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DAO.Casino’s whitepaper Delve into Automation of Trust

DAO.Casion’s whitepaper has been announced

DAO.Casion’s whitepaper concerned with the need of trust in a gambling industry. It is an Ethereum based protocol, which affords a decentralized source of PRNG for the games.

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Authors Ilya Tarutov and Konstantin Lomashuk during the paper titled – Blockchain protocol for Gambling, has focused on removing barriers in value transactions in the whole online gambling industry. It utilizes the integrity of data, crypto-economics, and code enabled by Ethereum.

The first part deals with- crypto-economic architecture; incentive system which proceeds with research of existing methods of random number generation. And also a new execution of PRNG algorithm that covers up the industry perquisites when it is decentralized.

This system is envisioned of creating an ecosystem; this facilitates the exchange of value among those participants who are not trusting each other. This also enables game developers to the Ethereum based network with easy templates, libraries and PRNG methods to work with.

As seen, gambling on Ethereum is not so developed as it should. A new form of gambling with Ethereum has become a backbone with the new skills to the markets and business models.

DAO.Casino includes several components which include game contracts that are integrated with PRNG, referral system, reward distribution logic and open bankroll backing system.

The team is also releasing out an MVP till the end of June. 

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