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Norwex Review-A Detailed & Honest Review On The Norwex Cleaning Supplies

Cleanliness is a very important aspect of life and if it becomes simple then it adds springs to life. Just think of the products that help you in cleaning without any chemicals!! GREAT.

And adding further to it, how if I say you have an opportunity to earn a good amount in selling the products??

Surprised!! But is it possible?

If yes then how could it happen? Let’s find out below!!

As now the consumers are more concerned about the quality of life, the demand for healthier and environmentally friendly products rises. The companies that provide chemical-free products are expanding their consumer base to a larger extent. So when you get connected with such a company, you will not only earn but also provide your customers with a good and organic product.

Today am here with an honest review of a clean-mate company ‘NORWEX’. Norwex offers a wide range of products which are really helpful to relieve the stress of cleaning and also offers business plans to the people who wish to sell the products for the company. In this post, let’s try to evaluate the productivity of the aids offered and also have an analysis of the business plans provided.

Quick History

Bjorn Nicolaisen, the founder of Norwex was introduced with a miraculous cloth in 1994 in Norway. This cloth could effectively clean a very dirty windscreen simply with the use of water. This led to the birth of a chemical-free cleaning approach.

Eivind Schackt, Global CEO of Norwex said, “The Norwegian population really took to the idea and the company soon established its own support network for its consultants that were out travelling around the country.”

The success chart of Norwex

2019 – Norwex celebrated its 25 years of Success.

2017 – Norwex opens its charitable venture, ‘Norwex Foundation- For a Brighter Future’. It produces disaster kits which would aid in care and clean up after a natural disaster.

2016 – Norwex enters Europe with opening its operations in Sweden.

2015 – The company started its branches in Germany, New Zealand and Ireland.

2010 – The Canada headquarters of Norwex, expands its base in North America to meet the requirements.

2009 – Norwex opens its own production centre in China.

2008 – Norwex officially opens in Australia. Now Australia is the third-largest market in the Norwex global family.

2004 – Norwex established its service in Riga capital of Latvia, Lithuania and Estonia.

1999 – After the success in Norway, the company expanded its base to Canada and has been growing ever since.

1995 – The company came up with the idea to conduct host parties at the consumer’s home. Here the consumer could exhibit the microfibre cloth in action. This helped Norwex to enter each and every household and become one of the daily needs.

What all Norwex Offers?

Norwex which started with only a microfibre cloth now offers a wide range of products used in the kitchen, for personal use and family use. It’s literally not possible to include all the products in this post. Some of the recommended products have been listed below.

For the kitchen purpose, it offers,

  • Enviro Cloth for $18.9
  • UltraZyme Dishwasher powder for $16.99
  • Cleaning Paste for $29.99
  •  Eat Clean Set for $78.99

For Laundry purpose, they have,

  • Ultra Power Plus Laundry detergent for $24.99
  • Fluff and Tumble Dryer Balls for $29.99
  • Wrinkle Release Spray for $19.99
  • Mattress Cleaner for $29.99

For personal use, products like body wash, body lotion, shampoo, etc and many other products are available. They too have products for kids, pets, and for cars.

And many more products available on the website. I personally recommend visiting the website to get a deeper knowledge of the products offered.

Here I have shared the latest catalog of Norwex products in 2020.

Be a Consultant and Earn MONEY!!!

Norwex is a B2C business model and it does not sell its products in the traditional way as other companies do. But instead focused on selling daily need products but also offers attractive packages for the people who wish to sell their products. These people are called Consultants who can work from their home and be their own boss.

How big people can earn being a consultant depends on how much do they sell. According to  Norwex, a consultant can earn $700 to $3500 per month by hosting house parties.

Let’s get still deeper – The Business Plans

New Fresh Start Rewards Program:-  This program is for the consultants wherein you can get the Norwex branded items for free on reaching smarter goals.

Norwex Fresh Start Rewards
Norwex Fresh Start Rewards

Fresh Start Recruiting Plan:-  This plan is also referred to as ‘Pyramid Plan’ or ‘MLM’. Here a consultant is required to recruit a team of consultants to sell the products.

Now let’s have a look at the hierarchy tree in the company

norwex compensation plan structure
  • Sales Consultant (SC): Here, you can buy when you first join the opportunity. You can earn up to  35% commission on your personal retail sales.
  • Team Coordinator (TC): Here, you can earn 35% commission on your personal retail sales. And additionally, 3% commission from your personal recruit sales if at least 3 make $250 worth of sales.
  • Sales Leader (SL): You can earn 35% commission on your personal retail sales + 5% commission from your group sales + 2% commission on TC’s personal recruit sales + 1% from SC sales
  • Executive Sales Leader (ESL): Same as SL, except you can earn 2% from SC personal retail sales
  • Senior Executive Sales Leader (SESL): Similar to ESL, plus 2% from TC personal retail sales
  • VP Sales Leader (VPSL): Everything in SESL, plus 1% on SL personal retail sales and eligible for a $500 monthly car bonus.
  • Executive VP Sales Leader (EVPSL): Similar to VPSL, plus 0.5% on ESL personal retail sales.
  • Senior VP Sales Leader (SVPSL): Similar to  EVPSL except you’ll now earn 1% on ESL personal retail sales and 0.5% on SESL personal retail sales.

In Norwex Scam or a Legit?

Of Course, it’s not a scam. When the business opportunity is so huge, this question is natural to arise. But let me tell you, Norwex is completely working legally. A company which is operating for more than 20 years is definitely doing something good!

Like in any other MLM, where only money is involved, Norwex is dedicated to offer good chemical-free products under its MLM structure.The more you sell, the more you earn- simple as such!!

Closing Point

Nowadays all the products which are organic, free from any chemicals are preferable. Customers always look out for the options which would not affect their health in any manner. And in this case, Norwex could be a better option as it claims to offer chemical-free products. The products required for our daily needs are available. 

Overall the company with more than 20 years of experience has good reviews and feedback from all over the globe where it operates. 

I hope you have got an idea about the company and its products and hope this post would help you in purchasing products as per the requirement and also enter a business with the company.


How do I remain active with Norwex?

To remain active you must register at least $250 sales within the three-month calendar cycle.

Is Norwex cloth worth of the cost offered?

The Norwex cloth is actually worth the offered price as they are long-lasting and prove to be workhorses inefficiency.

How does Norwex cloth clean without chemicals?

Many of the Norwex cloth contains BacLock, an antibacterial agent for self-cleansing purposes only.

Do hospitals use Norwex cloths?

In today’s time, Norwex cloths are used in hospitals, schools, businesses, and homes.

What makes Norwex cloth better than any other microfibre cloth?

Norwex microfibre is 1/100th of the thickness of human hair whereas the other microfibre cloth is 1/6th. And hence it is super durable and long-lasting.







Compensation plan



  • The products are eco-friendly
  • They offer a 60-day money back guarantee
  • They promote their company with the value in their products rather than the business opportunity
  • You can choose to run your business online
  • They provide nice rewards and incentives to their consultants


  • Expensive cleaning products
  • Limited training on how to get leads
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