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Bitaps Review – The Widely Known As Bitcoin Block Explorer

For the better enhance in Bitcoin technology, many companies started to create software development tools. Bitaps is one such company. However, Bitaps is better known as Bitcoin Block Explorer. Let us understand about Bitaps in detail in this Bitaps review.

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Bitaps Review



About Bitaps

The Bitaps is one of the leading companies with the keen interest staff inspired by Bitcoin, programming and cryptocurrency algorithms. However, the website is live on the web in 2015 from the date of registration as given above.

The company gave a try to Bitcoin since 2011, adopting Bitcoin since 2012, surveyed the Bitcoin’s price in November 2013, and made a step to mine the Bitcoin since 2014.

For the better enhance in Bitcoin technology, a company started to create a software development tool. They have also developed their Bitcoin protocol.

Software development offers different features for creating a blockchain, managing events in the bitcoin network. Since huge data operation management.

However,  the platform launches block explorer website as their first public product.

You can determine the real-time information about Bitcoin network events, statistics and can also get benefits from their best API for your personal applications.

Block Explorer is connected to over 500 worldwide nodes by considering the high-performance node.

Block explorer database model provides ample space to record all events including stray blocks, the activity of double-spending. Therefore, failed transactions and enact access to any address information.

The company’s main intention is to provide steep virtue privacy, security, and lucidity as it is based on the principles of the Bitcoin technology.

Bitaps is a Bitcoin Block Explorer (Browser) with an embedded wallet and merchant API for commerce.



  • Bitaps is a Bitcoin block explorer that allows crypto processing via a RESTful API.
  • Bitaps allows complete transparency during transfers as it allows network access to all the involved parties.
  • Users can access funds worldwide, as Bitaps has global support.
  • No sign-up required. Users have to simply visit the website and start transferring.

Bitaps Platform

The Bitaps website also provides real-time adequate information about Bitcoin network, Latest Blocks and Pool transaction details.


For Casino

There is a high risk of services while using credit card processing for casinos.

Bitaps offers a seamless way to casino owners to boost their business and get excellent solutions for Bitcoin processing.

For Merchants

It provides sterling services to the merchants running their business on different platforms like real items, or digital products and so on.


Affiliate program and marketing

Affiliate marketing is another type of marketing by which active retailers gives commission to an external website for traffic created from its referrals.

You can build an affiliate program with different layers of payout with the help of Bitaps API: by amount or proportion.

  • Different income payment to several shares.
  • Launch mass payments at any time.
  • Hence, keep part of payments in your own money vault.

Bitaps Transactions Fee

A transaction fee is determined by the statistic analysis from the last 36 blocks. Transaction fee can be varied and it is based on blockchain network transaction competitions.

Furthermore, Bitaps offers 3 transaction fee preferences: minimal (transaction is proved by approximately 3-6 blocks), optimal (transaction is proved by approximately 1-2 blocks) and expresses (approximated confirmation in next block).


Bitaps Assets

  • Registration is not necessary.
  • However, its very simple to accept Bitcoin by using API (Application Programming Interface) platform.
  • Provide services to the users worldwide without any country restrictions.
  • Customer’s wallet is secure and they store a history of transferred money for the purpose of privacy.

API includes:

  • Basic processing

            Accept payment gently from customer and re-transfer money to the owner of the shop.

  • Affiliate and partnership payments (smart contract).

            As per the payment rules, the income payment will be deducted and then transferred. You can select a specific type of reservation for an amount paid.

  • Mass payments – You can pay up to 250 addresses simultaneously.
  • Bitcoin smart contracts            
  • Notarization
  • Standard Bitcoin ledger API
  • Market Prices
  • Visual API


Bitaps provides a platform based on a full Bitcoin node with blockchain network events.

Will you be using Bitaps wallet or API? What do you think of this Bitaps review? Let us know through our social media pages.

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