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Top Jokes On Bitcoin, Cryptocurrency, And Blockchain That Will Make You Laugh

Author: Nidhi Kolhapur

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Nidhi is a Certified Digital Marketing Executive and Passionate crypto Journalist covering the world of alternative currencies. She shares the latest and trending news on Cryptocurrency and Blockchain.

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Humour is in the air, you just need to breathe the apt amount to laugh out loud…!

  Over the ages, humor has played its role to calm people down and to improvise the daily schedule for a better living. As the days continued humor was defined with different names like jokes, anecdotes, memes, sarcasm, and much more. 

As Cryptocurrency is one of the leading industries in the current world the best way to simplify its complication, merits, risks are to define it with the humour where everyone could laugh about.

In the current generation, sharing or creating a meme is the best way to grab your audience because it defines a complicated situation and makes it as easy as it can be made fun of and people love it.

A meme is also the best way to criticize or to praise anyone in the current decade. Crypto joke & Crypto meme or Bitcoin joke & Bitcoin Meme is the current trend in the market which never fails to leave a smile at the end. 

Hahaha..! we just cracked on crypto with Top Crypto and Bitcoin memes

So here we have listed with some of the very best yet funny Bitcoin memes that will make you laugh! 

Distinguish between Bitcoin and Elon Musk’s SpaceX?

“SpaceX will actually return to earth, after takeoff”.

Elon Musk is the founder of the company SpaceX. Musks previously gave controversial comments on bitcoin and cryptocurrency. However, in 2017 bitcoin continues to grow forcing people like Musk to admit that bitcoin is the true currency of the future. 

Differentiate between a bitcoin miner and an average plumber?

“An average plumber can at least solve a block”.

Miners get payroll according to how much hashing power they contribute to the mining pool.

An average miner without the funds to obtain the relevant equipment will spend hours mining zero bitcoin. Small miners can join bitcoin mining pools while combine mining powers of several miners to mine bitcoin.

Why won’t the government embrace bitcoin?

“They hate the idea of a ‘Proof Of Work”.

The bitcoin blockchain works with the Proof of Work consensus algorithm, a profound contract that protects bitcoins transaction from double-spending. Bitcoin is having a hard time getting acceptance from many governments around the world. Moreover, the government seems not to be able to get their hands into directly controlling bitcoin.

Crypto trader: What are a million years like to you?

God: Like one second.

Crypto trader: What are a million dollars like to you?

God: Like one penny.

Stockbroker: Can I have a penny?

God: Just a second …”

This is a pure sense of humour, you won’t be gifted with a million dollars overnight by doing nothing. Hard work and smart efforts always pay off, the more you are smart with your investment in the crypto industry will help you with fruitful days in future. There are several tools and applications that will help you ease your pressure and give good returns. 

Kleiman v Wright lawsuit

Kleiman v Wright lawsuit

Craig Steven Wright is a Businessman and a Scientist. He has publicly claimed to be the main part of the team that created bitcoin, The Kleiman v Wright lawsuit has taken an interesting turn as Craig Wright claims to be Satoshi Nakamoto.

 This was deemed false by the media and the cryptocurrency communities. 

Why do Bitcoiners want “Lambo”?

“Because Ferrari is owned by “Fiat”.

This joke circulated in a subreddit. Crypto miners are staunchly against anything related to Fiat. It is the fact that the bitcoiners consider crypto the future currency and it is far better than Fiat currency. 

A Bitcoiner’s perspective! 

Bitcoiners want

The whole network of Cryptocurrency work on Blockchain use-cases which is totally decentralized! This is what makes the system so unique and adaptable every individual. The system is no controlled by any individual or any organisation, yet it is considered the safest and a reliable source to trade and do transactions. It is also known for its unique features like Transparency and Immutability.  

A Bitcoin trader walks into a bar

Orders a whiskey, repays with one bitcoin and says, 

“It might be worth a million bucks! By this time tomorrow”

The bartender pours him a glass of water and says,

 “By this time tomorrow, it might be Scotch.”

The sarcasm is pretty rich in this Bitcoin meme, it refers to the time when people used to troll the bitcoin users/ traders, back in 2009 no one used to trust the fact that crypto could be the future currency for the upcoming generation.

The tables have turned now considering the fact the estimated present cryptocurrency users to be between 2.9 million and 5.8 million across the globe. The value of Bitcoin in 2010 was $0.003 and today it is $9,340. 

Guess who is laughing now! 

A daughter shows her banker father her work on Bitcoin’s lightning network to speed up transactions, in response he asks her if she would like to hear his opinion on Bitcoin. She replies yes!

“It’s worthless,” her father says

“I know” She replies

“But let me hear it anyway”

Hahaha! That’s the subtle art of I DON’T CARE, as much as the generation is packed with Bitcoin fans it also has haters who push it down for no reason. Due to incompetency of Fiat currency with the Cryptocurrency the non-users hate to accept the fact that it is better and it is the future. 

How much did it cost to invent bitcoin?

“One Satoshi”.

Bitcoin creator Satoshi Nakamoto remains truly a hero to many blockchain and cryptocurrency enthusiasts. Bitcoin constitutes of small units which combine to make a bitcoin. Thereafter, the units refer to as Satoshi. Also, one Bitcoin comprises of 100,000,000 satoshis.

Closing note

The Crypto jokes and Bitcoin memes’ have certainly made you smile but we made sure it is not just the jokes that you take away, we tried to hit every point and come up with information that is hot and trending the market. The topic is unquestionably a serious issue in the current world but it looks good when some humour is added, it makes it easy and much friendly. 

The idea was to deliver in-depth meaning about the industry and serve it with most touches of humour with the help of Bitcoin meme and Crypto Joke. The stage is always free for some valuable feedback and comments, we would love to hear it from you. 

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Nidhi Kolhapur

Nidhi is a Certified Digital Marketing Executive and Passionate crypto Journalist covering the world of alternative currencies. She shares the latest and trending news on Cryptocurrency and Blockchain.

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