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KeepKey Hardware Wallet Review

KeepKey is a bitcoin hardware wallet carrying advanced security against theft. When you entrust KeepKey wallet, each transaction is reviewed by its OLED display.

KeepKey bitcoin wallet offers access to the world’s leading digital assets. This is done to give you the safest environments to store your funds.

Being a Hierarchical Deterministic (HD) wallet, KeepKey is considered as a miniature computer.

What is KeepKey Wallet?

KeepKey hardware wallet is a cold wallet USB storage device. It is now a part of the ShapeShift team.

Established in 2015, with Erik Voorhees is the CEO and Ken Hodler is the Chief Engineer.

KeepKey has a sleek design, anti-stroke spying, and compatible with huge range of devices.

Transaction fees are automatically calculated by client for timely confirmation. KeepKey does not take any portion of the fee.

As a HD wallet, you can create and store an unlimited series of private keys.

The KeepKey Bitcoin wallet accepts variety of cryptocurrencies namely:

  1. Bitcoin
  2. Ethereum
  3. Dash
  4. Dogecoin
  5. Litecoin
  6. Namecoin

ERC20 token support is going to be integrated early this year.

The initial tokens KeepKey is expected to includes:

  • Aragon,
  • Augur,
  • SALT,
  • Civic,
  • BAT,
  • EOS,
  • Golem,
  • OmiseGo,
  • Gnosis,
  • District 0x
  • FunFair, etc.

You can use multiple cryptos or build a portfolio of digital assets. KeepKey takes over these aspects:

  • Private key storage,
  • Private key generation,
  • Transaction signing

KeepKey Hardware Wallet Supports:

The KeepKey wallet is compatible with both the operating system as well as the software wallets. Let’s see which are those!

Operating systems: PC, Mac, Linux and Android

Software wallets: Operates with MultiBit, Electrum, and Mycelium.

Now, let’s delve into the specifics of this device.

KeepKey Wallet Features

KeepKey offers many essential facets for easy and secure trading. Let’s see some of them!

KeepKey Wallet Features

Virus and Malware proof

KeepKey Malware

Compatible with several systems and currencies

KeepKey Compatible

KeepKey Wallet Hardware Specifications

The specifications are important to have a look. They demand much for the hardware devices. It becomes easy for us to figure which one is suitable.

  • Created with a solid and durable aluminum casing
  • Connects via micro-USB to USB cord (hardware itself has micro-USB port)
  • Has an ARM Cortex M3 CPU
  • Secures the funds using TRNG
  • 256×64 3.12” OLED screen display
  • Size: 38 mm by 93.5 mm by 12.2 mm
  • Has a USB HID interface

Purchasing KeepKey Bitcoin Wallet

When KeepKey launched back in 2015, it sold for US$239. The price tag of KeepKey Bitcoin wallet came down considerably to US$99. The price is standard for Bitcoin wallets. So you might not find cheaper options that offer the same value.

Purchase Keepkey

What’s in the Box?

After purchasing the box appears with a black big box. Let’s see what comes in the box after you purchase the KeepKey device:

  • KeepKey
  • Woven Nylon USB Cable
  • Recovery Sentence Backup Card

Where Can You Buy KeepKey Hardware Wallet?

You can purchase KeepKey directly via the official website or Amazon. Only these are official vendors, so avoid purchasing it from any other platform.

KeepKey wallet

How to Use KeepKey Wallet?

KeepKey wallet generates private keys from the system and its hardware. Now, let’s move in details how to use the wallet.

  1. Plug in the device into your system
  2. After plugging in, system client passes the transaction to the KeepKey
  3. It shows the transaction details and prompts for manual confirmation via its OLED display
  4. Once you confirm the transaction, it returns to the system for announcing it.
  5. Safely remove the device and keep it secure.

How to Add Currency to KeepKey Wallet?

Getting started with KeepKey is quite easy.

Download 2 Chrome applications:

  1. First for generating a wallet
  2. Second for connecting to KeepKey via Chrome

After the initial setup, add an account and select the currency you wish to add or exchange.

This ways you can deposit cryptocurrency and exchange one for another.

(For example, exchange amount from bitcoin account to the Ethereum account)

How to Send/Receive Payments with KeepKey Wallet?

The sending/receiving payments process doesn’t change with KeepKey.

The only difference is: The system no longer stores your private keys. This means it cannot sign transactions. Instead, transactions pass to the KeepKey to be signed.

Once KeepKey receives the request, it notifies and prompts to make a manual confirmation.

After the approval, transaction is sign and sent to the system client. You need not install any drivers to use KeepKey wallet.

You just need the software applications mentioned above or KeepKey Chrome app.

Is KeepKey Bitcoin Wallet Secure?

KeepKey hardware wallet is one of the safest HD wallets on the market. It also has several security measures.

  • Private Key: The private key stores directly on KeepKey wallet and never leaves the device.
  • PIN Code: The personal identification number guards your data from any unauthorized thing.
  • Recovery Sentence: The wallet gives you a 12-word recovery sentence during setup. This sentence recover your private keys at the moment things get wrong.
  • Passphrase: You have the option to select an additional word that relates to the recovery sentence.
  • Large Display Screen: This provides a convenient vetting and confirmation of transaction addresses. Large screen size helps to find if the receiving address is tamper or not.

KeepKey Hardware Wallet Review

KeepKey is a reputable firm that follows the highest security standards. The platform is 100% open-source. Each device are tested and packaged in tamper-proof shrink.

It’s a good device that offers:

  • Comfortable user experience
  • Uncomplicated and intuitive software interface

It is worth considering as an option to the TREZOR or Ledger Nano S. There are recognized merits about this hardware wallet. However, prior to purchase any wallet, research and then go for it!

Whatever you feel comfortable with you can try using it. Don’t forget to read the reviews. It helps you better find a good one!

Hope you have got some essential details from this review to move ahead! Have you used any crypto wallets before?

Have you ever tried the KeepKey wallet? How was your experience using it? Let us know in the comments section below.

Images courtesy: KeepKey

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