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Unikrn is an esports betting company offering free legal bets for anyone from anywhere in the world using its Unikoins virtual tokens.

Author: Jacob Okonya

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Jacob has been engaged in blockchain technologies, Bitcoin, and fintech. He worked mostly as a blockchain market researcher, fintech journalist, and online forum moderator. Jacob is involved in creating articles and educational content for different project components, explaining how users can utilize the various resources.

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Unikrn Review


    • Overview
      Recent Updates On Unikrn
      Betting Options
      Customer Support
      Conclusion Review


      Unikrn platform offers a betting option with fiat currency in the United Kingdom and the United States. In the meantime, users from other countries can place their bets using the Virtual Unikoins tokens.

      With one of the most technologically advanced sportsbook for esports, the Company runs the best esports bookmaker globally, which is fully regulated and licensed. During its formation, the Company raised a whopping $10,000,000 in investment fund from Ashton Kutcher, Mark Cuban, Shari Redstone, Elisabeth Murdoch, and others.

      The company’s lead investor was also an early investor in Snap chat, Twitter and Instagram. Some other notable individuals in blockchain and cryptocurrency are also investors in online gaming platform. uses a designated online gaming token which is also referred to as the Unikoin.

      The Unikoin, created about two years back, is directly purchasable from the platform using any major fiat currency. Hence, to utilize the benefits of blockchain and cryptocurrencies fully, introduced its own cryptocurrency referred to as the UnikoinGold.

      Recent Updates On Unikrn

      The eSports Betting Platform, Unikrn had its wagering license approved by the Isle of Man. Hence, allowing the users to legally gamble on competitive video games.In the month of December, the Unikrn platform launched UMode, which is a player-vs-housing betting platform which enables users to make skill wagers on their normal video game play.Recently, in the month of March the White Hat Hackers found a large number of vulnerabilities in the Unikoin Gold, which is a cryptocurrency issued by Unikrn.
      Unikrn teamVirtual Unikoins tokens


      Unikrn’s background stretches about two decades back with original co-founder Rahul Sood. Rahul Sood is a Personality who has invested a lot of time in building different companies since he was 17 years old. Among the various lists of companies, Sood has behind is name is the VoodooPC.

      VoodooPC is a company that specialized in building high-end computers for high-end clients. Eventually, the reports indicate that some of the company’s computers were sold at as high as $50,000. is the brainchild of the successful serial entrepreneur Rahul Sood. The company started in 2014 and eventually, raised investment capital from numerous notable investors in 2015. Also, the company used the raised funds to enrich their platform with the latest in gaming technology and high top-level developers to run it.

      During its earlier days, Unikrn little a series of online games like raffles, giveaways and tournaments all streamed life online. This attracted a stream of new customers to the site enabling it to sell more than 250,000,000 Unikoin tokens in just two years. To date, the company continues to flourish, exploring new horizons most notably cryptocurrencies.

      What Is Unique About

      We all like to gamble a little bit. There are obviously people who make a living from blockchain gambling alone though we will not advise you to go down that road unless you have mastered the art. is not just about gambling. The platform also takes your online gaming experience and entertainment to a completely new level. launched in 2014 officially, the company operates under the license of the Malta Gaming Authority. There exist a number of bottlenecks preventing the smooth running of online gaming business coupled with a negative public perception in some countries. The company deployed the best strategies to maximize gamers’ satisfaction on the site. In return, Unikrn also became the Largest E-sports book online with the largest varieties of games.

      Meanwhile, other online gaming platforms offer mostly betting options, also pays users for playing their favorite games online or offline. Experienced Macau base or Las Vegas-based gambling site operates behind the curtain yet is transparent. Using blockchain technology, the platform relays vital game information on a secure blockchain.

      With, users can deposit funds using any of the following ways; Visa, Master Card, Bank Wire Transfer, Rapid transfer, BPAY, and POLi.

