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Rodan and Fields Review : A Complete Guide on Rodan and Fields Business Plan

Rodan and Fields Review : Discover a detailed guide on Rodan and Fields Business Plan,cost of rodan and fields products and many more.

Rodan & Fields is a multi-level marketing company which means that you make commissions based on your own sales and the sales of those you recruit.

It is a premium skincare brand built on a legacy of innovative dermatology–inspired skincare products backed by clinical results. 

The “innovation pipeline” (as they call it) is full of new products already scheduled out through 2020!

What Is Rodan and Fields?

The brainchild of two dermatologists, Katie Rodan and Kathy Fields, is the skincare company Rodan and Fields. The company came into existence in 1984. The company’s headquarters is located in San Francisco, California, Rodan + Fields also operates in Canada, the United States, and Australia.

Rodan and Fields is a well-known skincare company claiming life-changing results. In 2017, the company had more than 300,000 independent consultants reporting sales in at least one month.

Domain Information

  • Domain: rodanandfields.com
  • Registrar: SafeNames Ltd.
  • Registered On: 1998-12-08
  • Expires On: 2020-12-07
  • Updated On: 2019-01-01
  • City: San Francisco
  • State: CA
  • Country: US

Rodan and Fields Products

Rodan and Fields include a wide variety of skincare products designed to deliver in the right order to produce healthy skin. The products are used for sun damage, wrinkles, acne, and irritated skin. Moreover, there are no toxic chemicals, with fragrance-free products.

Additionally, the products include Enhancements Micro-Dermabrasion Paste, body lotion and Active Hydration Bright Eye Complex. Moreover, there’s also a small line of Dermacosmetics, which is makeup with skin-repairing ingredients.

The current product range consists of six groups:

  • Redefine: These products aims to reduce the signs of aging and give firmer, smoother skin and reduce wrinkles.
  • Reverse: These products deal with visibly dull, uneven skin tone and areas of dark pigmentation. 
  • Unblemish: The company describes them as “a complete solution that tackles the acne process—from clogged pores to excess oil, and to preventing new blemishes from surfacing“.
  • Soothe: They target people with sensitive and/or irritated skin. They help release dullness and visible redness. they also include shaving range for men.
  • Essentials: They’re a range of everyday skincare ranging involving lip balm, sunscreen, moisturizer and Vitamin D supplement
  • Enhancements: An eyelash boost, hydration serum and micro-dermabrasion paste are some of the products of this category.

Rodan and Fields Business Plan

Basically, to join Rodan + Fields’ business plan, you need to purchase a business package worth $45. Within this package, independent distributors will get their own customized website and access to a consultant area that includes training materials, business tools, and product information. Moreover, there is a $25 renewal fee that must be paid every year in order to remain active.

Furthermore, the company also offers 2 higher-tier business kits which are worth at $695 and $995.

Basically, the higher kit prices come with more R+F products for personal use and demonstration purposes.

Rodan and Fields Provide Different Ways to Earn.

  • Retail Profit – This is an old way of selling the company’s products and you are making a commission for it.
  • Consultant Commissions – you can earn from sales to direct enrollees and their downline make.
  • Personal Team Commissions – These commissions are earned from the sales that are received from direct enrollees and their downline make.
  • Generation Commissions – The entire teams earn these commissions.
  • Performance Bonuses – Once you hit the target that the company has structured, you can earn bonus commissions.

Here, independent distributors can earn up to 10-25% commissions on product sales with a hybrid compensation plan. Additionally, distributors can earn 15% commissions on a referral system, with 5% extra commissions on revenue generated down to the fifth generation in their downline. Other incentives include exotic trips, fast start bonuses and many more.

Basically, preferred company customers are qualified to receive up to 10% off product purchases with free shipping through the PC Perks program. However, to become a preferred customer, the company charges a one-time enrollment fee of $19.95 and requires the first product purchase to be worth at least $80.

Become a R+F Consultant – 

A consultant will get a free trial of Pulse Pro. After your trial is over, Pulse Pro will cost $24.95 a month. However, you can downgrade to a Free pulse, if you do not want to pay for the Pro package.

The catch here is, all the data will be lost that the consultant collects during the trial period. It is recommended to renew the Pro package.

Total cost to consultants: $24.95 x 12 months = $299.40 annually.

To be an Active Consultant, you need to sell a minimum of 100 Sales Volume (SV) every month. 

New consultants are asked to enroll in the Consultant Replenishment Program (CRP), that costs $80 

However, the consultant rewards are good. So, enrolling as a consultant with such a high price is like a drop in the ocean.

 90% of R+F Consultants make around $200 per month and 96% earn more than $600 per month.

Is R+F a Pyramid Scheme?

The system is designed to promote and sell instead of gaining financial profit.  As a result, the users feel this as a Pyramid scheme.

However, the scheme is quite legit from what I can see. Users are benefitting from the profits. It totally depends on the constant efforts of a consultant to gain better profits.

Final Verdict

Rodan and Fields offer you the best skin results. However, most products include effective and safe ingredients so you can be sure no side effects will face you at any given moment.

The company makes it clear they do NOT guarantee any specific levels of income or prosperity for consultants.


What are the commission rates for Rodan and Fields consultants?

Commission rates are set but how much you make is truly up to you. It can also depend on what level you are in the company.

How much can you earn in R+F?

90% of R+F Consultants make around $200 to $600 per month.

Why Is It Difficult To Make Money With Rodan + Fields?

The system is designed to promote and sell instead of gaining financial profit.

Rodan and Fields




Products and Services


Business plan



  • A wide range of Products
  • Fewer Upfront Costs
  • Excellent Business plan


  • Quite Expensive Products
  • Less Earning Potential
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Rodan and Fields Review : A Complete Guide on Rodan and Fields Business Plan
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Rodan and Fields Review : A Complete Guide on Rodan and Fields Business Plan
Rodan and Fields Review : Discover a detailed guide on Rodan and Fields Business Plan,cost of rodan and fields products and many more.
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