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NFT Tokens ( Non-Fungible-Tokens)

NFTs have been grabbing the headlines with millions of dollars in sales. Discover the latest and trending NFT tokens, price analysis, and news.

How NFTs Are Revolutionising The Concierge Industry

How NFTs Are Revolutionising The Concierge Industry

HNWIs frequently rely on concierge networks to save time, travel, and access events and services that are otherwise inaccessible. Demand…

November 24, 2022

Will Rising Market Sentiments Revive the Dormant NFT Market?

During the last quarter, it was the NFTs that reignited the bull run, as the cryptos corrected heavily after reaching…

October 14, 2022

NFT Games List Of 2022

Blockchain gaming has been around for awhile, but recently it has really flourished. As more people find the crypto world,…

October 7, 2022

Thunderbirds: International Rescue Club NFTs Are Go!

Gen Art drop goes live on 30th Sept. A landmark partnership between ITV Studios and Reality+ means fans will soon…

September 29, 2022

Starbucks Coffee Launches NFT Loyalty Program Odyssey

Starbucks released its plans for the NFT program Starbucks Odyssey on September 12. The program, much like its name, promises…

September 19, 2022

Virtual Real Estate – Top 5 NFT Launching in 2022

It hasn’t been long since the term came to the mainstream. The industry is still in its infancy. Due to…

September 5, 2022

How Will NFT Market React To the Ethereum Merger Event?

This year turned seven years old, surprising users with a present in the form of the Ethereum Merge. The much-awaited…

September 5, 2022

Goblin Town NFT Is Grabbing Attention With $10 mln in Sales over 24 hours

Despite the crypto market's downfall, a newly launched NFT project called Goblin Town is enjoying its skyrocketing sales and simultaneously…

June 2, 2022

After UST Depeging, NFTs Will Be The Next Most Demanded Area

The Non-Fungible Tokens (NFTs) have come a long way from the time when only celebrities used to create and sell…

May 17, 2022

The Tech Behind NFTs – Where Do NFTs Come From?

NFTs have become a huge talking point since early 2020 - whether you hate them or love them, it’s undeniable…

May 10, 2022