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WazirX Price Prediction, Will WRX Price Rally to $5 by the End of 2022?

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Elena is an expert in technical analysis and risk management in cryptocurrency market. She has 10+year experience in writing - accordingly she is avid journalists with a passion towards researching new insights coming into crypto erena.

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WazirX, a most popularly used Cryptocurrency exchange is all set off into a new mission now! While there are more than 4,000 cryptocurrencies in existence currently, WazirX was added to the list later this year. Having a favorable brand name that is familiar among most investors, the WRX tokens saw the market welcome it with open hands.

Undoubtedly most of you know that Binance, the father company of WazirX is another important crypto exchange in the market. Being the most common exchange, where one can buy or sell most crypto, Binance has its crypto, the BNB from along. Adding to this, The platform has become the next exchange turned crypto. Now on WazirX, one can buy, sell and exchange most cryptos and surely the WRX token.

Currently, the WRX token has grabbed the attention of many users and started to surge amidst other cryptos in the market. Being a utility token, WRX works with their parent company Binance network, and on the Ethereum blockchain. The main reason behind building this token is that it will act as a backbone for the entire WazirX ecosystem. 

Curious to know why WazirX has been surging? Sticking to the trend, do you want to hold some of these utility tokens? But is it profitable long-term? For answers to these questions and more, please hold on and keep reading. We have picked the finest information on WazirX price prediction, that you need, making your decision-making journey quick and easier.


Price$ 0.1625
Market cap$ 0.0000
Circulating Supply 0.0000
Trading Volume $ 0.0000
All time high$ 0.0000 Jan 1, 1970
All time low$ 0.0000 Jan 1, 1970

What is WazirX (WRX)? 

Being a peer-to-peer exchange network, WazirX promises to offer the best utility token that can help build the network and act as a better digital asset at the same time. Also, for users in this network, numerous benefits and discounts can be availed. This has indeed led the exchange users to turn into potential crypto holders!

Currently, the native token of the ecosystem WRX has grabbed the attention of many users and started to surge amidst other cryptos in the market. Being a utility token, WRX works with their parent company Binance network, and on the Ethereum blockchain. The main reason behind building this token is that it will act as a backbone for the entire WazirX ecosystem. 

Company Details


  • Centralised Exchange
  • Crypto trading and Information

The most reliable Bitcoin and cryptocurrency exchange in India is WazirX. A group of dedicated traders and fervent blockchain supporters created WazirX. To include every Indian in the blockchain revolution is one of the goals. This movement is spreading around the world at an unprecedented rate. You may Buy, Sell, and Trade digital assets with WazirX with incredible convenience, assurance, and trust. WazirX has you covered whether you're an experienced trader or a first-time investment!   WazirX, which launched in 2018, has developed into the most reputable exchange in the Indian cryptocurrency sector. It is a part of the Binance group, the biggest cryptocurrency exchange in the world with users in 180 nations. The founder of WazirX is Nischal Shetty and the platform is located in Vashi, Maharashtra, India.    The first automated P2P trading platform was created by WazirX. This restarted the cryptocurrency trade engines in India. Users were able to conduct legal trading in safety. According to the company, WazirX alone recorded $44 billion in volume for the year and had a 10x increase in users to 10 million. 

Fundamental Analysis: 

WazirX trading platform was launched in March 2018. It was founded by Nischal shetty and he is currently serving as the CEO of the platform. Sameer Mharte works as CTO at WazirX. Prior to co-founding WazirX, he served as an Ace developer and designer. He is known for his knowledge in solving programming puzzles on TopCoder.

Lastly, Siddarth Menon is currently serving as COO at WazirX. He is known for his innovation in the world’s first auto-order matching P2P exchange. The ecosystem is already a market leader in the Indian cryptocurrency space. Whereas Binance has its popularity spread all across the globe. 

WazirXs acquisition by Binance is the next step towards giving cryptocurrency exposure to users all across the world. The platform has remained an independent brand of Binance. In the future, they are likely to acquire more community and resources access to expand across the globe. 

How does WazirX P2P Work? 

  • Buyers place a USDT purchase order, receive instantly auto-matched with a seller.
  • Buyers directly pay to the seller’s bank account. 
  • Both purchasers and sellers authenticate and confirm sending and receiving payment respectively. 
  • WazirX confirms the execution of the escrowed USDT to the buyer’s wallet. 

WazirX P2P popped up as the top choice for traders. A chunk of P2P trading matches happens every minute, 90% of the P2P trades usually get complete in just 10 minutes. It is said to be evolving at a rate of 9.5% every month. In addition, the ecosystem is said to be one of the cost-efficient and fastest fiat-cryptocurrency conversions across the globe. 

WazirX P2P Into Binance Ecosystem

WazirX has become an integral part of Binance. Hence, the ecosystem could now tap into the Binance user-base and offer them a fiat on-ramp service. During 2020 Q1, WazirX P2P integrated into the Binance fiat gateway that enables Indian users on Binance to withdraw or deposit INR from within the application. 

Benefits Of WazirX Token

1. Traders can get up to a discount of 50% on trading fees if they pay transaction fees by using the WRX token. 

  • Year 1: 50% Trading fee discount. 
  • Year 2: 25% Trading fee discount. 
  • Year 3: 12.5% Trading fee discount. 
  • Year 4: 6.25% Trading fee discount. 

2. Token holders will have the voting rights to vote in coin listings and to give suggestions on new features that need to be added. 

