Pay It Now V2 Site Goes Live To Users

Author: Mustafa Mulla

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Mustafa has been writing about Blockchain and crypto since many years. He has previous trading experience and has been working in the Fintech industry since 2017.

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Pay It Now ($PIN) token has officially launched the v2 version of its website platform after a successful rollout went ahead as planned over the weekend.

The new site features include new informative landing pages, revolving around PIN solutions including; PIN Payments, PIN Rewards, and PIN Data.

The V2 platform launch was preceded by some healthy action on the $PIN price chart, as anticipation of the new platform and further PIN updates reached fever-pitch.

V2 also features an explainer video with high production values, taking the user through the PIN ecosystem and how each product helps businesses, and their users.

What is V2?

The V2 version of the website was implemented to further increase content, and optimize the PIN website structure.

The previous parallax homepage has now been replaced, with indexable landing pages and optimized content as per the page category or topic.

The site structure has been re-mapped, to help each page provide the user with information as to that product or PIN service.

Trust and credibility has also been further improved, with the addition of Pay It Now featured press and articles on the homepage.

The site has been effectively separated into key product areas for both users and businesses alike, to help each potential audience to the PIN ecosystem to satisfy their query effectively.

The website’s ultimate purposes are to attract new holders and buyers of the $PIN token, whilst also enticing businesses, website owners, and retailers, to incorporate PIN solutions to their product suites.

Rally for $PIN Token

In the lead-up and after the V2 rollout, the $PIN token saw some healthy movements on the price chart, with PIN reaching a high of $0.0181, before consolidating to a potential new low of $0.0150.

Holders and volume are starting to progressively increase for Pay It Now, with users new and old being shown an insight as to what’s to come for the PIN ecosystem.

The 24H chart was up by over +30% as buyer interest seemingly increased, with both marketcap and liquidity increasing, despite a market-wide pullback.

The payments and rewards-based crypto coin has potentially found a higher low with its most recent price action, reflected in a $1.4 Million market cap at the time of writing.

This is a steady increase from the lows of December/January where the project dipped to $740k, prior to support and backing from Crypto SEO agency Coinpresso. A steady recovery has endured since the marketing alliance was formed.

What’s next for Pay It Now?

The PIN app is now in development, with app UI previews soon to be unveiled to the community. The new app allows users to easily navigate their PIN products, including Crypto Payments and Rewards pages respectively.

Users are also able to buy and sell PIN in-app, breaking down barriers of current processes when purchasing from PancakeSwap.

The app is seen as a key use-case of the PIN ecosystem, as it brings together all PIN utilities under one roof, or app in this instance.

Huge focus is being placed on development as far as the Pay It Now team is concerned, embodied by the app and impending swap releases.

The PIN ethos is that, once the utility is established, the further volume will be reciprocally gained by the user base of businesses and enterprises that use a PIN.

Over the next few weeks and months, further AMAs, webinars, and marketing events are planned – with further key team hires also set to work.

The PIN business plan is soon to be released, designed to lay out deliverables in terms of revenue and performance. The next quarter is set to be a key one for a PIN, as a variety of new products and use cases are rolled out.



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Mustafa Mulla

Mustafa has been writing about Blockchain and crypto since many years. He has previous trading experience and has been working in the Fintech industry since 2017.

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