The NFT that creates new songs every single time you hit play

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Mar 29, 2022


Imagine being the first person to ever listen to a song. Now, imagine this happens every single time you hit play. This is exactly what you get with 0xmusic, a groundbreaking NFT collection comprising 777 generative music DJs (0xDJs). Each DJ can create an infinite (over 10^45) number of songs. Even if a new song was played every second, it would take billions and billions of years to cycle through a 0xDJ’s playlist.

When you hit play, the DJ creates a brand-new song in real-time. Each song is a complete and compelling musical piece, with a chorus and a verse. When the song is playing, the DJ comes to life. While the anchoring facial structures of the image are constant, the moving elements disintegrate and regenerate in random ways to create an enthralling experience.

A song will play until either you or the DJ moves to the next track. When this happens, all memory of the previous piece is destroyed, and a brand-new song is created. This march of creation and destruction will continue as long as the Ethereum blockchain exists.

Why is 0xmusic unique?

There are a few aspects that make this a trailblazing audiovisual


·      This is the first time that actual songs have been created in real-time. Most generative music projects provide only a snippet of a static music piece that repeats over and over. 0xmusic songs are different. They are complete songs that are composed as a musician would have created them, but are generated by the algorithm in real time. You can read more about how the algorithm creates songs in part 2 of the medium article.

·      All the code for the art is stored on the Ethereum blockchain (on-chain).

·      This is the first audiovisual generative art CC0 project that has been attempted.

·      Every collector can download MIDI files (digital sheet music) for any of the trillions of songs that their 0xDJ creates. With the MIDI, the songs can be enhanced/remixed by adding instruments, beats, creating a completely new song using the 0xDJs DNA and the collector’s creativity. Here’s how it works. This is a brand new paradigm of music composition on web3.

The 0xDJs have been inspired by musicians, albums or other musical events etched in time, and have been pre-programmed to honor these moments. On specific dates every year, all 0xDJs will play the same genre of music to celebrate. Also, collectors holding the 0xDJ being celebrated will receive an airdrop of an NFT custom created by 0xmusic. Here is an 0xmoment that was recently celebrated.

About 0xmusic

The collection launched on 02/02/2022, and sold out in a few seconds. Since then, the collection has seen active trading on the secondary market with over $1 million in secondary sales. To purchase an 0xDJ from the secondary market, please visit the collection on Opensea.

To learn more about 0xmusic, please visit:




Opensea (for purchasing NFTs): 

Email: [email protected]

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PR Manager

Press release about recent ICOs, announcement from startups, new cryptocurrency launch by firms and unlike.

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