About Korbit exchange

Korbit exchange is a Korean exchange that deals in some of the major cryptocurrencies. As a known fact, Korbit operated the first exchange between Bitcoin and Korean won (KRW). The platform is transparent in terms of crypto community and services and surely trustworthy.

Korbit is backed by a group of well-known investors such as S K Planet, Pantera, BAM Ventures, Strong Ventures, Soft Bank Ventures Korea. The mission of Korbit is to use the latest technology such as Blockchain, Bitcoin etc. and implement it in the financial system by allowing the free flow of value. The company has complete focus on its users by providing comprehensive services.

Features of Korbit

Korbit is known for being the first to provide Bitcoin remittance service. The company believes in cutting edge technology that makes the money transactions easy. The interface of this Korean cryptocurrency exchange is easy and user-friendly thus supporting from beginners to the professional traders.

Using this platform, users can easily send their money to Korean banks using Bitcoin for which no transaction charges are applicable. The company follows strict compliance and security standards.

Korbit powered by Bitgo for multi-sig technology. In this process, every transaction needs to be approved by two or more users to complete the process. This adds an extra layer of security on the account. Thus Bitgo would protect the currency against any cyber crime or eliminate the risk of volatility. The platform also provides different tools for currency calculation and market analysis.

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Payment at Korbit – Korean cryptocurrency exchange

For business purpose, the owners to add a COBIT pay button in their payment options in order to receive Bitcoins as payments. The business could be shopping malls, blogs, e-commerce companies etc.

The business owners with offline services could use another feature called KOBI fee. They could download this feature on their mobile to receive Bitcoins as payment. The developers could use the different API for adding different features of Korbit in their own application.

In case of any queries regarding trading and exchange, Korbit provides 24*7 assistance.

How to register a new account on Korbit?

In order to register a new account on Korbit, log on to Click on the tab “register”. The user can then enter the details such as Email ID and create a password. The password should be minimum eight characters long. There is also a drop down menu, which asks the user for the purpose of joining this platform. The user can then click on the checkbox “I agree to T&C” and “register” to complete the signup process.

A verification link goes to the registered email ID, which a user has to confirm in order to validate the Korbit account. There are three levels of verification post email verification. At the first level, user has to verify the phone number. At the second, the user can verify the address and at the third level, there is agreement on Korean Won charge.

Some personal information such as name, nationality, date of birth, is required further to complete the registration process.

Buy/Sell at Korbit

Before placing any order, the user has to fund the Korbit account by adding Korean won. Once the fiat currency is in the account balance the user can begin with trading and exchange.

In order to buy or sell at Bitcoin, Click on the tab ”trading” and select the cryptocurrency. The user can then select the type of order he wants to place i.e. limit order, market price or stop order. The user can then select the amount for which he wants to buy the currency. If the user is selling then he could check the real-time pricing of that crypto before placing the order.

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