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Quppy: The one Financial App

Author: Sohrab Khawas

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    Time is the most expensive thing every one of us possesses today. Time means money and time spent managing funds should be well managed in terms of efficiency and regularity. Your everyday financial needs occupy a significant amount of time.

    Thus, you would want to keep all of your assets, cards an account within one service with no more need to jump between applications, interfaces, multiple logins, and even your local bank offices.

    The Quppy team has developed an all-in-one financial and payment app to serve all the needs you might ever have. Let’s find out more about it.

    About Quppy 

    Quppy was founded in 2017 by a group of recognized European professionals in banking, financial and IT spheres. The company founders have previously been working together and have already realized several successful e-commerce and financial projects prior to Quppy. 

    Quppy is a digital payment solution consolidating your bank cards and accounts. Quppy is working hard to develop a unique AI solution that makes the right decision of choosing a payment card at the moment.

    After a successful launch and development of a unique payment ecosystem gathering all types of banking operations with both traditional and digital assets within one decentralized application. 

    The Quppy app currently supports euro, British pounds, Bitcoin, Bitcoin Cash, Litecoin and Ethereum. Quppy is now launching a revolutionary financial and social solution not only for banking card consolidation.

    It is also for an AI-based recurrent payment, expenses, and investment automatization and planning solution, aftermarket gift card consolidator and marketplace.

    Quppy aims to become a bank as a service all-in-one financial “super-app”. Gathering all the financial and payment services as far as all client’s cards and accounts for an efficient and easy everyday financial management. That is why, Quppy provides services for all types of clients existing on the market: individuals, legal entities and merchants.

    Quppy helps individual entrepreneurs, small, medium businesses to open a European bank account and manage all of their company financial activities through a special secure web interface. The Quppy Acquiring solution for e-commerce and mobile apps enables digital payment acceptance. 

    The Quppy fees and limits

    Inside the Quppy Wallet application that can be downloaded for free on AppStore and Google Play. Every client from all around the world can open several multicurrency IBAN accounts for free in euro and British pounds and use them for any kinds of transfers, payments and exchange operations within SEPA region as far as with digital assets.

    Those IBANs can also be used for operations with PayPal including the fund’s withdrawal. An unlimited number of digital wallets in Bitcoin, Bitcoin Cash, Litecoin and Ethereum can be also opened inside the Quppy app. 

    Quppy Wallet does not set up the obligatory minimum or maximum transaction amount in euro and British pounds. There are no internal fees or commissions. All the outbound transactions in the euro and British pounds are free of charge.

    Quppy Wallet only sets up a fee for inbound transactions that are constantly being reduced for client comfort. All of the operations with digital currencies are not charged with any fees.

    The Quppy Acquiring for online merchants and mobile applications that enable digital payments acceptance offers all the inbound transactions and withdrawals for free.

    How to use the Quppy Wallet app?

    To open an IBAN account inside the Quppy Wallet app, simply go through the verification procedure. After successful verification, you will immediately be able to create an IBAN in either the “Verification” section or in “Wallet” one (“+” or “Create New Wallet”).

    After downloading the Quppy Wallet application from the digital store, read and accept the Terms of Use. The option of digital wallets creation will automatically be available on the main screen. Those wallets can easily be renamed and operations with them can be immediately realized.

    To import a digital wallet from another app to Quppy, just record the mnemonic phrase in the previous app. Next, push the “+” creation wallet button in the Quppy Wallet app and chose the “Import My Wallet” option.

    Next, write down the private key, chose currency and create the imported wallet name. After pushing the “Import” wallet button, the wallet from another application will appear in Quppy Wallet.

    The Quppy Wallet functionality is based on decentralized storage. Following the classic security rules, Quppy Wallet supports the creation of pin code and private keys. 

    Thus, there is a need to constantly realize the backup of created wallets inside the Quppy application so that they could be restored in case of the Quppy app reinstall or the device malfunction.

    Quppy Wallet app security

    The Quppy and all of the services within it are based on the decentralized Blockchain technology.

    It means that all of the private keys are kept on the clients’ side only and no one except the client itself has access to his funds. This decentralized technology provides the security of clients’ funds and information at the highest level possible.

    The latest Quppy updates and nearest plans

    Quppy has recently integrated British pounds and is currently working on prepaid cards launch, on gift cards purchase solution, recurrent bills payment, deposits, and loans integrated.

    These services will be all readily available to Quppy users within the next two years. Mobile phone top-ups in over 70 countries will be available within the Quppy app by the end of May 2020.

    Over the next 5 years, the Quppy team plans to complete the full ecosystem development. And becoming one of the major BaaS apps and providing its services to millions of users worldwide each month.

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