WRX Price Prediction 2022: 

The WRX price has seen a bearish commencement to the new year. As inflation news threatened the price action, the protocol plummeted to levels it has not seen since March 2021. However, if the market trends support the price action, then a massive bounce is expected from the current bottom. Considering all the market cases, WRX could surge up to a maximum of $1.8 by the end of Q1. 

According to the platform’s vision, the network is yet to expand its use cases across multiple digital devices. Hence, it would soar up to $2.5 in 2022, failure in the launch of upgrades and probable bears domination would plummet the price to $1.04. However, with conventional buying and selling pressures, we can see WazirX price trading at an average of $1.83 by the end of next year.

WazirX Price Prediction 2023: 

If WazirX price flows with a tide of potential alt season in the next couple of weeks, the price would end up trading at a maximum of $3.5. With average buy and sell pressure, the price would reach $2.6186. On the contrary, the price would plummet to a minimum of $2.1095 in case of an extremely bearish scenario. 

WazirX Price Prediction For The Next Five Years:

Peer-to-Peer protocols could disrupt the wholesome technology in the coming years, with its hopeful events in line, the future seems to be optimistic for WazirX and new landmarks are awaited on its way. If the network successfully accomplishes the planned integrations, then the price may clinch a high of $5 by the end of the next five years.

If the platform fails to gain the traction of the user base and fails to execute the events as per the schedule, then it may easily get defeated against its competitors. In such a case the price may drop to a minimum of $3.25. 

WazirX (WazirX) Market Prediction:


According to the wallet investor, they believe the WazirX price might rule the Metaspace and may easily hit a maximum of  $2.376. The minimum price is $2.99 and the average price would be $3.519 by the end of 2022. They anticipate that the price may hit the milestone of $5.025, the average WazirX price is expected to smash $4.302. On a bearish note, the token would plummet to $3.586 by 2025. 


Gov. capital has revised their prediction for the  WazirX price, they expect tokens to hit a maximum of $4.046. On the contrary, they believe, trend reversals in the market would plummet the price to $0.1377. And with average buy and sell pressures it would end up trading at $0.162 by 2022. The website has also made a whopping prediction in the long term, they expect the price to surge maximum of $30.25. The average and minimum probabilities is being $26.30 & $22.36 respectively by the end of 2025. 


As per Digitalcoinprice, the WRX price is forecasted to hit a maximum of  $1.15 by 2022. The predictions for 2023 and 2025 are $1.3 and $1.76 respectively. 

Know our WazirX Price Prediction:

The WazirX price may reach new milestones in the upcoming days, as Peer-to-Peer aims to revolutionize the internet space. 

According to Coinpedia’s formulated WazirX price prediction, if the network launched upgrades in order to ensure enhanced interoperability and other features to benefit the traders,  the price may easily surpass the $1.5 mark this year.

If the network fails to execute its plan, then the price can flip into a bearish trap and dip to $0.8. Considering everyday buy and sell pressure and keeping the above factors in mind the average price by the end of 2022 would be around $0.4552.

Year.Potential High.Potential Low.

Historic Market Sentiments:


Post designing their platform in 2018, they evolved technology and community at a massive pace. In 2019 the protocol went live on the mainnet to unleash its products in 2020. WRX price commenced its run by moving in a massive upward trajectory. The altcoin has initially claimed $0.066, post drastically fell to the bottom line of $0.00584.  And hovered within the same range throughout the year. 


As the project was at its nascent stage of development there hasn’t been any upgrade that grabbed the traction of the user base. However, with mild volatility, the WRX price has hovered between $0.009 to $0.015 throughout the year. 


The WRX token commenced in the year 2021, with a stagnant price of $0.07. However, in the first month, the price was seen swinging between $0.6 and $0.11. Unexpectedly on February 1, the price skyrocketed to reach its first milestone of $0.1 as the daily high. Following this, the WRX token grabbed immense attention among most investors. Impressed with the discounts on the trading fee many switched to WazirX. It indeed helped the token to substantially surge in the coming days. 

On April 1, WRX stepped into the $1 mark. Proceeding with the trend, the movement was between $1 and $2. However, the Chinese market crash on May 9th plummeted the WRX price to multi-month lows of $0.8847 with a significant rise in sell-offs. 

Along with a substantial correction of two months, the WRX price has undergone significant correction for the rest of the year with very little volatility. However, the US Feds’ decision to taper the interest rate hikes adversely impacted the altcoin’s price action which made a sideways move from $4.42 to $4.02 by the year’s end. 


Is WazirX (WRX) a good investment?

Based on the data, it can be predicted that it is Profitable to invest in WRX for the long term. As the Internet of Things is going to flourish, it is a good investment. 

How high may the WRX price be hit by the end of 2025?

WazirX (WRX) has a tremendous potential to reach new ATH’s as it intends to bridge the connection between several physical worlds and digital devices. As per the crypto proponents and experts, WazirX can hit the $4 to $5 mark by the end of 2025.

Where Can You Buy WazirX (WRX)?

WazirX (WRX) is available to trade on major crypto exchanges like Binance, Huobi Global, FTX, KuCoin, etc.

Will WazirX hit $5 by the end of the year 2022?

If it makes headway to bring further disruption in IoT, it might claim $5 by 2022 in any supercycle of the year. 

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Elena R

Elena is an expert in technical analysis and risk management in cryptocurrency market. She has 10+year experience in writing - accordingly she is avid journalists with a passion towards researching new insights coming into crypto erena.

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