael Jackson (Board Director), and Jermy Liew (Board Director).

It is one of the largest web-based Bitcoin wallet platforms in the world. Like, other wallets assure to make using Bitcoin safer, easier, and more secure for customers and business worldwide.

It asserts to be “the world’s top software platform for digital assets” and provides “the extensive production blockchain platform in the world.”

Approximately, 15 million users use their wallets and also process over 160,000 daily transactions.

Additionally, to perform as a simple wallet, will let you do transactions of Bitcoin through the App, prospect new research on cryptocurrencies.


As other Bitcoin wallets, Blockchain also promises the same things, discussing how it’s simple, safe, secure, and available worldwide. Following are the key advertised features of Blockchain:

Simple: Even someone with finite technical knowledge can safely store Bitcoins and immediately transact with anyone across the globe.

Safe & Secure: Blockchain has a controller for the security issues, where you can reserves your funds and safeguard them from unofficial access.

Buy & Sell: Blockchain handshake with the exchange partners all around the world to make it feasible to buy and sell Bitcoin in a smooth and secure way.

Sophisticated: Blockchain provides dynamic transaction fees, auditing and spending from watch-only address, hierarchical deterministic (HD) addresses, and other features you predict from an absolute featured Bitcoin wallet.

Global: Blockchain provides services to 140 countries and more than 20 worldwide currencies, including the RUB, JPY, USD, SGD, GBP, EUR, CNY and more. Blockchain also supports 25+ languages.

Multiple Devices: Blockchain is compatible with Android and iOS devices.

Blockchain increased $30 million in series A funding in October and $40 million in series B funding in June 2017. The company has raised over $70 million from dominant investors in Silicon Valley, Wall Street, and London.

Payment Processing

Receive payments

Especially, it is an easy platform for websites to receive Bitcoin payment. This service is absolutely free and safe and it is best suitable for business or personal use.

To view the Documentation tap the below link:


Blockchain Wallet

Simple and appropriate API for Blockchain Wallet users to send and receive Bitcoin payments.

For further details click the below link:


Blockchain Research and Information

It has a broad section for research and information related to the Bitcoin community. They also access the domain, for instance, which creates the recent blocks, the size of the blocks, and the age of those blocks.

Even you can search for blocks by the address, IP, or SHA hash in the search bar.

Furthermore, the Blockchain research section discovered various initiatives led by Blockchain, also includes internal R&D.

Internal R&D, as per website, is a pioneering advancement in blockchain technology. That technology, which includes a payment platform called Thunder,” enables users and vendors to send and receive Bitcoin without disturbing the central blockchain.”

Another facet can be available in their Digital Asset Research Lab. The lab is complete by collecting projects created in partnership with the center for Cryptocurrency Research and Engineering at Imperial College London.

Finally, employees of the company are nice and take a lot of pride in their work. Even though, they need better engineering team for their better management.

Project management and resource scheduling are absent, as are designs and specifications for how software should work. Due to poor planning, the company is lagging behind to some extent.

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