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Dash Coin Price Prediction: Where Is DASH Heading In The Near Future?

Thinking to invest in cryptocurrencies? Do you want to have a fast transaction speed and an opportunity to run a master node? Then Dash Coin shall be the best choice.

The Dash cryptocurrency has not just accidentally gained such a popularity. In fact, today it is one of the most scalable and convenient digital systems for online payment.

Let me take you a walkthrough Dash coin price prediction for the year 2020!

What is Dash Coin?

Dash (DASH) is a next-generation digital currency and decentralized autonomous organization (DAO) which forked from the Bitcoin protocol. The network of master nodes handles the governance on Dash blockchain. Also, it maintains the security of blockchain and votes on how the funds earned by the Dash treasury are spent.

DASH is a cryptocurrency, initiated in 2014 mainly to ensure the anonymity and safety of users. It has made its way among the top 15 cryptocurrencies in the crypto market has a daily volume of around $200 MLN.

DASH Price Today

As of now, the Dash coin price is trading at [coins symbol=”DASH”] resistance levels with a market capitalization of [coinsMKTCAP sym= “DASH”]. Also, the coin has a circulating supply of 8,845,861 DASH.
Price is up -1.4% in the last 24 hours.

Historical Analysis

Dash Coin Price Prediction

It is during 2017, the DASH coin price raised by 8000% grabbing investors attention. Although the price of Dash at the time of launch was just $0.12, within a few months, its price skyrocketed to trade are $12 during August 2016. While in 2017, Dash saw a huge rise in its price reaching $109 for 1 DASH. With 2017 coming to an end, 1 DASH was sold at $1584.

During 2018, the Dash price decreased from $1300 to $80, also, the market capitalization decreased from $12 BLN to $600 MLN. In April 2019, DASH again saw an uptrend at $133. The Dash community is again gradually developing and reaching large volumes.

Technical Analysis

Dash Coin Price Prediction

In 2017, along with all other coins enjoying their green days, DASH was also experiencing a good uptrend. The coin started the year with just $23 which saw continuous growth the whole year reaching the highest value of $1,508 by the end of 2017.

Although the Dash coin made a grand entry in 2018 with its price being consistent at $1,036, the Dash coin found it difficult to hold on to it. As days passed by, the price also decreased drastically to $80 by the end of 2018.

DASH coinmarketcap

Furthermore, as 2019 started the cryptocurrency did not see much fluctuations. It was gradually trading at $100-$170 till date. Although Dash coin has seen so much of ups and downs, the currency has quite good potential to make its way in the top 10’s very soon.

Dash Coin Price Prediction

Dash has found a safe haven. It is because the price of Dash did not have any significant leaps since December 2018. The highest mark of the financial year of the coin is around $500 USD per coin. This expected price can be reached in a year without second wave of cryptocurrency hype. With the 2019 year end, the price was predicted to reach $100 USD. The coin is currently trading at $111 USD.

Dash Coin Price Prediction 2020

The year 2020 looks very positive for the price of Dash coin. The team is establishing partnerships with payment systems and with small and large businesses. No doubt an easy-to-use cryptocurrency is good, it is more awesome when it is easy to spend. Dash has established a fast reliable network and works with user experience of the product. These features can help the dash coin gain much higher price of $2,000 per coin.

Dash Coin 5 Years Prediction

In case of optimistic scenario, the price may skyrocket to $8000 by 2025. The Dash Labs Development, a strong team of developers and a positive news background around this blockchain project will give hope for the return to the top-10 by market capitalization. Also, new partnerships and the expansion of the geography of Dash payments is expected.

Our Prediction

We at Coinpedia predict that DASH will outperform in the long term. We expect that the Dash coin price will reach a greater heights of $600 by the end of 2019. While it will maintain the same stability for certain period of time, DASH coin price is predicted to be close to $1100 by the end of 2020. Predicting a long-term future for Dash coin, the price may reach $5000 in the next five years.

Future Outlook

The governance model of Dash is unique among the top currencies. Critics say the dash model artificially restricts the supply of misaligned incentives. It is because the node operators and miners share fractional profits.

The DASH coin offers a privacy features called Private Send. This feature is conveniently offered in a drop-down menu of the Dash Core full node client and in other Dash wallets. Basically Private Send is an implementation of CoinJoin, which is the  privacy solution first proposed for Bitcoin by Bitcoin Core developer Gregory Maxwell.

Market Dash Price Prediction for 2020

Depending on the fact that crypto market conditions are varying, and private investors have rethought their approach to buying cryptocurrencies, Dash will probably see great success.

Smartereum: The Dash coin price prediction is quite positive on Dash. As per their prediction, the price of Dash coin will reach up to $5000 in the next 5 years.

Wallet Investor: Wallet Investor is not expecting much success from Dash. According to them, the DASH coin price by more than 4x & reach $22 by end of 2020. CoinPredictor also predicts that DASH may decrease to $30 per coin.

Trading Beasts: However, Trading Beasts believe that DASH coin will increase upto $300 in the upcoming year.

Recent Updates

Bvnex To Launch Dash With Dong Trading Pair

Bvnex is a Vietnam cryptocurrency exchange who announced the listing of the Dash coin to its platform. This listing is to foster trading pair of Dash with Vietnamese Dong. 

Dash Released The Dash Core v0.14.0.3 Version

As per the post release, this new upgrade is mainly for all Masternodes and mostly recommended for all users, exchanges, partners and full node operators. 

Dash Convention Europe

The Dash convention Europe is a conference to be held in Zurich, Switzerland and Munich, Germany on September 28-30. This conference aims to feature presentations and updates originating from various groups working under Dash Decentralized Autonomous Organization.

Brave Browser Adds Dash as a Deposit and Withdrawal Option

  • Brave, a Decentralized blockchain-based browser, has added Dash as a cryptocurrency that can be used for transactions on its platform.
  • It is a privacy-enabled blockchain browser that aims to protect users data, keeping them private as an identity protection measure.
  • The Brave browser rewards users depending on the amount of time they spend visiting websites. Users are primarily rewarded using the Basic Attention Token (BAT) which is native to the Ethereum-based platform.

Crypto App, Debit Card 2Gether Adds Dash to Roster of 9 Tokens

  • 2Gether now supports nine tokens, including bitcoin, ether, XRP, bitcoin cash, EOS, Stellar, litecoin, QTUM, and dash.
  • 2gether is a European payment app that enables users to spend crypto via a Visa debit card.
  • On this platform, users can buy and sell cryptos using an iOS or Android app, as well as pay for goods and withdraw cash in the ATMs against their crypto holdings.
  • According to the press release,  dash, an early fork from the bitcoin protocol, “has become the solution in crisis-stricken countries like Venezuela and Thailand, which has prompted greater demand for the coin in the global sphere.”

Final Thoughts on Dash price prediction 2020

Although this digital asset is quite far from the leader with respect to its market capitalization, its unique network architecture, high-speed transactions, complete anonymity, and security will make the Dash coin as one of the market leaders in future.

What is your DASH prediction? Share your thoughts on our Twitter and Facebook pages.

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