Slotie Juniors – A Road To Metaverse For Casinos

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Feb 2, 2022


Slotie, an “innovative decentralized betting platform” is aiming to bring innovation to DeFi, utilizing blockchain and NFTs. 

Slotie platform allows their users to stake their own NFTs to earn passive revenue, also giving them the benefits of enjoying gambling. 

Slotie is an innovative ecosystem using NFTs and DeFi to redefine the casino industry.  It allows users to add non-fungible tokens to slot games allowing them to become the “house”. 

The project was launched on 7th December with incredible success.  The whole debut collection was sold out in just 4 minutes. 

The project recently made its headlines with the launch of the Junior collection of Sloties. Junior Sloties is a newly introduced collection of 10,000 NFTs. 5000 of these NFTs will be bred by original Sloties, while the other half will be sold. 

The utilities from Sloties Junior vary from that of the Originals Sloties. If the Sloties Originals had all their ultiles from the online casinos then Slotie Juniors would be all about MetaVerse. 

Many companies have already started an attempt to build projects on Metaverse. In its early stages, Meatverse has attracted significant investments from gaming companies, and tech giants. 

Sloties Juniors NFT is bringing the gambling industry to the metaverse. Sloties Juniors are not just going to metaverse, they are building their own – The SlotieVerse. 

Welcome to the SlotieVerse. 

The idea of jumping to LasVegas, from your living room has casinos knocking on the metaverse door. Slotie Juniors are all set to welcome their own metaverse – The Slotie Verse.

The team behind the project has announced that it will be developing a new decentralized virtual reality platform known as The SlotieVerse.

Owning a Junior Slotie is a virtual access pass to the world’s first metaverse based casino. 

SlotieVerse is a LasVegas metaverse experience and a decentralized virtual reality platform  powered by the Ethereum blockchain. It aims to attract all casinos to create an unmatchable experience for the users. 

One of the biggest problems with traditional casinos  is the indulgence in unethical practices. These casinos are only able to provide gambling activities.

In SlotieVerse, these casinos can not only provide the games but also improve the overall social experience of the users. 

Casinos in SlotieVerse can concentrate on building eye-catching buildings, host live concerts, and reward their customers while the developers and designers can benefit by creating interactive designs and game logic. 

Slotie Juniors are a collection of 10,000 unique networks and grant the proof of ownership on the Ethereum blockchain, based on the ERC-721.

Only 5000 Juniors will be ever mintable, and the remaining 5000 Juniors are reserved for Slotie Holders to breed.

Benefits and Utilities of Slotie Juniors:

Slotie District 

Each Slotie Junior gets a plot of land,  a total of 10,000 plots. These plots of lands are called a Slotie District that create a whole district in the SlotieVerse.

The community can decide what they wish to do with the land. It is controlled by a smart contract, where the community can vote and make big decisions. 

Land in Sandbox 

Slotie Juniors will own land in Sandbox, which will be developed as a casino and this casino will serve as a bridge to the SlotieVerse. The Sandbox land is managed by the Junior’s DAO. 

Free Spins, Rakeback and Discounted Tickets

Slotie Holders can attend virtual events in the SlotiVerse at discounted rates. The holders can also receive free spins on slot machines and rakebacks on other casino games in the SlotieVerse. 

Wall of Owners 

In the Slotie District there is a wall of owners with 10,000 statues of each unique Slotie Junior. These statues are owned by Slotie Junior holders and can name the statues after themselves. 

Exclusive Holder Reward (EHR)

Slotie Junior NFT holders are rewarded with the deserved Exclusive Holder Rewards ( EHR) from the SlotieVerse. These rewards are received from the SlotieVerse marketplace where users can trade with different assets, and also from the Slotie Junior’s slot machines. 

Decentralized apps in the gambling industry have enabled the entire betting system to run on decentralized protocols employing smart contracts. 

The platform aims to bring innovation to DeFi by utilizing blockchain and NFTs in a unique way. With amazing metaverse projects like “SlotieVerse”, the team has definitely maintained its position as “an innovation hub” in the gambling industry. 

The Slotie project is paving its way towards decentralized casino games, by increasing transparency and providing a seamless user experience. 

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PR Manager

Press release about recent ICOs, announcement from startups, new cryptocurrency launch by firms and unlike.

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