      Unikrn esports

      Offers is a platform designed for Gambling-playing casino games, poker, betting on sports and so much more. On, you can bet on esports but the platform offers much more than just betting on esports. Let us explore everything that you can do on platform in the following sections.

      In the meantime, has a sportsbook where you can bet on all sorts of video games, leagues, tournaments and much more. A list of all the games available on the is on the list below.

      • League of Legends
      • Counter-Strike: Global Offensive
      • DOTA 2
      • Overwatch
      • Rocket League
      • StarCraft 2
      • Heros of the Storm
      • World of Tanks
      • Call of Duty
      • Fortnite
      • PUBG
      • King of Glory
      • Street Fighter v
      • NBA2K
      • Hearthstone
      • FIFA has revitalized their selection with several new games, as of June 2018, also the company became the first sportsbook to offer action on the popular battle royale game Fortnite. Among the new games added to the list are PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds (PUBG), Street Fighter V, and King of Glory. Basically, to get to the details, let us see how the competitions with betting opportunities each of these games offer.

      1. League of Legends
      NA LCSLatin America NorthTurkish Championship LeagueEU LCSLegends Championship KoreaLegends Pro League
      2. Counter-Strike: Global Offensive
      Good Game LeagueAsia ChampionshipSuperligaDreamHack Summer
      3. Overwatch
      Overwatch League
      4. StarCraft 2
    • WCS Valencia
    • Betting Options
      Global StarCraft 2 League

      Another amazing game on the platform is the NBA2K. To bring this game to its audience, collaborated with Playwire, which will represent the Sacramento Kings first ever, esports franchise, the NBA 2K Kings Guard. The 2k team managed by Shaq and UFC hall of fame star Urijah Faber will boost the number of competitors and spectators.

      To supplement the basketball games on added competitive games like Call of Duty, DOTA and StarCraft. It is also applicable to take matters to a completely new level offers live tournaments hosted in places like the MGM Grand in Las Vegas.

      E-sports statsE-sports stats 2E-sports stats 3Esports bettingUnikrn esports betting company

      Betting Options has a series of betting options for users to choose. The platform offers bets on both live games and future games. The games streamed online are always in High definition and clear graphics with live commentary. Another amazing feature on the live stream is, allowing the video to remain on the visible area of the screen as you scroll the page downwards. Some of the betting markets on the platform includes;

      • First Blood Map 1
      • 1st Tower Map 1
      • First Dragon Map 1
      • First Baron Map 2
      • Map 2 winner
      • Handicap -15/+1.5
      • Total Map Over/Under
      • Map 1 Winner

      At you will not only earn money from betting. The platform allows users to play great online games and win money in terms of the UnikoinSilver and UnikoinGold Tokens. To earn unikoingold, users can play games like CS: Go, LoL and Dota 2. For Unicoinsilver play Rocket League or clash of the Titans and earn clean money. Eventually, the amount of money you earn from these games will depend on how well you play.

      Let’s Continue

      The coins you make from the platform can be used for any purpose of your choosing, you can hold them, convert to cash, use it to participate in jackpots or bet on other amazing competitions on the platform. Registering for these paying games too is easy. All you need to do is choose the game you want to connect, sign in to your stream account and start earning coins while enjoying the game. also offers offline tournaments, held at the MGM Grand Hotel weekly. During the tournament, players of all levels of skill can compete in games like Fortnite, NBA2K, Street Fighter, Tekken, FIFA and much more for prizes including cash, tickets for MGM events and UnikoinGold.

      Another amazing game on the platform is the ChallengeMe.GG, which is offered by a sister gaming website. ChallengeMe.GG connects payers looking to compete in a CS: GO tournament with available games. The platform allows users to create free accounts and joins custom matches where a user can play 1 person or five people versus other fives.

      Are they launching any ICO?

