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A detailed Guide on Popular Earning Platform : Fiverr

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QD club is a Bitcoin billionaire community of Crypto Analyst, News Writers, and Cryptocurrency Investors. It is a research-oriented club which is gently in the process of compiling reviews on MLM companies.

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With the increase in the technology space, there is an increase in the number of freelancers in the marketing industry. While on my research on the websites for freelancers, I came across a website, Fiverr which has been a popular platform since a long run. 

This platform is allowing most of the people to make a living off it. It may be either as a buyer, getting your work done for jusOr it may be as a seller, who can provide various services to thousands of buyers. Making a deeper research, I came up with a detailed guide on Fiverr, Fiverr Gigs, How Fiverr works and many more. Hence, this helps you make the right decision. 

What is Fiverr?

Fiverr is a platform that helps employers find talent for their projects. In the year 2018, this platform won Great User Experience Award. This platform facilitates meetings between employers and freelancers who can help them in brand building or in their marketing efforts, also provide them with access to a pool of highly-qualified freelancers. 

This platform also allows entrepreneurs to discover freelancers by bringing them in contact with service sellers in three different levels. This helps them to meet freelancers having ideal skill sets and at the rates which suits them. 

Fiverr provides total transparency. The freelancers’ profiles are accessible along with their reviews. This helps the buyers to take a right decision whether to hire them or not. Fiverr is one of the best platforms for an employer hunting for freelancers.

What Is Fiverr Gig?

Fiverr Gig

 The services offered by the sellers or freelancers on the Fiverr website are referred to as Fiverr gigs. The gig price alters from $5 to $10,000. Even though most of the gigs cost only $5 there is mainly an upsell for additional and better quality services.

Fiverr Categories

  • Graphics & Design
  • Digital Marketing
  • Writing & Translation
  • Video & Animation
  • Music & Audio
  • Programming & Tech
  • Business

How Fiverr works?

Here, sellers list their services or gigs and buyers who are interested in these services ask queries and if they are pleased with answers, they purchase them. Basically Fiverr works like a middle party assuring both parties are happy with the final result. Fiverr keeps 20% of every transaction. Once the seller provide the gig and the buyer confirmed the service, Fiverr will pay the seller within 2 weeks or even faster if you are a trusted member.

Fiverr Coupon

Fiverr does offers coupons if you are a first-time buyer. If you are a beginner,  you can get a 20% discount by clicking. However, instead of wasting your time trying hundreds of coupons that do not work, it is better to just set up a service that requires less work.

Benefits Of Fiverr

Product Categories

Fiverr provides a wide range of products which are categorised into 12 major groups namely: graphics and design, writing and translation, music and audio, online marketing, video and animation and advertising, among others. These categories are further divided into subcategories. 

An Advantage to Freelancers

Owing to the low fee charges in the platform, many freelancers are switching to this platform, as it makes freelance work hunting much easier. Anyone can sell on this platform as it does not require any complex technical know how. Those who are creative, can easily earn money using Fiverr. 

Transparency On Freelancer Information

Transparency of Fiverr allows the employers to see all the information about the freelancer. It may be the ratings, feedback, number of jobs or gigs completed, and cancellation incidents. Buyers will now be confident about the worker they’re collaborating with. 

Filtered Seller Search

Basically, Fiverr has three seller levels, apart from new seller level. There are a variety of job completion statuses and ratings. These searches come with multiple prices, depending on their skill levels and performance reviews. This will ease the search of employers to find the right freelancer fitting their requirements and budget. 

Personal Details Are Safe

Basically, all financial transactions take place on Fiverr. No matter what the payment method is, the platform assures the users that their financial data is safe. Payments get accomplished through PayPal, credit cards or other form of electronic payments. 

Allows Effective & Private Communication

When hiring and collaborating, the platform provides avenues for buyers and sellers to communicate effectively and privately. Hence, both parties can chat on a secure platform and assure to keep the project details only between the buyer and seller.


This platform  made it quite easy for people to purchase services. Once you provide all the mandatory information, within a couple of days, you get your service delivered.


Here, anyone who can create a profile and a service and start selling on their marketplace. All you have to do is go through a sign-up process and follow a step-by-step procedure. After that, your gig will start showing up on the Fiverr result page for search queries relevant to your service. Additionally, new gigs are getting some extra exposure from this platform. Moreover, if your service is good and you can maintain positive feedback from customers, the number of your orders will rapidly grow.

Pros and Cons of Fiverr


  • User-friendliness and uniqueness.
  • Buyers get benefit from highly affordable services, as gigs start at $5.
  • Freelancers on offer highest quality digital services.
  • The platform users are fairly active and fun and can provide a ton of insight


  • Doesn’t provide any customer service number or any only online support.

Recent Updates

Feb 26, 2020: Fiverr completed a decade of its existence.

Feb 13, 2020: The platform introduced a new Logo Maker with AI capabilities.

Sep 4, 2019: Fiverr launched a new ecommerce portal

July 31, 2019: The portal has a dedicated team for assisting its freelancers with their complex products.

Final Verdict :

Overall, It is the best place for some extra income. A well-worth-platform for sellers, as a source of income. And for buyers, it is an affordable, and best option to find a freelancer.

If you are currently using Fiverr, I would love to hear back from you. Let me know in the comment section below.  Hope you find this article interesting. Don’t forget to share it on social networks.

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QD club is a Bitcoin billionaire community of Crypto Analyst, News Writers, and Cryptocurrency Investors. It is a research-oriented club which is gently in the process of compiling reviews on MLM companies.

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