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BitMart Exchange Review 2019

BitMart Exchange is a multi-cryptocurrency exchange, It has adopted an advanced multi-layer and multi-cluster system architecture to ensure the security, stability, and scalability of the system.

There’s a lot of exchange out there to trade. Hey! getting the exchange is one of the important parts of your investment. But what about its security and features? Finding and investing in a trusted exchange is actually an art form in and of itself — and if you don’t do it well, then you’re in big trouble, probably losing your money or probably finding yourself in a loop of hurdles. To avoid this, here’s one of the best exchange -BitMart exchange, which will solve your most of the problems. 

Do you know? How many users have already subscribed to BitMart Exchange? The platform has over 600,000 users worldwide and currently ranking 17th in the coinmarketcap. To know more about this Exchange and how to invest, Read this detailed BitMart exchange review.

BitMart Exchange Review

What is BitMart Exchange?

BitMart exchange is a premier global digital asset trading platform in the cryptocurrency market. BitMart exchange officially came into existence in March 2017, it is registered in the Cayman Islands with offices worldwide. 

Currently, the platform offers spot trading only and will ultimately take cryptocurrency trading to new heights by providing future contract trading, over-the-counter trading, and whole-network trading. The BitMart team consistently makes it a priority to deliver secure, smoother, and faster trading hoping to become one of the top world-class digital asset trading platforms.


One of the platform’s main aim is to connect major trading platforms worldwide and make transactions borderless a reality for as many people as possible. BitMart exchange is available on all major platforms. For mobile users, they can use the platform’s official apps for iOS and Android. The platform is available on desktop platforms such as Windows, Linux, and macOS.

Type Of Trading In BitMart

Spot trading is the most common type of trading on BitMart, where the platform chooses superior blockchain digital assets. It also offers future contract trading via individual asset types. However, there is an intermediary service platform for C2C and B2Btrading modes for individuals and businesses.

This system makes it possible for users to complete transactions that span multiple platforms within a single click.

bitmart platform

Ultimately, BitMart is aiming to develop and build a decentralized exchange. This exchange is a key part of BitMart due to the team’s proposition that efficiency, stability, and security should be guaranteed.

To make BitMart useful to everyone around the world, the platform is available across all devices. Also, you can access it via your web browser, mobile browser, Android, iOS, Mac OS, or PC.


Bitmart Login requires account to be certified. All new accounts without verification of their account can withdraw the equivalent of 2BTC per day. If you need more, then you can begin the account verification process by uploading documents such as ID, Passport or Driving License. After verification, you will have access to 100BTC withdrawals per day.

Bitmart Fees


BitMart now accepts fiat payments along with Cryptocurrency. To use this platform you need to send some cryptocurrency to the exchange via their deposits page or make a purchase using the fiat options available(debit/credit card payment).

You can send any of the coins or tokens available to trade on the exchange, choose your currency and click the “Deposit” button to generate an address to send.

Bitmart Fees


After successful BitMart login, go to the Exchange page on BitMart, you will see the information to trade cryptocurrency as well as a spot to do so. The left side of the platform has all the cryptocurrency pairs, divided into categories based on whether they include BTC, ETH, or USDT. Also, you can choose any trading pair you wish, and the page will automatically update to display pair’s pricing. You will see the price for the pair at the top of the page and 24-hour figures for lows, highs, and volume.

bitmart trade

In the middle of the page, you will find the relevant information on pricing and changes. You will see detailed information, including the opening, high, low, and closing prices. There is a candlestick price chart plus a volume chart. Moreover, you can hover over any point on the chart to see the specific time and data for that point. Also, there is the ability to add indicators to the chart.

To the right side of the charts, you will see the order book for the pair, displaying the price, amount, and total, separated into sell and buy orders.

Just Below the chart, there is a form to place a limit order. You can fill the specific quantity of a cryptocurrency you wish to buy or sell. Immediately to the left of the form, you will see the most recent market trades.

BitMart Updated Fees

BitMart recently launched a new-tire trading fee discount program, with 0.1% from maker side and 0.2% from taker side. The trading fee decreases according to users trading volume and the amount of BMX they hold.  There’s no deposit fee on BitMart. Withdraw fees are regularly adjusted to blockchain conditions. For more details, please view

bitmart fees

BitMart Token(BMX)

BMX is ERC20 based token issued by BitMart. There is a total volume of 1 billion BMX tokens. However, 30 percent of tokens for public offering and another 30 percent to the founding team, with those tokens released over three years. Early adopters will get 10 percent of the tokens, while 20 percent goes to community rewards and 10 percent goes to whitelisted investors.

When you have BMX, you are entitled to discounts on the trading fees, in spite of whether BMX is one of the currencies in your transaction. The BitMart team will have 20% of the income earned from trading fees on the platform every month to repurchase BMX. The repurchased BMX will be destroyed completely and repurchase records will be released immediately. Users can check related information via the blockchain browser so that openness and transparency are guaranteed. Hence, the repurchase mechanism will continue to work until 500 million BMX are destroyed.

Supported Cryptocurrencies

As said earlier, trading pairs on BitMart display those that involve BTC, ETH, USDT, and BMX. According to coinmarketcap, the platform ranks 18th and its 24-hr volume is $555,235,687.

Also, the platform offers 155 trading pairs. The platform aims to list more coins in the future and offers a form for those who want to list their coins on the platform as a way to boost its expansion.


Use this referral link to register:


Latest updates
  • August 15, 2019: BitMart was awarded The BrandLaureate Tech Award (Exchanger) for being one of the very best in the blockchain industry.
  • April 29, 2019: IOTW Tokens, a total of 100k USD were sold out in just 10 minutes on the 1st day of the sale on the bitfinex exchange on 28 April. The 2nd Round of IOTW Sale will be on April 29th at 10:00 AM EDT, with a price of $0.011 USD, the total supply is of $650,000 USD.
  • April 23, 2019:  BitMax started the 10th monthly BMX burn. The burning period was from March 20th, 2019 to April 19th, 2019. You can check the burn records via the blockchain browser.
  • BitMart is offering to giveaway 112,000,000 $DAPS in the DAPScoin Trading Lottery and Trading Competition. By trading Daps, you will be automatically get enrolled for a chance to win up to 40,000,000 in prizes.
  • The coins with the most 24h price rises on BitMart are $REPO, 53.70% up, and $CERT, 34.07% up.
  • BitMart Lists FNB Token and NEO Name Credit with new trading pairs: FNB/BTC, NNC/BTC, and NNC/ETH.


Overall, BitMart is very easy to use and well laid out. The BMX token is a welcome addition and they are following the very successful model of Binance where you can earn money off fees for holding the token. Moreover, they have also used the buy-back model where the tokens should increase in value over time, providing an incentive to hold them.

BitMart has potential but faces a strong battle to become more firmly established against the likes of Binance, Kucoin, and other exchanges as well as the rise of Decentralized exchanges which are growing in popularity and user-base. Also, there is no mention on the site that a Decentralized exchange is planned or will launch at a later date.

Moreover, the company behind BitMart has officially registered as a Money Service Business (MSB) with U.S. regulators, administered by the Financial Crimes Enforcement Network (FinCEN) which helps to prove the legitimacy of the business behind the exchange.

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BitMart Exchange Review




User Interface




customer support



  • Easy to use user interface
  • BMX token
  • competitive fees
  • MSB license


  • verification for fiat trading
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