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    Feb 16, 2022


    Perhaps you have significant electricity bills, or you’re facing an emergency and need a quick way out, but you think you don’t have many options.

    Payday loans are instant loans that are easy to secure and that you can pay back on your next payday. 

    Payday loans come with many advantages, such as low-interest rates and no-credit score requirements.

    They are worlds apart from the traditional methods of securing money, such as banks, as the eligibility criteria for payday loans are extremely lenient. 

    So what are the best Payday Loan instant deals? This post will walk you through guaranteed payday loan lender-finders that will process your application swiftly and connect you with the best lenders for guaranteed payday loans no matter what in Australia. Let’s jump straight in. 

    5 Best Instant Payday Loan Matching Services with Bad Credit

    1. Viva Payday Loans

    Viva Payday has to be the best at connecting you to your dream lenders if you’re looking for quick loans ranging from $100-$5000, with an interest rate from 5.99-35.99%

    Similarly, Viva loans have a particular loan repayment term that gives you a maximum of up to 2 years to repay your loan in full.

    Securing ViVa loans is easy as they have a smooth and quick application process to which they reply promptly. 

    Moreover, Viva loans don’t read too much into your credit score. They’ll connect you to a lender that fits your requirements to get the assistance you need.

    However, you’ll have to provide the details they request so that they can assist you. 

    Once your application has been approved, you’ll be offered the terms and conditions to which you will be required to sign. After everything is done and dusted, you’ll receive the money in your account. 

    Note that with Viva, even if you’re a welfare beneficiary or unemployed, you can still secure a loan deal with the best lenders.

    So if you haven’t tried Viva Payday Loans, and you want to get guaranteed payday loans no matter what Australia, check them out.


    • Instant deposit.
    • They offer between $200-$5000.
    • Simple application process


    • Are not accessible in every state

    2. Gday Loans

    If you need quick financial assistance, then a Dday loan should be among your first choices as they offer loans ranging between $200-$5000, which you can pay back for periods ranging from 1-24 months.

    But before you secure the loan, you’ll have to go through their online application process, to which they’ll respond immediately. 

    When they approve your application which they are likely to do, they’ll promptly transfer you to a competent loan institution to secure the line of credit you need.

    Even if you apply with a poor credit score, you’ll still qualify as they don’t consider it as much as banks do. 

    If you decide to go through with your loan application, they’ll share their terms and conditions, which you’ll need to go through, understand and eventually sign.

    Once that is sorted, you’ll promptly receive the loan in your account. Their interest rates depend on the loanee, but they mostly range between 5.99 percent and 35.99 percent. 


    • You get the loan immediately 
    • They offer loans between $200- $5000.
    • Quick loan authentication and application process 


    • It isn’t easy to know how much interest rate they’ll charge you

    3. Sunshine Short-Term Loans

    Sunshine loans are also popular as they offer loans between $150-$2000. If you pay in time, you won’t incur additional charges.

    You’ll only be required to sort out the repayment between 9-24 weeks, making it one of the shortest repayment periods on this list. 

    Similar to many competitors, sunshine slaps customers with a one-time 20% establishment fee and an additional 4% monthly interest rate.

    And for Government benefit customers that receive benefits from Centrelink, the fee is supposed to be less than 50% of what you receive. 


    • Repayment time is mainly based on the ability of the borrower to pay in time.
    • You can get up to a $2,000 loan
    • You secure your loan instantly.


    • It requires a lot of information such as employment details and many more.
    • Extremely short repayment periods

    4. Jacaranda Personal Loan

    Jacaranda is also one of the best short-term loan platforms in Australia. You can expect a straightforward application process and quick approvals like many other competitors. 

    They are flexible regarding who secures the loan, and every applicant is categorised differently in terms of their strengths and weaknesses.

    They are keen on your financial background and any debts so that they see and evaluate if you can pay in time. 

    Their maximum borrowing amount is $10,000, and you can pay it back in up to 2 years. Their interest rates stand at between 8 and 48%. 


    • They don’t have fixed repayment plans 
    • They have the flexible loan amount 
    • It doesn’t cut off Government beneficiaries from securing the loan
    • Quick application, response and approval. 


    • It’s only for Aussies.
    • You must be earning for at least three months to be eligible.

    5. Fair Go Finance Small Loan

    Fair Go offers loans ranging between $300-$2,000 with a 1-24 months repayment period. Similarly, they give you a grace period before you start paying your first installment without penalizing you.

    The best part is that you’ll pay according to your income. 

    Moreover, you can secure a loan even though you have a poor credit score, but you’ll have to adhere to the fees charged. It is still extremely costly even though you don’t pay the fees if you have a good credit score. 

    Apart from paying the standard 20 percent fee, you’ll have to pay a 4 percent extra monthly fee as interest.

    The fact that Payday arent based on long-term projects means that you shouldn’t incur more debt. 


    • 1 -12 months loan terms
    • Repayment is fixed
    • Loan ranges from $300-$2,000
    • It doesn’t require collateral.


    • You pay an extra 4% fee.

    Wrap Up

    If the list above is anything to go by, it’s evident that nothing should stop you from securing a decent loan and saving your financial situation.

    For example, securing a deal with one of the Viva Payday Loan lenders is a steal as they don’t check your credit score with a quick and authentic application process.

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    Crypto Journalist and Editor of guest articles in CoinPedia. I am also handling Outreach & Partnerships Manager. Contact me: [email protected]

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