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How To Gamble With 553 Bitcoin Minesweeper?

Author: Sohrab Khawas

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    Tired of playing the same old boring grandpa minesweeper game on your Windows PC? Ever heard of the Bitcoin Minesweeper? Well, maybe you should make an upgrade.

    As the bitcoin gambling industry grows game developers are now retouching the old retro classics like the minesweeper. Gone are the days of just bombs, flags, and smiley faces, and here comes the awesome world of the modern bitcoin minesweeper. Paired with some amazing graphics, effects, and stats the modern bitcoin minesweeper is a pure hit. You will not only find it easy to play our minesweeper but it will be super fun. Go beyond just casual play and become a pro while making some money with our bitcoin minesweeper.

    How to Play

    Just like the retro classic, you have a plain grid surface with a series of squares on it. Our Bitcoin minesweeper is a 5 by 5 grid.

    To play, hover around each square with your mouse and click on any of the boxes. This will either reveal a green box, or a red box. Now, it is these red boxes that you need to avoid because they are the mines. The red boxes have a bowling ball with a fuse on it to depict the mine.

    When you click on a square and a green box with a bitcoin money bag on it appears then you are winning the game. The more green boxes you reveal the more money you win.

    Once a player manages to successfully avoid the mines and reveals all the green boxes they have completed the game. They will receive the maximum winnings from the game which is a sum in Bitcoin, on top of what they had wagered.

    Having a good strategy combined with a little luck players can easily maneuver their way out of the minefield and onto completing the game.

    Cashing your winnings

    To withdraw just enter a valid bitcoin address in the withdraw box, set the amount, and click on withdraw. Our payouts are fast and convenient.

    Not only is our game super fun and easy to play just like the classic but we offer some of the best odds in the bitcoin gambling arena.

    Why Play with us

    Our minesweeper is completely online so no need for downloads or any special software on your PC or device to play. Our Bitcoin Minesweeper has a simple interface, it’s super fast to load (no lags) and you play straight from your browser.

    • Our competitive house-edge of just 1% means that our game has one of the best odds in the bitcoin gambling industry and this ensures that our players have the best odds and best chances of winning and walking away with some good cash, compared to other bitcoin minesweeper games out there
    • Do you know what else makes our minesweeper game awesome? There is no registration to play the game. We require no emails and no personal details to play, so once your deposit hits our account you are good to go.
    • What is the minimum amount required to play? Players only need to have a minimum of $1 in their account to play. Just deposit $1 or more into your account’s bitcoin address, wait for two confirmations and you’re all set.
    • No verification to play. There is no uploading of ID, utility bills, etc, and this is because we have no KYC policy so players can get right straight into playing the game and do so anonymously.

    For now, we only accept Bitcoin as the default payment method but are looking to add more altcoins in the future. We don’t require any other info aside from your Bitcoin wallet address, that is, where you want to withdraw you Bitcoin winnings.

    553 Bitcoin Minesweeper :

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