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About RippleFox

RippleFox is a gateway that was launched in 2014. It uses ripple as the main currency for exchange. Ripple can be exchanged against both flat and other cryptocurrency. RippleFox also use the stellar network to make payments.

Features of Ripple

Ripple is a platform that forms a bridge between banks and end customer. It is a financial solution that enables banks to process the transactions at a faster rate by using real-time transfers on international platforms. Banks are using the technology of Ripple to open new revenues thus delivering high customer experience.

Ripple was established in 2012 by Chris Larsen and Jed McCaleb at San Francisco. Currently, a team of over 150 professionals is working for this platform. Ripple offers a universal payment infrastructure which is fast and also scalable.

Talking about the timelines, flat or traditional currency takes almost 3-4 days for completing a transaction. Bitcoin takes approximately 1+ mins and Ethereum takes 2+ mins. When it comes to Ripple, the transaction is as fast as 4 secs, which is an exceptional rate. Ripple can carry out as many as 1000 transactions per sec.

Ripple works on the concept of Blockchain technology. It is an open source and accessible to all. The platform is extremely stable since inception hence it is a good and reliable source and can be used for institutional and enterprises.

The most important feature of Ripple is liquidity. Ripple provides liquidity to both banks and payment providers. Through Ripple, payment providers can expand their reach into new international markets. By doing so, they lower the exchange rate thus; the payments can be settled at a faster rate.

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Using Ripple as the platform, banks can maintain their liquidity by making real-time transactions.

Thus, RippleFox relies on Ripple for trading and exchange.

How to use a Ripple account?

In order to make a new account on Ripple, a user can log on to Go to the tools option and select Ripple account from the drop down menu.

Creating an account in Ripple Fox

Enter the Ripple Address or name and raise the concerned query. A user can also check the ripple balance before initiating a trade or exchange.

Checking balance in ripple fox
How to use a stellar account?

In order to make a stellar account, a user can click on the tools option and select the Stellar account from the drop down. It is directed to a new window, a user can enter the stellar account address and generate the query. The account balance is also updated in the same window.

How to use a stellar account?

Understanding the Ripple market

Click on tools and select Ripple market from the drop down list. RippleFox collects the data from top most gateways available for crypto. It also shows the balance report for the various currencies such as Euro (EUR), US Dollar (USD), Yen (JPY), Bitcoin (BTC) and Korean Won (KRW). The deposit for CNY is free but the withdrawal fee is 0.3%.

Understanding the Ripple market

There are graphical tools for each of the crypto and traditional currency. It shows the market fluctuations date for every 24 hours slab thus helping the users with their investment plans.

Ripple is used as a token on many platforms such as Bitstamp, MrRipple, Gate Hub, Ripple China, Tokyo JPY etc. Ripplefox act as a gateway and shows the address of the following currency with their current market value and trends.

Ripplefox Exchange

Thus, RippleFox is a fast and secure platform for the cryptocurrency. RippleFox has a community of experts too. A user can inquire or look for suggestions. Another interesting feature of RippleFox is the tutorials uploaded on the website for the user’s convenience.

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