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SpicePay Wallet Review – Commonly Known as “Official Exchanger”


Would you like to send Bitcoin securely and anonymously? Login to SpicePay Bitcoin Wallet and you are good to go. SpicePay’s secure open-source wallet app, backed by BitGo technology, is the safest place to keep your bitcoin. It eliminates the risk of storing it on a website. It’s also easy-to-use, and runs on all major mobile and desktop operating systems.

SpicePay Wallet Review



About SpicePay

SpicePay is global bitcoin exchange and payment gateway set up and handled by the high quality skillful bitcoiners who have engaged with digital currency since 2009, both as users and miners.

The company is situated in Belize, with developers in Ukraine. It provides services mainly to the South American, East European and South Asian markets, but the gateways such as wire transfer ensure that SpicePay can be used anywhere in the world.

Thus, the global bitcoin exchange allows you to accept payments in Bitcoin and immediately withdraw amounts in USD via PayPal, WebMoney, or bank transfer.

It also offers keen and persuasive tool for integration such as Button, iFrame, hosted page or email invoice.

You can trade your products and services readily and affordably anywhere in the world.

It instantaneously exchanges your BTC for USD on new orders. Else, offers you an option to do it manually.

Login to SpicePay Account and start exchnging cryptos.



SpicePay Difference

SpicePay provides services based on three basic principles that is speed, safety and favorable terms


  • Always active: You can accomplish transactions at any movement, from any country in the world, since when you established internet connection.
  • Automatic exchange process: Each and every exchange performance are automatic, which forbid the mechanical issues that rises in manual request processing involving operators and also it consumes limited time.
  • Efficient support: SpicePay is always available to assist you, whenever you wish to accomplish any exchange operations.


  • SSL: They adopt a secured connection via HTTPS protocol with 128 bytes encryption of shifted data, which prohibits any chances of third- party data interception during the absolute exchange process.
  • Official Exchanger status: SpicePay is officially recognizing as an “Official Exchanger.”

Favorable Terms

  • Favorable exchange rates: They estimated charge of 1.5% on Buy and Sell transactions. Hence, they also provide best rates as per current market rates.
  • Personal approach: They provide equal and same quality of services to all the registered users.
  • Promotions: They pin their gratitude with typical promotions and contests.
  • Minimum exchange amount is Zero: For any kind of services, the SpicePay will not charge you any additional exchange amount.

Bitcoin exchange

SpicePay Wallet Review

This is the best platform to view all of your global Bitcoin exchange transactions at a glance, and maintain eyes on them. So you always have knowledge about the transfer of fiat currencies to and from BTC.

Therefore, you can notice all the Bitcoin address that you had already used.

Buy Bitcoin

You can buy bitcoin swiftly and safely with U.S. dollars, and save in the present exchange rate. Additionally, you are provided to avail the variety of payment options for making your Bitcoin trades.

Sell Bitcoin

SpicePay’s one of the feasible BTC exchange features allows you to sell BTC for U.S. dollars at the present exchange rate.

Send Bitcoin

SpicePay allows you to send funds or make a transaction to person in BTC from anywhere in the world.

Receive Bitcoin

SpicePay offers a convenient platform, if you would like to get paid in bitcoin.

Only thing you have to consider is select the bitcoin address you would like your payment deposites to (or create a new one). Since provide the email address of the user you would like to request payment from, along with the money.


However, for the first time users there is a purchase limit of 0.5 BTC via the PayPal and credit card payment method.

Bitcoin Merchant

Payment gateway of SpicePay provides a feasible, inexpensive way for agree to accept bitcoin payments on your respected website. Thus, it take initiates to run your business with your customers.

There are many advantages to accept bitcoin payments, few are listed below:

  • Merchant can get paid quickly within 24 hours.
  • One can save money, therefore no bank and credit card transaction fees.
  • You can secure you business.
  • Thus, you can manage every transaction from one place that is from Merchant Dashboard

Accepting Bitcoin payments with SpicePay

  • Processing fee of just 1% per transfer is charged by the SpicePay.
  • You can withdraw from your account in BTC, USD, EUR or a combination, manually or automatically.
  • SpicePay can trade your BTC for USD or EUR.
  • It has multiple integration tools such as Button, iFrame, hosted page, email invoice, ecommerce plugin or payment API.

SpicePay Plugins

  • Ecwid


  • Wordpress


  • Magento


  • Zen Cart


  • OpenCart


  • X-Cart



SpicePay Affiliate Program

The wallet has its own referral program. Referrals will bring 25% commission on their every transaction to the ones who referred them. It is a great way to create additional revenue.

spicepay affiliate

Latest Updates:

SpicePay closed the credit card to bitcoin wallet service in October 2018 for regulatory issues.


Above all, using cryptocurrency should be convenient and safe. To deliver this, SpicePay Bitcoin wallet have simplified the process and made security a priority, so there are fewer clicks, and fewer concerns. Thus, SpicePay was created to bring together the best of what cryptocurrency has to offer: a safe, low-cost, privacy-protected alternative to credit and debit cards.


What is SpicePay Wallet?

SpicePay is a global bitcoin exchange and payment gateway set up and handled by the high-quality skillful bitcoiners. It is Commonly Known as “Official Exchanger”.

What is the USP of SpicePay Wallet?

SpicePay provides services based on three basic principles that are speed, safety, and favorable terms.

Is the SpicePay credit card to the Bitcoin exchanger service facing any issue?

SpicePay closed the credit card to bitcoin wallet service in October 2018 for regulatory issues. There is no update regarding the commencement of the service.

Is SpicePay Wallet accessible globally?

If you’re a resident of one of the following countries, you will be restricted from accessing some of SpicePay services.
United States of America
Bosnia and Herzegovina
Korea, Democratic People’s Republic of
Lao People’s Democratic Republic
Sri Lanka
The Syrian Arab Republic
Trinidad and Tobago

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