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YF LINK Price Prediction 2021 – Will YFL Price Reach New Heights?

YF Link is a fork of the popular yearn.finance (YFI) which combines Chainlink’s LINK token with Yearn Finance YFI’s yield farming/liquidity mining mechanics.YFL is a project which can be easily adopted by the Chainlink enthusiasts, known as ‘Link Marines’. 

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With the growing popularity of ChainLink which surged from $2 to more than $18 which is an all-time high as of now, both the Link Marines and the other crypto enthusiasts become more interested to know more about the YF Link. 

Therefore, in this write-up, let us look deep into the unnoticed framework of YFL, its offerings, functions and future predictions.


CryptocurrencyYF LINK
Price$ 309.6500
Market cap$ 14,608,793.0000
Circulating Supply$ 47,173.2716
Trading Volume $ 1,093,685.0000
All time high$ 1,879.1700     September 2, 2020
All time low$ 11.9100     August 18, 2020

YF Link is a liquidity mining pool that combines the fundamentals behind Chainlink and yearn finance to provide users with a new product. Launched in July 2020, YFL basically collaborates two basic DeFi concepts, yield farming and liquidity mining. 

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Liquidity mining is nothing but a strategy that allows the user to stake in a liquidity pool so that they could earn governance token as a reward. This helps to keep the platform healthy by securing community participation in the protocol and intensifying user activity.

YF Links operates through its native token, YFL with a total supply of 52,000 YFL. YFL can be used to pay for smart contract fees, as a medium of exchange, staking, and governance. As the YFL holders have the whole authority, they can make proposals and cast vote on them. 

YFL Technical Analysis

YFL initiated with a pretty good start, the price nearly more than $200 but within a couple of days, it dumped drastically below $100 to touch $56.58. The digital asset further crashed to the lowest possible levels of $12.75 on August 17, 2020. 

The DeFi boom that led many tokens to enter a bull run also escorted YFL among the top gainers. The boom led to the price amplification to create a huge spike with the price touching almost $2000 within a small time frame.

It was the same period when Yearn finance(YFI) had entered the initial phase of a major bull run when YFL touched its heights of $1,956.97 on Sep 02, 2020. The DeFi boom which was initiated with YFI soaring above $40,000 led the surge of the majority of the DeFi tokens.

Later, the price dramatically plunged to $445.12 within a few days after forming a new high. With certain price inequalities, YFL again soared to $787.74 by mid-September and dipped to as low as $264.5 by October.

Further, the token continued to variate and drastically spiked to $1102.05 at the end of November as the expansion of broader currency Bitcoin’s price rally. On a bearish note, further, the token dumped to $394.60 by mid-December and YFL traded at $357.70 to end the year 2020.

YFL Price Prediction 2021

YFL entered the year 2021 with a price trading around $357.89 during January. Surprisingly, the price hit a resistance at $985.16 after. YFL has showcased a rising tendency since it was launched, and the market sentiments also have a bullish trend.

The price anticipated growing consistently with the DeFi boom. The token might sink to the $310 mark if the bears pullover the prices. By the end of 2021, YFL might be traded at the $1200 mark.

YFL Price Prediction 2022

YFL might commence the year 2022 at a cost of $1250. Further the price is expected to rise if the community concentrates on certain developments and partnerships for enhancement of the platform. YFL might decline to the $400 mark if the bulls fail to push the prices up. At the end of 2022, YFL could be exchanged at a value of $2100.

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YFL Price Prediction for the next 5 years

In 5 years, YFL is anticipated to rise and form a new high. The community might facilitate some inbound developments and certain collaborations might result in attaining the users as well as the investors. YFL might go high even in ranking with the DeFi boom.

The token may fall to the $550 level if the community does not succeed to increase the user base and enhance its protocol. By the end of 5 years, YF LINK might be traded around $5000.

YFL Market Prediction

Many analysts predict a bull run for the token in the coming days and years. Let us know, the price YFL prediction making rounds in the market.

  1. Walletinvestor

According to the analysts associated with walletinvestor.com, the YFL price is expected to touch $2000 by the end of 2021 and shoot up till $9111 in the next five years.

  1. Digitalcoinprice

The digitalcoinprice.com analysts also predict a bull run for the token which may reach $700 by December 2020 and rise up to $2078 in the near future.

  1. Gov.Capital

The analyst of Gov.capital predicts YFL can surge with a soaring price which might touch $10000 in the long term, by 2025.

YFL continued the year 2021 with a trading value of $357.89. On a bullish note, the token started to rise steadily and claimed its price position at $985.16 further. As YFL is a DeFi token, it can reach newer heights and the community might invest in several startups for the betterment of the platform and protocol and might attain new users and marketers.

YF Link may dip to $320 if the bears hold the prices for a longer period. By the end of 2021, the DeFi token might be traded at $1400 and could reach up to $5000 in the future.


What is a YFL token?

YFL is a token that combines the fundamentals of Chainlink and Yearn.finance.

Does YF Link Avail Yield Farming? 

Yes, YF Link avails Yield Farming.

Is YF Link a profitable investment?

Yes, YF Link might be a profitable investment if you think of investing for a  long period.

Who is the founder of YF Link?

Josh Rager founded the token YF Link.

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