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Melaleuca Review: A Detailed On The Legit MLM Company

Welcome to my melaleuca reviews. This review will cover information about network marketing companies, melaleuca oil, melaleuca products prices and many more.

We have come across a lot of products that claim to benefit the customers with good health and prosper in wealth. The companies which manufacture them, also provide a good income to the individuals if they wish to sell the products for the company.

Today we will talk about a similar company ‘Melaleuca’ which claims its products to be eco friendly and not heavy on their pockets. Sounds good right?? 

Want to know more about the products and business opportunities??

Let’s dive in below with the product review and the business models.

Melaleuca- A Brief History

The name ‘Melaleuca’ is derived from the tea tree(Melaleuca alternifolia). Melaleuca established in 1985 by Frank VanderSloot, is a manufacture of more than 400 products in healthcare, pharmaceutical, personal care, and home care. In less than 30 years it has grown from a start-up to now a turn over of $2 billion enterprises.

Coming to the organizational structure, Melaleuca is a Pyramid selling organization. Vendors get a commission on the products they sell and also on the products sold by the vendors they recruit. This is called MultiLevel Marketing(MLM). 

Melaleuca Products

Melaleuca offers a wide range of products under different categories. It covers almost all the essential products to maintain a healthy lifestyle. The products are sectioned in different categories like:

  • Nutrition – Vitamins & Supplements and Food & Weight Management products.
  • Medicine Cabinet – Products for specific medical treatments like Cold, Flu, Pain relievers or any allergy.
  • Beauty – Products related to Skin, Hair, Cosmetics, Fragrance and more.
  • Household – Cleaning & Laundry, Home Fragrances and Pet care products.
  • Bath & Body – Bath & Shower, Facial Care, Soaps, Dental Care and Kids products.
  • Essential Oils – Single Oils, Oil Blends, and carrier oils.
  • Extra Savings – Limited offer deals or any special offers
  • Logo Gear – Men’s and Women’s Apparel and Bags.

Here you can find the Complete Price List of all the products.

How to Become Melaleuca Member

Most of the people join the Melaleuca Membership model so that they can get the products at a discounted price of at least 30%-50% on the retail price. On joining you will be called ‘Preferred Customers’. 

To become a member you need to pay $19 as a joining fee which will be valid for a year which will renew automatically every 12 months for $19. The only condition the company subjects is to maintain a purchase of at least 35 points which equate to $50 every month. Hence it is a recurring commission for the distributors each month.

Business opportunity with Melaleuca

According to Melaleuca, if you want to do business with the company, you need not purchase or sell any products. YOu just need to get enrolled with the business agreement where the joining fee of $19 remains the same. Once your referred customer makes a new purchase, you will earn a 20% commission on it. (It applies only when you have referred a minimum of 20 members as Prefered Customers)

As you can see from the table, you can earn 7% when you enroll up to 7 customers, 14% for enrollment of 8 – 19 customers and 20% for 20 members.

However, you will be receiving commission only from the second month, not from the first month.

Melaleuca also pays you an advanced commission, only for those who have seven generations below them. It is completely dependant on your performance.

You can have a complete check on all the Plans of business here

However, as per a research, it’s a pretty tough job to compete with millions of the customers who work in the same funnel as you. They might have entered before you, which will make the market size of your referrals shrunk to some extent. 

Is Melaleuca a Scam or Legit

The business which offers many options to earn will always fall under the radar of the peoples thought that whether it is a scam or legit. Melaleuca always denied its business as MLM rather preferred to be called as ‘Pyramid Schemes’ 

Melaleuca is a 30-year-old company with BBB rating which itself supports the claim of being not a scam. But the fact can’t be ruled out that the owner lacks honesty and the members seem to be brainwashed to some extent.

Pro’s and Con’s of Melaleuca


  •  The Business model is fairly simple with the goal to include new customers as ‘Preferred Customers’. Here you need not sell products.
  • The start-up cost is as low as $19.
  • Customers can earn loyalty points or money back on product purchases.
  • The company seems to be financially stable as it operates from the past 30 years with an annual turn over of approximately $2 billion.
  • The customers who recruit the Preferred Customers can earn a recurring commission every month as the new customers need to do purchases every month.


  • Melaleuca doesn’t invest in advertisement and hence not many people are familiar with the existence of the company which makes the work challenging to refer a new customer.
  • The preferred customer should make a purchase of products equal to 35 points or $50 each month to keep their membership active.


Melaleuca is a long run company with vast experience in this field. The products offered are good and also the business opportunity can be though off for a passive income. 

The people with immense convincing, networking and marketing skills can make money putting little extra effort.

I hope this post would really help you to be decisive in your thinking of purchasing the product or invest in the business opportunity.

Melaleuca Review


Compensation Plans


Since 1985, this company is serving people. With both positive and negative reviews out there, Melaleuca has managed to hold its roots.


Melaleuca FAQ’s

How many points do you need a month for Melaleuca?

The points range falls between 30 to 50 per month. That’s between $50-$80 depending on what you order for Preferred Customer Membership. Otherwise, you can change your membership to Direct with no monthly expectation to order.

Can I suspend my Melaleuca account?

Yes, Preferred Customers can simply click online to downgrade from a Preferred customer to Direct customer, then sign form and fax or email in.

How does Melaleuca advertise its products?

Melaleuca advertises it’s products by word of mouth advertising.

How do I return the products?

Melaleuca always committed for 100% customer satisfaction, but even if you need to return or exchange the product, it can be done within 90 days of purchase. A return form needs to be filled followed by the further process.

What is the difference between the preferred member and a regular member?

A preferred member commits to purchase a minimum of 35 product points each month and gets a 30%-50% discount on the retail price. 
A regular member does not get any loyalty points and no discount is offered on the price.

If I don’t have a savings account or credit card, can I enroll as a preferred customer?

No, as of now, a credit card or savings account is mandatory to enroll as a preferred customer.

Can I sell Melaleuca products in stores?

Melaleuca is strong support of home-based business and hence displaying and selling in stores is not allowed.

Can I change or cancel the order once placed?

Due to electronically streamlined order processing, once the order is placed it can’t be changed or canceled.

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Melaleuca Review: A Detailed On The Legit MLM Company
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Welcome to my melaleuca reviews. This review will cover information about network marketing companies, melaleuca oil, and melaleuca products prices.
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