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Avon reviews : A Detailed Guide on Avon Business Plan 2019

Looking for a good and in-depth avon reviews? This unbiased review covers information about the company, Avon products, Avon compensation plan and more.

Multi-level marketing or network marketing is an excellent business opportunity you can venture into for a profitable revenue stream. In today’s ever-changing world, Multi-level marketing offers you an opportunity to earn income and develop yourself exponentially.

At Present, one of the trending multi-level marketing company is – Avon.

Well, I have gathered detailed information on Overview of company, Avon products, Avon Compensation plan and more.

Let’s get started…

Avon Company Overview

Avon was established by David H. McConnell in the year 1886. It is a direct selling company in beauty, personal care, and household categories.

Almost every individual living in the United States and over 100 other countries have heard of Avon. Moreover, it is one of the world’s oldest skin care companies.

This company is still so popular and known across the globe. It provided a way for women to earn a living by running a quasi-business of their own. Avon introduced a  revolutionary idea to sustain through economic busts, reaching $10 billion in sales in 2008.

However, it is the 5th largest beauty company with 6.4 million representatives. And is the 2nd largest direct-selling enterprise across the globe after Amway. Currently, the company’s CEO is Jan Zijderveld, who was appointed in February 2018.

Avon Products

Avon Products

Avon is well-known as a skin care company offers a wide variety of products, including makeup, fragrance, and hair care items and many other. In fact, when the company initially introduced, it primarily sold perfume. Additionally, with these product categories, the company also divides the products with specific brands.

Avon is one such company which gained huge success with serving only a ‘bonus gift’ – accompanying books for sale. At present, the company offers 9 different categories of products which includes Jewelry, different kinds of treatments, supplements, and kits for personal care:

  • Makeup: Nails, Lips, Eyes, Face, Tools & Brushes.
  •  Skincare: Moisturizers, Scrubs & Masks, Treatments, Eye Care, Cleansers & Toners, Travel Sizes.
  •  Bath & Body: Body, Foot Care, Hair Care, Travel Sizes, Bath & Shower, Sun Care, Insect Repellents.
  •  Fragrance: Perfume, Body Lotion, Shower Gel, Powder, Body Sprays, Deodorant, Men’s.

Avon Compensation Plan

Avon compensation plan

Initially, when you begin your Avon Business, you need to invest $10. The company offers both single and multi-level compensation plan.

As a representative, you can earn a 50% commission by selling at least 78 Avon products.  That gives you $775.

Further, by advancing yourself to the higher levels of Avon leaders, you can take advantage of this business opportunity.  Moreover, once you reach $1,550 sales qualifies you to the other top positions.

For instance: If you get 5 friends to work in your team, you become a Team Leader. Further,  each group member needs to make $240 sales to reach group sales target. Finally, with the minimum group sales and minimum commission including the sales you reached as a representative, you earn around $900.

Additionally, you can earn from 3% to 7% on the sales in your downline. Anyways, you must have a minimum of $100 in sales and 0.5 to 1% of the orders coming from you downline which also must be a minimum of $100 each.

Pros and Cons of Avon


  • You can earn up to 50% commission on sales volume, which is quite generous in the MLM world.
  • Low start-up cost.
  • You are a Representative, not an employee. You can create your own schedule to fit your lifestyle.


  • If you want a huge profit, you need to recruit a big team who are exceptional go-getters as well.

Final Verdict

Avon is a one-stop platform providing Excellent products and an excellent earnings opportunity. If it’s the kind of service you feel you could give, selling Avon could be for you. Over a century on, this is one of the worthy work from home opportunity.

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