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Crypto Journalist and Editor of guest articles in CoinPedia. I am also handling Outreach & Partnerships Manager. Contact me: [email protected]

    JPEX debit cards and it’s enhancement of your Blockchain experience

    The  Blockchain world is growing massively, one has to be up and exposed to more infrastructures to make good use of it. Hence, with JPEX crypto-friendly debit cards, you may use your virtual currency everywhere debit cards are accepted, enabling you to sell your crypto and spend earnings in fiat.

    Cryptocurrencies, as a blockchain-based asset, are fundamentally distinct from traditional investment products. This is especially true given that the crypto industry lacks infrastructure, which creates a very high barrier for traditional investors to access crypto assets.

    Excitingly,  JPEX together with Simplex by Nuvei, an EU licensed financial institution, aims to transform the current crypto market by providing a simple, seamless and secure channel to transact. The collaboration introduced JPEX VISA debit card to provide secure portal solutions. Providing debit cards that enable cryptocurrency earnings to make online and in-store purchases from merchants that don’t accept cryptocurrencies.

    Table Of Contents :
    The JPEX VISA Debit Card.
    How it works.
    Benefits of the JPEX VISA Debit Card.
    How to get the JPEX VISA Debit Card.
    The JPEX VISA Debit Card.

    A leading fiat-to-crypto payment gateway Simplex and leading crypto asset trading platform JPEX have been in partnership for over a year, developing a crypto portal solution that will enable users to buy cryptocurrencies using debit and credit cards. This move is anticipated to further lower the barrier for conventional investors to access cryptocurrencies.

    The JPEX VISA Debit Card enables you to do routine business selling Bitcoin, Ethereum, and other cryptocurrencies to use the earnings for spending around the world where Visa is accepted.

    You can easily access both fiat and digital currency with the JPEX VISA Debit Card. 

    JPEX uses credit and debit cards as a medium to establish a cross-gateway between fiat currencies and cryptocurrencies through Simplex by Nuvei. This will  further promote the mass adoption of cryptocurrencies in various sectors and help traditional financial users and funds to enter the cryptocurrency market.

    How it works.

    JPEX VISA Debit Cards  function exactly like regular payment cards. The payment will be processed if you have the necessary funds in your cryptocurrency wallet that will be converted to fiat.

    The JPEX VISA Debit Card in collaboration with Simplex by Nuvei offers you access to your credit line anywhere in the globe, making it easy to buy goods and manage your card. You can also use it to monitor your transactions in real-time, freeze and unfreeze your debit card, and get alerts for all of your transactions.

    The crypto-friendly cards enable the user to sell crypto, use the earnings in fiat to pay for goods, withdraw from ATMs and even convert to other crypto.

    Benefits of the JPEX VISA Debit Card.

    • Ability to make low-threshold investments in cryptocurrencies based on fiat currency.
    • Support the use of cryptocurrencies for spending by converting crypto to fiat which is vital for the promotion of the cryptocurrency.
    • Usability in all round locations.
    • Ability to sell crypto when needed, then use the debit card to make a purchase. 
    •  Maintained  exposure to the digital asset markets.
    • Used to monitor accounts.
    • Reward benefits.
    • Advanced security measures to protect your transactions.
    • Bridging difficulties of merchants.

    How to get the JPEX VISA Debit Card.

    Create/ Apply for  cards for secure transactions with the JPEX Wallet app. With an easy step by step method and guide, you get a card and enjoy benefits.

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    Crypto Journalist and Editor of guest articles in CoinPedia. I am also handling Outreach & Partnerships Manager. Contact me: [email protected]

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