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Juice Plus Review

Juice Plus Review


Are you interested to know about Juice Plus products?

If so, you’re at the right place, this blog will provide you detailed information about the company that lets you make an appropriate decision. 

Juice Plus Overview

Juice plus

 Juice Plus, the network marketing company was found in 1970 as National Safety Associates by James Martin. It is a brand of dietary supplements made from fruits and vegetables that have been juiced and dehydrated.

Initially, National Safety Associates started out by trading fire directors (smoke alarms) and air and water purifiers through direct sales.

Later, in 1993, it was included as a product line within National Safety Associates. Further, in the long run, it was initiated as its own MLM company due to its popularity.

A recent slogan and hashtag for the company reads “Good food, happy kids”

 Juice Plus Products

The main products are fruit and vegetable supplements. They come in capsule or chewable form in the following blends:

  • Orchard blend: Fruits
  • Vineyard blend: Berries
  • Garden blend: Vegetables

However, the firm claim to have control over drying and juicing method, in addition to a testing facility, where each capsule is examined carefully.

Juice Plus offers a wide variety of products including:

  •  Pills
  •  gummies
  •  shakes
  •  nutrition bars

The company claims that these products can be combined and taken together to include overall nutrition to your diet.

Juice Plus Compensation plan

So, how much the products cost? The cost to join the firm is  $50.

Basically, the products costs are quite expensive. The protein and shakes costs around $30 for one package, while the gummies and pills may range from $30 to $70 per month.

Juice Plus compensation plan has a unilevel structure along with a generational backend. Further, you can earn through different commission as mentioned below.

  1. Retail Commissions – Members of juice plus will be rewarded when they will sell their products to retail customers. Besides, once they hit their target, you can earn up to 6% commission on the products.
  2. Network Marketing Commissions – To earn a profit by sponsoring members, one must generate at least 90 PV ( personal volume)  per month.
  3. Residual Commissions – All residual commissions are paid through a unilevel compensation plan structure.

Juice Plus products are sold using network marketing. Here, salespersons earn commissions based on the new customers they refer.

For instance, salespersons who refer 5 customers in a month earn 6% commission. This works as an incentive to encourage them to bring more new customers.

Final verdict

The company has been working efficiently over a long period of time and I am sure it will continue to do well.

If you wish to purchase a multivitamin, this may be something to consider. Find a product that’s effective and backed by numerous positive reviews.

Hope the review was worth reading and includes all the information you were searching.

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