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Play Games and Earn Bitcoins with Bitfun

Welcome to my Bitfun Review. This review will cover information about Bit Fun Games, How to earn bitcoins at Bitfun, and many more.

Bitfun Review


When it comes to cryptocurrency, the first thing that strikes people mind is always Bitcoin, as it is the most popular cryptocurrency with the highest value.

The Bitcoin price has declined from the peak but still holds considerable value. At present, a huge crowd is looking to invest in the cryptocurrency with a hope to earn huge profit.

Currently, there’s one opportunity that pays you Bitcoins for playing games, completing offers, or gambling. The site is – BitFun.

Are you excited to earn free Bitcoins? What are you waiting for let’s have fun with bit fun!

What is Bit Fun?

BitFun is a bitcoin faucet website, established in the year 25 January 2017. It is a new innovation in cryptocurrency that permits users to have fun while earning. Additionally, it is also an interactive site including multiple games based on user versus user modes. As a result, new as well as established users will find Bit Fun as an immersive and convenient faucet to interact.

Basically, Bit Fun’s reward system is game-based. Users play online games and earn Satoshi, the smallest unit of currency recorded on the blockchain.

How Does Bitfun Work?

The classic faucet that gives out Satoshi, once in 3 minutes is BitFun. Users can play games, gamble and use other offers to increase their earning. Games in their playstore need some plugins like Flash and HTML5 without which the users will not be able to run or to play them. 

The Affiliate Program

This service is one of its kinds which helps to grow the user base, increasing their revenue automatically. In this affiliate program, anyone can sign up and refer people to make more money. The user gets 50% commission of the total amount made by the referral. It is not necessary that you have to be an active user. Suppose you have blogs or vlogs relating this sector, then you will be benefited with this offer. 

How to Earn Bitcoins at Bit Fun?

Bit fun games

The website includes a wide range of both HTML browser and flash games that users can play while they earn. For instance, Cut the Rope, Junior Chess, Guns n Glory Heroes, Tentrix and many more. Moreover, the platform allows users to choose among over 90 games. They can also gamble a fraction or their entire earnings on the website’s dice game.

Additionally, you can sign up for offers, answer a survey, download and use apps, and many more. The amount of Satoshi you can earn is based on the offer you complete and the offer provider giving it.

Different Ways To Earn Free BTC

Completing the captcha every 3 minutes

Solve the captcha to earn free bitcoins. However, the earnings will depend on the time spent in solving a captcha. Bit fun does not set any time frame.


One can install applications or complete surveys to earn more Satoshi.

Referral program

You can earn  50% lifetime commission on all referrals. The commission is added directly to your coin pot balance.

Bit Fun Withdrawal

0.0001 BTC is the minimum withdrawal amount. You can make a claim at any time. However, the minimum time is of 3 minutes.

  • 24 Satoshi after 3 minutes
  • 36 Satoshi after 5 minutes
  • 67 Satoshi after 10 minutes
  • 92 Satoshi after 15 minutes

Final Verdict

Bit Fun has been introduced as one of the best faucets online. Thus, the possibility of getting scammed is zero as the payments are automatically sent to the coin pot micro wallet without delays. Furthermore, you can earn every 3, 5 and 10 minutes by varying amounts of Satoshi, which makes it actually profitable.

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Offers and Bonus





  • There are number of ways to earn free bitcoins.
  • The withdrawal ways are very simple and unique.
  • The website speed is fast


  • The page includes several advertisements
  • The site offers no SSL certificate
  • You will have to collect 50000 Satoshi to get a free transaction.
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