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DreamTeam: The Gateway to eSport

The eSports industry is attaining mainstream status as technologies are blurring the line between the virtual world and the real world.


One source projected that about 1.6 billion people will get to know about eSports in 2018. As such, investors and gamers are eager to be part of the eSports gold rush. This has led to the emergence of platforms that cater to the growing numbers of people interested in joining the eSports space.

One such platform is DreamTeam, whose approach will definitely combine two burgeoning concepts- blockchain and eSports. We take a look at the ways DreamTeam is planning on disrupting the eSports industry

What is DreamTeam?

DreamTeam is a blockchain startup that is working on solving some of the flaws of the nascent eSports industry. The startup argues that the eSports space is a long way from being perfect. Therefore, DreamTeam will be utilizing blockchain and smart contract technologies to address some of the issues plaguing the eSports universe.

What Are The Problems DreamTeam Intends To Solve?

DreamTeam is planning on launching an eSports ecosystem that will be the bridge between gamers and the eSports space. In particular, the platform will unlock the eSports industry and give gamers autonomous control over their careers. This means that DreamTeam will allow gamers to manage, nurture and monetize their gaming skills as well as join teams. Apart from individual gamers, DreamTeam will also provide innovative services for eSports teams and sponsors/investors.

DreamTeam Review

DreamTeam will use blockchain to build a payment gateway for gamers that will eliminate scams and frauds associated with eSports. Therefore, smart contracts will govern all payments and team management decisions on the platform. This will effectively curtail the unethical practices in the eSports industry like contract breaches and non-payment of tournament winnings.

In addition, DreamTeam has introduced a token called DREAM that will serve as the official currency of the DreamTeam ecosystem. The DREAM token complies with the ERC-20 standards, as such, it supports smart contracts. DreamTeam tested the token on the Ethereum network in March which made them the first eSports platform to achieve this.


DreamTeam has been busy selling its ideas to investors, eSports stakeholders and gamers. It has also worked on introducing innovative features to its platform.  As such, the team has recorded some major milestones. In September, DreamTeam revealed that its recruitment strategies had resulted in the explosive growth of its registered users to 800,000. Some of the major developments of the DreamTeam project are:

  • DreamTeam partnered/sponsored professional eSports teams and eSports organizations
  • The startup has sponsored some of the most popular events and tournaments in the e-sports space.
  • DreamTeam launched a paid feature that will help users find the best teammates. In addition, it introduced a Team vs Team practice game feature.
  • Also, DreamTeam’s token sale raised over $10 million

DreamTeam is working extensively on becoming the number one recruitment platform in the eSports industry. Utilizing blockchain and smart contract has proved to be an ingenious way of achieving this. However, the startup has to do more to prove it truly has the capacity to lead the eSports/blockchain evolution.

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