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What is Coinbox Wallet: А Brief Review On The Safest Crypto Wallet

Author: Sohrab Khawas

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    NameCoinbox Wallet
    Wallet typeWeb-Based, Mobile Based, Hot wallet
    Platforms supportedLinux, Windows, macOS, Android and iOS
    Cryptocurrencies supported100+ cryptocurrencies including Bitcoin, Dash, Ethereum, Ripple, and more
    Mobile supportYes

    What is the role of the wallets in the crypto industry?

    The biggest value of the blockchain is its anonymity. It has no masters or strict rules. But the international stock traders always need proper software. The trusty wallet is a rare deal. The simplicity of the base principles of the blockchain means a lot of faux applications.

    The crypto sphere needs a wallet for every country. The third world traders are confident that only crypto technology can make them wealthy. The high level of protection of personal data also protects some types of scum and phishing. Beware the software developers which are overconfident and gives you dull promises.

    And we find a solution. It was not easy, we had to analyze hundreds of brands, mostly having almost no data. The best fidelity we have today is providing by the domain The encrypted wallet with the same name is one of the most viable decision of the industry in recent years.

    How to start with this wallet

    Coinbox is an almost primitive service. It requires only basic knowledge about blockchain, and even this data is needed only for the very trading, not for the usage of the portal. Download the application and start trading right now, it’s simple!

    The entrance is the same as for other cryptocurrency portals. The Coinbox requires the next steps from every newcomer:

    • The initial registration. Type your email and start to observe the web-site. The same thing is with the mobile app, you’ll just install it on your Android or iOS phone;
    • Log in into the system;
    • The main tab of the system is the “Wallet” tab itself. This is the command bridge of your blockchain battleship. Anchors aweigh!
    BTC price
    • Time to do your first crypto coins purchase. Choose the “Buy” tab (many coins are available);
    • Sell your BTC in the proper tab;
    • Exchange your coins in a couple of clicks in the appropriate section;
    Buy option
    • Sell your BTC in the proper tab;
    • Exchange your coins in a couple of clicks in the appropriate section;
    • For the success of your trading, you need to check the current exchange rates. They all are placed in the “Prices” section. All the functions are under one umbrella, you don’t need to log out for the newsflash changes;
    BTC chart
    • For your friends, there is the “Invite” section. It is just a referral that gives you big solid bonuses;
    • The “Settings” tab is not only for actual settings. It also has security options and tech support contacts;
    • Earn a passive income just by holding cryptocurrencies in your wallet, the so-called staking. Staking is available for the ALGO cryptocurrency, based on the open Proof-of-Stake blockchain platform Algorand. Annual Percentage Yield (APY) is 5.46% for ALGO.
    • All these functions are available in a browser and mobile app.

    Why the Coinbox is a superior wallet?

    This service has truly unique offers and has a lot of features for the newcomers and for the experienced users:

    1. The clearest and simple interface among all the wallets;
    2. it works in every country;
    3. the safest confinement for your money. You have the power of blockchain with the enhanced options of security;
    4. 1500 altcoins and tokens;
    5. the ERC20 is included;
    6. Coinbox works worldwide; 
    7. no hidden fees, no spam, no noisy notifications;
    8. direct transfers of your actives to your cryptocurrency account;
    9. an encrypted log of your transactions in the finest details;
    10. Coinbox sends your BTCs to SEPA details for all the European Union;
    11. worldwide Paypal support;
    12. actual digest about every happening in the world of cryptocurrencies;
    13. affiliate program up to 80%;
    14. login via face-id and touch-id;
    15. dynamic address function which change your wallet address after each incoming transaction. A few of the bunch of free wallets have this unique feature;
    16. great tech support;
    17. commercial QR-codes;
    18. the huge community of 750000 active users;
    19. 12000 daily operations.


    The Coinbox is one of the best free solutions for every region on the Earth and especially for the beginners in the crypto world. It has all the features you need. If you want to do only the BTC trading – you don’t need any other wallet for the rest of your life.

    But even if you want to try all the perspective altcoins – the Coinbox is one of the best aggregators of functions. It’s smart, easy, has no system requirements, and cozy designed.

    organization - 8.5


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