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World Ventures Reviews – Dream Opportunity to Get Paid for Travel

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QD club is a Bitcoin billionaire community of Crypto Analyst, News Writers, and Cryptocurrency Investors. It is a research-oriented club which is gently in the process of compiling reviews on MLM companies.

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A Review you can read if you want to join or read about World Venture. 

This is a review of one of the popular Travel Industry MLM Company – World Venture. I have re-Updated this article with the latest information, events, and updates about the project.

I am presenting you with a review of a company which will let you earn money while going on amazing vacations. 

Surprised!! But How?? Let’s find out.

A Little info on World Ventures

World Ventures was founded by Mike Azcue and Wayne Nugent in 2005 based at Plano, Texas, The United States. It sells memberships of a travel company – Rovia Dream Trips. It provides discounted travel packages, car rentals and more through paid membership plans.

The main aim of the company is to :

“Build More Fun, Freedom, And Fulfillment In People’s Lives Through The Merging Of Great Life Experiences, Financial Opportunity, Personal Development, And Contribution.”

Moreover, The Company Currently Includes 120,000+ Global Representatives Across 24 Countries And Employs Over 200 People.”

World Ventures Membership Plans

World Ventures has two membership plans, Gold and Platinum.

DreamTrips Gold

To become a member of World Ventures under this plan, one has to pay $199 as a joining fee and $49 each month. The membership offers,

  • Access to a DreamTrips website where-in you can choose from various pre planned vacation trips.
  • It includes the ‘Extras’ such as airport transfers, excursions and activities.
  • Discounts on Airfares
  • Rewards Program
  • A tool called ‘RateShrinker’ automatically activates the moment you place an order. It searches for competitive pricing.
  •  Flight Accident Insurance
  • Dining and Entertainment Discounts
  • Access to ‘DreamTrips Mall’, where you can shop online at major brand stores and earn rewards
  • Dreamtrips concierge.

DreamTrips Platinum

To enroll in the Platinum plan, you need to pay $299 as the initial fee and $99 monthly thereon. The members enjoy all the facilities of Gold membership and added features like,

  • Exclusive Platinum Member only DreamTrips. These trips tend to have more amenities, entertainment, and luxury.
  • Advanced access and booking.
  • Upgraded airport transfers such as limo services and more luxury transportation.
  • Early check-in and late check-out.
  • You can upgrade your hotel room with 50% discounts.
  • It includes ‘Platinum Perks’ like excursions, activities, green fees, spa discounts, resort credits, and more.
  • Emergency Evacuation Servic

WorldVentures Compensation Plan

World Ventures has many plans to offer. The two main ways a representative can earn money is,

  • Sell the company’s products which are nothing but travel packages and earn a profit.
  • Refer your friends and contacts to the system and get them registered. 

The bonus is anyway depending upon the sales you do.

Direct Commission

The representatives are paid with direct commissions on the sale of the above-mentioned membership plans. $20 for Gold and $150 for the Platinum initial payment.

Personal Sales Bonus

When a representative enrolls 3 new customers within 4 weeks, he is eligible for a Personal Sales Bonus of $250.

Wings Program

A representative can earn wings by referring to 4 new customers. The representative’s monthly earnings are dependant on the new customers and hence keeping them active is mandatory.

Wings and Wheels Bonus

A representative who maintains 5 active customers with a sales of at least $2,999, is eligible for Wings and Wheels bonus of $300 per month.

Weekly Team Bonus

You get a specified amount of sale credits, each time you do a sale. The representatives can earn weekly based on the sales of the binary organization up to $100.

Monthly Residual Commissions

The Senior Representative ranks are eligible for monthly residual Commissions based on the sale credits of all the binary organizations which come up to $10.

Director Bonus

A representative, if achieves director rank within 12 weeks, he is eligible for Director Bonus of $5000.

Dream Car Bonus

When a representative completes the Regional Marketing Director level, World Ventures pays him $1000 monthly as Dream Car Bonus.

Dream House Bonus

Dreamhouse bonus is for the representatives who reach the International Director level. World Ventures pay them $3,000 monthly.

Description of Ranks

  • Enrolled Representative (ER) 

They are entry-level but not active. Eligible for Direct sale and Personal sale bonus.

  • Active Representative (AR)

Active but not met the requirements for advancement.

  • Qualified Representative (QR)

The representative has to do 4 product sales to the customers. The binary organization opens.

  • Senior Representative (SR)

30 active customers are required on each left and right leg. From now all the ranks are qualified for monthly residual commission.

  • Director (DIR)

90 active customers are required on both left and right legs.

  1. Marketing Director (MD)
  2. Regional Marketing Director (RMD)
  3. National Marketing Director (NMD)
  4. International Marketing Director (IMD)

World Ventures: Scam or Legit

World Ventures is definitely a legitimate company in virtue of providing discounted travels for its members. Very few people make real money with the company. The average earning of a distributor is $1000 per year and therefore many portray it as a scam. But believe me, It’s not.

PRO’s and CON’s


  • The product offers actual value for its members.
  • The Dreamtrips travel memberships are unique and real.
  • The product attracts many.
  • Effective compensation plan.


  • The website is little confusing as there are three websites, World Ventures main website, the Dreamtrips site and Rovia.
  • The startup cost is expensive

Concluding Note

World Ventures offers real products that have an actual unique value. The prices might be out of reach for some, but surely it needs a try. With attractive products and bonuses, one can earn decent money by investing his time and talents.


Is WorldVentures a Scheme?

WorldVentures is not considered as a pyramid scam. The company provides commissions to its users and people have benefitted from the company.

Can you make money from WorldVentures?

WorldVentures base its commission on the no.of referrals you make. The more referrals you bring more is your commission.

Is there any charge to become a member of WorldVentures?

WorldVentures charges $99.99 to become a standard member and $31.99 as renewal fees per month.

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QD club is a Bitcoin billionaire community of Crypto Analyst, News Writers, and Cryptocurrency Investors. It is a research-oriented club which is gently in the process of compiling reviews on MLM companies.

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