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Top Jokes On Bitcoin, Cryptocurrency, And Blockchain That Will Make You Laugh

The Cryptocurrency world is just unstoppable! People search for a situation where they can make fun of about a subject as they can also find a lot more content on the internet. Basically, the content is in the form of memes, gifs, mainly created to mock this world. 

Let’s get started with a few of the top jokes on Bitcoin…

1. Why do Bitcoin cryptologists drive recklessly?

The chance of a collision is 1 in 3,675,829,765,987,568,478. This joke was identified from the subreddit section for bitcoin r/Bitcoin about 2 years ago. Unfortunately the redditor some reason is no longer active on the bitcoin section of the site. The publisher insinuated the maximum security encryption protecting cryptocurrency in the joke.

2. A boy asked his bitcoin-investing father for $10

Father: $9.82?

What do you need $10.08 for? Bitcoin is taking the world so fast making microtransactions possible at supersonic speed. However, bitcoin transactions are charged fees which goes to miners who invest heavily on equipment and electricity to verify transaction on the bitcoin blockchain.

3. How many Core devs does it take to change a light bulb?


They will just tell everyone that the risk of getting electrocuted while changing the bulb is too high and that it’s much safer to create a market for candles instead.

Bitcoin is a currency of the people implying major decisions are democratically reached. In the bitcoin and cryptocurrency space forks occur when the community is split on major debates regarding the futures of the cryptocurrency. After the fork, a copy of the cryptocurrency is created a certain new rule applied to while the old crypto remains unchanged.

4. How much did it cost to invent bitcoin?

One Satoshi.

Bitcoin creator Satoshi Nakamoto remains truly a hero to many blockchain and cryptocurrency enthusiasts. Bitcoin constitutes of small units which combine to make a bitcoin. Thereafter, the units refer to as Satoshi. Also, one Bitcoin comprises of 100,000,000 satoshis.

5. Who is Bitcoin’s least favorite rapper?


Bitcoin got fame not only among cryptologists and financial gurus but also among musicians. Many rappers like Lukas Joynas and Snoop Dogg sang about bitcoin in their rap music. American Rapper 2chainz got the attention of the bitcoin segment of his fans when he posted a picture of himself of Instagram with the word “Looking Like a big Ole Bitcoin”

6. Who is Dorian Nakamoto?

An unconfirmed Satoshi

Dorian S. Nakamoto is an American senior citizen many belief is the creator of bitcoin. However Dorian refuted these claims saying in numerous interviews that he has got nothing to do with creating bitcoin or being Satoshi Nakamoto. Moreover, he is the Unconfirmed Satoshi a synonym that doubles as the smallest unit of bitcoin.

7. What’s Satoshi’s favorite brand of sneakers?


Bitcoin mining started as a fun game anyone can do on their home computers and mint some cash out of it. Mining bitcoin in normal home computers lasted just for a short while as bitcoin difficulty factor increased. ASICs are Special mining gears which need to verify bitcoin transactions and earn rewards.

8. What’s the difference between Elon Musk’s SpaceX and Bitcoin?

SpaceX will actually return to earth, after takeoff.

Elon Musk is a multi-billionaire and founder of the company SpaceX. Musks previously gave controversial comments on bitcoin and cryptocurrency. However, in 2017 bitcoin continues to grow forcing people like Musk to admit that bitcoin is the true currency of the future.

9. What’s the difference between an average bitcoin miner and an average plumber?

An average plumber can at least solve a block.

The complexity of bitcoin miner means an average miner without the funds to obtain the relevant equipment with spend hours mining zero bitcoin. Small miners can join bitcoin mining pools while combine mining powers of several miners to mine bitcoin. Moreover, miners get payroll according to how much hashing power they contribute to the mining pool.

10. Why won’t the government embrace bitcoin?

They hate the idea of a ‘Proof Of Work’.

The bitcoin blockchain works with the Proof of work consensus algorithm, a brilliant protocol that protects bitcoins transaction from double spending. Bitcoin is having a hard time getting acceptance by many governments around the world. Moreover, the government seems not to be able to get their hands into directly controlling bitcoin. 

11. No worries, Bitcoin’s crypto is strong

While commenting on the cryptographic algorithm that secures the bitcoin protocol, there was a concern that SHA1 has already been cracked by Google. Satoshi said SHA-256 is very Strong. He explained that it is not like the incremental step from MD5 to SHA1.SHA-256 could still last for decades unless a breakthrough attack came by surprise.

12. A Relatable story, Isn’t it?

Faketoshi’s Crime & Punishment and 20 Crypto Jokes 105

13. Kleiman v Wright lawsuit 

Image result for crypto jokes

The Kleiman v Wright lawsuit has taken an interesting turn as Craig Wright claims to be Satoshi Nakamoto.

14. Every Bitcoiner Ever

Image result for crypto jokes

The image shows the ever anxiety of a bitcoiner. A person hodling a Bitcoin is always on a constant lookout of the market variations. He will be constantly checking the slight variations in the BTC price.

15. Why do Bitcoiners want “Lambo”

Because Ferrari is owned by “Fiat”

This joke circulated in a sub-reddit. Crypto miners are staunchly against anything related to Fiat.

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Top Jokes On Bitcoin, Cryptocurrency, And Blockchain
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Top Jokes On Bitcoin, Cryptocurrency, And Blockchain
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