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eToroX Crypto Exchange: Complete Review of a Secure Trading Platform

The cryptocurrency world is growing very fast, and many of us want to be part of it. However, the only fear you have is how to invest, and which exchange to choose? This is where you are in a dilemma to choose between ‘a good exchange’ and ‘a better exchange’ for trading cryptocurrencies. One such exchange is eToroX Exchange. As we know, eToro is a trustworthy trading platform for all assets. Now with eToro in cryptocurrency exchange, it is bound to be a top-notch exchange. Let us understand this exchange in-depth in the eToroX review.


eToroX Exchange Review

About eToroX Crypto Exchange

Launched in April 2019, eToroX ​is a new cryptocurrency exchange in the crypto market. A digital asset trading platform with tools and options, the crypto exchange suits both beginners and experienced traders. Its parent company eToro Group has been operational for a decade offering social trading services to millions of users. Furthermore, The eToro Group consists of two platforms; the eToro social trading platform, offering multi-asset trading; and eToroX, comprising the eToro Wallet and the cryptocurrency Exchange. 

eToroX is an advanced crypto-only exchange that enables us to trade multiple assets. Let us check why users should go for this crypto exchange –  

etorox exchange features

eToroX Services

As a competent cryptocurrency exchange, eToroX offers two services –

eToro Wallet​ – This multi-crypto, multi-signature digital wallet allows users to transfer crypto-assets to the Exchange and to any blockchain address. Also, The wallet supports Bitcoin, Litecoin, Stellar, Bitcoin Cash, Stellar, Ripple, and other supported crypto assets.

eToroX Exchange​ – The Gibraltar-based cryptocurrency exchange currently trading of multiple crypto assets, including tokenized stablecoins and commodities as well as established cryptocurrencies. Currently offering 99 trading pairs, comprised of combinations of its 28 digital assets, the list of crypto and tokenized assets is constantly expanding

How to Trade on eToroX?

Create an Account: ​eToroX exchange has an easy sign-up process. Users can easily signup onto the exchange using email. The verification process of new users follows the KYC procedure. Moreover, two-factor authentication (2FA) secures the account. This multi-asset crypto exchange takes the security of an account seriously and is working towards building a safe trading experience for users.

Deposit/Withdraw –

The Gibraltar-based exchange allows users to deposit or withdraw 28 different cryptocurrencies at time of writing BTC, LTC, ETH, XRP, EOS, BNB, and XLM, and various eToroX tokenized assets. Further, These are accessible within eToroX via the Balance menu.

Trading View –​ eToroX has a detailed trading view. The users can access their order book and trading pair bar chart in one interface. However, An interesting feature in this trading view is that users can customize the trading screen as per their choice.

Fees Structure

Deposit Fees – ​The eToroX exchange charges no deposit fees.

Withdrawal Fees – ​The eToroX withdrawal fees differ for each digital asset. For instance – BTC has a withdrawal fee of 0.00060 while the Australian Dollar pegged stablecoin AUDX has fees 3.75000. Further, Withdrawal fees for every asset are listed on the exchange’s fees structure page.

Trading Fees – ​eToroX follows a Maker/Taker fee structure. Also, The trading fees follow a tiered structure with each tier having a different Maker/Taker fee percentage. The eToroX exchange fees range from 0.03% to 0.25%. Check out the fees page for further details. The traders get rebates as rewards for their monthly trading volume. The rebate is calculated per calendar month and is paid in ETH during the first week of the month.

eToroX Lira Project

eToroX platform has developed an open-source project to build the future of decentralized finance. Further, This Lira project will create an Infrastructure for a New Economy. The Lira language can be used as the backbone for a variety of financial instruments, including futures, options, loans and so on.

Referral Program

This exchange’s referral program provides interesting rewards. Here you refer friends and get paid when they trade. For more information, see the Refer a Friend page.

Is eToroX safe?

As a regulated entity in Gibraltar, eToroX exchange ensures the security of the user accounts at different levels.

  • Email Verification – When a user signup for an account, the verification system sends an email to the registered email ID. However, Users cannot access the trading platform until this email is verified.
  • Phone Verification – Further comes mobile verification. The system sends OTP to registered mobile no. A verified mobile number completes the verification process.
  • KYC Verification – Further, To complete the process, the user has to upload photo ID proof on the website.

Alternatively, there is also a two-factor authentication (2FA) security. Further, It is optional and provides an extra layer of security to their user account.


To summarise this eToroX review, the exchange has all the required ingredients to become a hugely successful crypto exchange. Moreover, The website looks good in terms of trade, which offers a lot of altcoins and Security with the first-class team managing the platform.

What are your views on eToroX review? Further, Do you have any queries related to eToroX services, fees, trade, etc.? Let us know on our Facebook and Twitter pages.

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