Finally, A Decentralized Global Platform For Movies And Television – Via NFTs!

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Press release about recent ICOs, announcement from startups, new cryptocurrency launch by firms and unlike.

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ritestream is a blockchain-based entertainment eco-system thoughtfully designed to enable content creators in funding their creative ideas, taking projects from vision to fruition.

With ritestream’s model, film and television projects can now be funded by the broader community, a model that will inevitably break the current monopoly film studios and television networks hold over the mass majority of content and content creation as a whole.

The company’s launchpad also encourages entertainers to connect more with their fans via NFT creation. 

The community can view content using ritestream’s utility token RITE coin and also earn these tokens when watching content (similar to “Play to Earn” in gaming).   

This revolutionary platform will democratize the creator economy by leveraging blockchain technology and connecting creators and audiences more closely as they will be equally vested in the success of creative projects.

ritestream uniquely gives creators, entertainers, and celebrities of all backgrounds and status the opportunity to promote and have their project funded via ritestream’s launchpad and investor community.

Revenues generated from streaming films in the metaverse and creating associated NFT’s will someday exceed those in the real world.

Here’s How it Works

Anyone that buys into a project that a creator has shared on the platform will become part owner have invested in the project.

Respective ownership will depend on each owner’s buy-in. Investors can range from individuals to major institutions. 

As an owner of this creative project, the individuals will have exclusive access to behind-the-scenes content, meet and greet with celebrities, Producer credits, and much more.

The investment in these film and TV projects becomes instantly tradable upon a project being fully funded therefore making the investment liquid unlike traditional film investing.

Once a project is completed, the final film/TV NFT is minted and distributed globally.

Those investors who “bought-in” will begin benefiting from the project’s revenue alongside the creators. The NFTs can be traded and sold post-production as well.

It’s ingenious. An eco-framework that empowers content creators with more ownership over their content, enhances efficiency by streamlining not only production but revenue generation, and involves the community in the creation of the content, and enjoy the ensuing benefits. 

About Ritestream

Riaz Mehta, ritestream’s Founder and CEO pinpointed the opportunity to create the company after decades of experience in the industry and encountering challenges creating and monetizing content.  Some interesting facts: 

  1. Only one in 2,200 creative project pitches makes into a series in the USA 
  2. 90% of content that IS created goes unmonetized – even though it’s evident fans and audiences want more and are willing to pay for it! 
  3. Content Production and Distribution is a $1 Trillion global industry annually

That’s where the ritestream vision grew roots: why not empower creators from content ideation to global distribution, get fans and investors involved, and help everyone make more money and enjoy the creation process along the way? 

Cinematic monetization where metaverses are the theatre and NFTs are the ticket is the next big thing to happen to the big screen.

Don’t’ take our word for it. The project is supported by various industry veterans like Eddy Tan (Fox, Disney) and Nathalie Morley (co-founder Fashion TV), and the Advisory Board consists of tech giants including Michael Ferrario (CEO of StashAway) and Aly Madhavji (Managing Partner at Blockchain Founders Fund), not to mention an array of additional industry thought leaders and investors.

Why is Ritestream different from the rest?

The ritestream launchpad will revolutionize the film and television industry by putting the power back into the hands of creators — they will no longer be at the mercy of the studios, leaving them in control of their own destiny.

This project will forever change the entertainment industry: how people consume content, but mainly how artists and entertainments can leverage their work to connect and engage on a deeper level with their fans.

Plus, the numbers don’t lie: 

Having been founded in 2017, ritestream already has proven traction, with

80,000+ hours of content

5,000+ customers

A global team of 30+ led by senior execs from:

  • Fox
  • Disney
  • Fashion Television

If you’re not already, you WANT to be following along. To join ritestream’s Discord tap here check out their Telegram Group here and keep up with them via social channels: 



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Press release about recent ICOs, announcement from startups, new cryptocurrency launch by firms and unlike.

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