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World Ventures Reviews – Dream Opportunity to Get Paid for Travel

Hey, thanks for visiting my WorldVentures review. My friend David has plans to expand his online business to include a travel website. During our discussion about these plans, we encountered a few travel opportunities. One among these plans is the WorldVentures DreamTrips. 

If you’re also the one looking for such an opportunity, then you’re in the right place. In this post I have mentioned everything about World Ventures, as to who they are, their offers, their compensation plan, their pros and cons and much more. 

Let’s get started…



What is WorldVentures?

World Ventures is a US company established in 2005 by Wayne Nugent and Mike Azcue selling membership of the travel company Rovia DreamTrips. The company’s headquarters are located in Plano, Texas. It provides discounted travel packages, car rental services, and more through paid membership plans.
Basically, the main aim of the company is to :

“Build more fun, freedom, and fulfillment in people’s lives through the merging of great life experiences, financial opportunity, personal development, and contribution.”
Moreover, the company currently includes 120,000+ global representatives across 24 countries and employs over 200 people.

What Does World Ventures Offer?

The platform provides 3 membership plans for customers. One is Dream Trips which offers members access to different luxury travel packages at a discount. Members can also earn points through a loyalty program. The Gold Membership Plan includes Additional benefits such as transfers, airfare discounts, and flight accident insurance. The Platinum Level Membership Plan includes all the benefits from the previous plans with perks like spa discounts, resort credits, and late checkout.

Commissions And Bonuses

  • Direct Commission: When a user enrolls eligible new product customers, they earn a direct commission.
  • Personal Sales Bonus: When a representative refers 3 new customers within a 28 day period they earn a personal sales bonus.
  • Wings Program: A representative earns wings by referring 4 new customers. The representative’s monthly earnings are waived as long as the representative keep 4 active customers.
  • Wings & Wheels Bonus: A representative who maintains 5 active customers and generates sales of at least $2,999 in their lineage organization in a month will earn wings & wheels bonus of $300 per month.
  • Weekly Bonuses: Representatives win weekly bonuses based on their sales generated by their entire binary organization. weekly bonus cycle pays up to $100.
  • Monthly Residual Commissions: Senior representative get monthly residual commissions based on the monthly billing generated by their entire binary organization. monthly bonus cycle pays up to $10.
  • Director Bonus: When a new representative achieves the director rank within 12 full weeks. They earn $5,000.
  • Dream Car Bonus: When a representative completes the Regional Marketing Director level, WorldVentures pays them $1,000 monthly as a dream car bonus.
  • Dream Home Bonus: The company pays representatives who reach the International Marketing Director level a dream home bonus of up to $3,000 monthly.

WorldVentures Compensation Plan

World Ventures is a travel club that attracts individuals who desire to travel frequently to exotic destinations around the globe.

Basically, the company offers 2 main ways to make money:

  • Sell the company’s products (travel packages) and earn a retail profit.
  • Introduce this business opportunity to your friends and refer them to the system.

However, it’s more beneficial to recruit more people as you can work as a team and earn money.

Membership Packages

There is pricing information about membership packages or travel packages on the company website. You might now be wondering why this secrecy? How can you figure out if you’re saving as you can’t compare the prices? If you have to access the travel packages you need to pay an initial upfront cost through which you can join and it requires RBS fees as well. 

Final verdict

Overall, World Ventures is a legitimate direct selling company providing discounted travel packages for its members. The company offers huge deals through its exclusive travel search engine and packages include a wide variety of perks.

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Is WorldVentures a Scheme?

WorldVentures is not considered as a pyramid scam. The company provides commissions to its users and people have benefitted from the company.

Can you make money from WorldVentures?

WorldVentures base its commission on the no.of referrals you make. The more referrals you bring more is your commission.

Is there any charge to become a member of WorldVentures?

WorldVentures charges $99.99 to become a standard member and $31.99 as renewal fees per month.

world ventures




Compensation plan


Bonus and offers



  • You can save time by consolidating information in one place
  • The compensation plans are decent
  • Potential for free vacation packages if you make enough referrals.


  • Membership can be expensive.
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