      Matter of fact, already went through its initial Coin Offering selling UnikoinGold (UKG) to the General Public. The idea of the ICO originated back in 2016 from Mark Cuban one of the early investors on the platform. Cuban Suggested to co-founder Sood that the company should consider joining blockchain. Fortunately, Sood agreed to say that blockchain would enable the platform to run more efficiently.

      Subsequently, reached a partnership agreement with coincircle tokenizes its businesses. The product of the partnership is the UnikoinGold, an ERC20 token owned by

      Details about ICO, Is the platform trusted? started trading their tokens in an ICO in September 2017. The sale spanned from September 22 to October 23, 2017. The company successfully sold UnikoinGold tokens for 112,720 Ethers, which is valued at $31.4 million at the time. After the successful ICO, the company retired their virtual token, the Unikoin and introduced another token, the Unikoinsilver (UKS).

      To consolidate their entrance to the blockchain industry and cryptocurrency, the company created its own wallet, Unikrn Wallet. is a gaming platform that evolved over the years with publicly known founders and a transparent operation system on the blockchain. The company managed to raise a lot of money in a short period because of the trust it won from many investors. Unlike the many blockchain companies arising nowadays listing on ICO sites, Unikrn first built its business model before looking for ICO funds.

      More Info

      Among the major challenges that arose as Unikrn develops is the separation with its major financial processing partner Tabcorp. Tabcorp was the only way could offer real-money betting to users in Australia and the United Kingdom. To solve this vice, expanded to Malta obtaining a license that enables the platform to offer real money betting to more than 80% of all European countries.

      In December 2017, Unikrn became the first crypto to get approval in a Las Vegas strip casino. Furthermore, the company collaborated with MGM grand hotel to host the esports tournaments. During the tournament, users can play games like Fortnite, Tekken, and FIFA to win prices in cash and UnikoinGold.

      According to the new amendments in the US federal betting regulations of May 2018, Unikrn can now offer real-money betting in the United States. The company currently offers real money betting only in the state of New Jersey. With this trend, we expect to enter all the US states before the end of this year.

      As a regulation abiding company, allows crypto betting only in countries where cryptocurrency gambling is legal. However, for the other countries, users can use the Unikoinsilver token to bet on the platform.

      Customer Support has a very reliable and real-time customer services supported with a phone number calling options (1-224-338-6457), email support ([email protected]) and a mailing address option (10400 NE 4th ST Suite 500, Bellevue, WA 98004).

      It is great that offers a real-time on phone support. It is not surprising given the companies role to offer legal, regulated and transparent gaming services. The email support team are so responsive responding to concerns in the same hour. Furthermore, the top management of the platform is easily contacted with a simple request via the customer support email.

      Conclusion combines two very popular markets E-sports and cryptocurrency in one platform. The platform is not just involved into these amazing and quickly developing industries but is at the helm of breaking new grounds.

      The online gambling industry for some time now has seen some decline in popularity majorly due to payment processing hiccups and regulations. Combining E-sports and cryptocurrency in one very Hi-Tech secure ecosystem bring new refreshment to the online gambling industry.

      The situation will only keep on improving from this time on as is entering other new markets and eventually offer fiat money betting any time soon. The company is strategizing to include Punters from the United States massive betting industry as well. For those interested into E-sports or E-Sports betting ought to check out to experience in real time the improvement has brought to the online gambling industry.

      Furthermore, for punters well versed with cryptocurrencies are presented with the change to increase the values of their cryptocurrencies through betting on E-Sports. However, it is vital that every better knows the risks and financial implications associated with sports betting. has very clear terms and conditions for its services readily available on its site, it is a basic requirement to read these terms and conditions.

      You can Contact us for Exchange Listing, Blockchain Events, Wallets, Tracking Tool info.

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Jacob Okonya

Jacob has been engaged in blockchain technologies, Bitcoin, and fintech. He worked mostly as a blockchain market researcher, fintech journalist, and online forum moderator. Jacob is involved in creating articles and educational content for different project components, explaining how users can utilize the various resources.

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